High Definition Laminates

These are premium quality laminate worktops, specially designed to look like granite and other solid surface finishes but with the beauty of costing less. Because they contain the latest AEON technology they're also three times more wear resistant than ordinary laminates so your kitchen will stay looking new for longer. Now you can get that glossy finish you're after, with much less chance of the surface marking or scratching.

  • High Def Laminates Lunar Night

    Lunar Night

  • High Def Laminates Stone


  • High Def Laminates Designer Black

    Designer Black

  • Madura pearl core laminates

    Madura Pearl

  • Empire Slate

    Empire Slate

  • Hickory


  • Winter Carnival

    Winter Carnival

  • Black Marble

    Black Marble

  • White_Marble

    White Marble

  • Dark butchers block

    Dark Butchers Block