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Changing internal doors is a simple way to give your home a different look and feel. We have an enormous range of contemporary and traditional panelled or glazed door options, all carefully selected from quality material so they'll look great and last for years.

Speak to your Magnet designer for more information and for a copy of the Magnet Trade brochure. 

Downham pre glazed internal door
  • Vancouver light grey panelled internal door

    Vancouver Light Grey Panelled

  • Vancouver light grey pre-glazed internal door

    Vancouver Light Grey Pre-Glazed

  • Vancover Oak Panelled internal door

    Vancouver Oak Panelled

  • Vancouver oak pre-glazed internal door

    Vancouver Oak Pre-Glazed

  • Contemporary oak 5 panel internal door

    Contemporary Oak 5 Panel

  • Contemporary oak 5 panel pre-glazed internal door

    Contemporary Oak 5 Panel Pre-Glazed

  • Catalonia Oak internal door

    Catalonia Oak Veneer Door

  • Catalonia Oak pre-glazed internal door

    Catalonia Oak Pre-Glazed

  • DX30s style internal door

    DX30s Style

  • DX30s style pre glazed internal door

    DX30s Style Pre-Glazed

  • Kilburn oak internal door

    Kilburn Oak

  • Kilburn oak pre-glazed internal door

    Kilburn Oak Pre-Glazed

  • Contemporary 4 panel internal door

    Contemporary 4 Panel

  • Contemporary 4 panel pre glazed internal door

    Contemporary 4 panel pre-glazed

  • Florida panel internal door

    Florida Panel

  • Florida pre-glazed internal door

    Florida Pre-Glazed