Integra Meteor Light Grey kitchen

The Integra Meteor Light Grey is a modern kitchen that offers you the freedom to experiment. Contemporary kitchen cabinets with bold slab doors and integrated handles feature a smooth matt finish which combines with Veined Slate laminate worktops for a sense of timeless elegance. It separates itself from our range of grey kitchens with its simplicity, making it the ideal counterpoint for a choice of eye-catching materials and appliances from across our broad range of kitchens. Partner it with industrially styled décor with statement pendant ceiling lights to add a bit of adventure to your home.

Integra Meteor Light Grey
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AEG FavolaPlus Frosted Almond Black Coffee Machine

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Available colors and materials

  • Meteor Blue

    Meteor Blue
  • Meteor Cashmere

    Meteor Cashmere
  • Meteor Light Grey

    Meteor Light Grey
  • Meteor Grey

    Meteor Grey

Also available in

Integra Meteor Grey Cameo
Integra Meteor Blue Cameo
Integra Meteor Light Grey Cameo
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