Christmas wreath design with Etsy’s TheKraftFlowerCo

Christmas is the most exciting time of the year – and with it comes lots of opportunities to decorate, craft and get into the festive spirit. Eye-catching wreaths adorn our houses, adding a personal touch to our seasonal décor.

This year, we’ve worked alongside Etsy creator, TheKraftFlowerCo, to share some top tips on creating your own masterpiece at home.

Placing your wreath

The first step in wreath creation is deciding where it will hang.

Wreaths can work well in an array of different places; typically, they are hung on doors but they also work well placed flat on a kitchen island or dining table as a festive centrepiece. Place a large candle or a glass jar with some battery-operated fair lights in the middle of your wreath for a sumptuously cosy look.

Consider size, too. A huge, oversized wreath will look particularly splendid on a large front door, whilst a smaller, daintier version could work best for smaller doors inside the house.

Alternatively, why not create miniature varieties that could work as place settings for the Christmas meal? Simply, place flat at each dining spot and include a neatly written nametag on a piece of card in the centre.

Constructing your wreath

We spoke to Caroline and Mandy from TheKraftFlowerCo, a small Etsy business, to get their advice on creating a stunning Christmas wreath to add an extra bit of sparkle to your home:

“Firstly, before you start constructing your wreath, ensure you have all the right equipment that you’ll need plus your chosen selection of foliage, flowers and any extras that you may want to incorporate.

“A hot-melt glue gun is a must for wreath-making and is definitely our recommended method for attaching your choice of dried foliage and flowers. If you have a large table or worktop space, consider laying everything out in advance so you can keep an eye on what you are using as you go along. 

“In terms of a base, Rattan Grapevine Wreaths are easily available at your local craft shop and are the ideal starting point, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned wreath-maker!

“They are a good foundation for all styles of the wreath, whether you prefer a more muted, minimal design or if you’re after a fuller look. The rattan is particularly good for weaving foliage or plants into the base of the wreath so that it is secure and won’t fall off.

Designing your wreath 

“When it comes to the design of the wreath and how you want it to look, try to be original with your ideas and think outside the box. Wreaths don’t always have to be the traditional style that you may be used to.

“Incorporate fun, colourful elements for a more contemporary look, or if you want to keep it particularly well designed and stylish, choose a select colour palette of three or four tones so that it follows a theme.

“Unsure as to what to put in your wreath? Foraging is great fun for collecting pinecones, dried leaves and flowers that can be attached to your wreath. It is also a handy activity for when you’re a bit stuck for ideas and need a bit of inspiration – there’s no greater stimulus than the outdoors!

“Finally, have fun with it. There’s lots of room for mistakes so don’t be afraid to go a bit ‘out there’. If the wreath looks particularly homemade then it will add to the charm.”

Discover more festive décor ideas in our guide to styling your kitchen for Christmas. Or if you’d like to see TheKraftFlowerCo’s beautiful selection of wreaths for both Christmas and year-round, explore their online shop here.