Newbury Grey kitchen

With its moody, mid-grey matt finish, there’s no denying the impact that a Newbury Grey kitchen will create in your home. A sophisticated, talking point design that’s also packed with ingenious space-saving storage features like a
built-in spice rack and a full-length larder unit. And there’s plenty of opportunity to showcase who you are, with a beautiful display dresser that sets off your favourite pieces and most treasured items to stunning effect.

Newbury Grey
Project Yellow
Astracast Illusion 1.0B Sink

Innovations The Show and Hide sink

Available colors and materials

  • Newbury Midnight

    Newbury Midnight
  • Newbury White

    Newbury White
  • Newbury Grey

    Newbury Grey

Also available in

Newbury Cameo 1
Newbury Cameo 2
Newbury Cameo 3
AEG FavolaPlus Frosted Almond Black Coffee Machine

innovations The Coffee Unit

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