Integra Fusion Champagne kitchen

Showpiece slab doors, integrated handles, and a gorgeous gloss finish mark the Integra Fusion Champagne as quintessentially modern. It is among our most luxurious cashmere kitchens, with hints of art-deco glamour and elegant minimalism in its rich champagne tint and duo-tone silver edging. With beautiful detailing, it combines sleek contemporaneity with the warmth and charm that’s typical of any Magnet kitchen.

Project Yellow
Astracast Illusion 1.0B Sink

Innovations The Show and Hide sink

Available colors and materials

  • Fusion White

    Fusion White
  • Fusion Blue

    Fusion Blue
  • Fusion Champagne

    Fusion Champagne
  • Fusion Cream

    Fusion Cream

Also available in

Integra Fusion Champagne Cameo
Integra Fusion White Cameo
Integra Fusion Blue Cameo
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