Christmas décor ideas to bring festive cheer to your kitchen

While many of us spruce up the living room and dining room come December, it’s important to give the heart of the home the attention it deserves. We’ll be sharing our most fabulously festive Christmas decorating ideas for your kitchen, drawing inspiration from the latest Christmas style trends.

Go au naturel

Echo the festivities outdoors by styling your kitchen in a beautiful, but usable, way. Incorporating nature-inspired elements into our Christmas décor has been a popular trend this year. Not only does this invite a touch of natural warmth into your space, but it’s an easy and eco-friendly way to get into the Christmas spirit.

A natural, muted colour palette is key to achieving this look. Think natural textures, paper or wooden decorations, coated flowers and berries. Focus most of your décor on unused areas such as shelving, window ledges, and kitchen corners. Decorate open shelving with fir garlands or clusters of holly berries for a simple, subtle touch – while still ensuring that the contents of your shelves are easily accessible.

Place a festive-themed bowl filled with traditional winter ingredients like pinecones, cinnamon, acorns, and dried orange rings. Not only will this give you a more natural, understated decoration for your kitchen, but the spicy, woody smells will instantly make you feel even more Christmassy. Although the mouth-watering scent of cinnamon might make you want to bake Christmas cookies…

Christmas Country Living

If you prefer a contemporary country aesthetic, reflect this in your Christmas kitchen décor to create a cosy space you and your family will love spending quality time in during the holidays.

Add colours and natural textures that complement your kitchen. Wood introduces warmth and organic character into your Christmas décor. Little wooden trees and nutcrackers for the children make charming touches to your country kitchen.

Opt for natural materials like dried flowers and pinecones when selecting your accessories. Pampas wreaths and garlands will give your kitchen a wonderfully rustic feel.

Don’t forget to think about lighting to set the mood just right. Add a golden glow with yellow Christmas lights and pillar candles.

Keep it modern & minimalist

If something more simplistic is your style, use bright whites and modern ornaments, with warmth being brought in through warm candlelight. Transform jars or vases into contemporary Christmas lights by placing a string of warm white lights inside them – a great way to add cosy ambiance to your kitchen island or breakfast bar.

Maintain a muted, neutral palette to prevent overwhelming your room with colour, although mixing soft and hard textures is vital when creating a more modern festive decor style. Glass, metals, ceramics, jute or rope and foliage can be creatively combined when it comes to your Christmas decorations. Metallic candle holders teamed with all white candles are a prime example of how you can experiment with texture.

Incorporating green accents into your kitchen décor adds a splash of festive colour, while maintaining a simple, stylish look. This can be easily achieved with more modern garlands – like a simple mistletoe garland placed on the range hood (or in the doorway for a bit of festive mischief!).


Embrace tradition

Classics are classics for a reason. Traditional Christmas décor is still a popular choice for many of us, because of the warm, cosy atmosphere it creates and the heart-warming nostalgia it can invoke. This style is highly versatile and pairs well with just about any kitchen, while still allowing you to add your own personal touches.

Green and red hues are a staple of a traditional Christmas colour scheme, and pair perfectly with neutral shades. Accents of gold and warm metallics add a touch of Christmas magic. For a fun little DIY project, coat pinecones in glue and glitter to make sparkly holiday ornaments. Velvet red ribbon decorations make for an elegant touch to your kitchen – whether they’re used to hang window trimmings or tied around the backs of chairs.

Greenery with white and red accents is a staple of a traditional Christmas decor, such as sprigs of holly and mistletoe sprinkled on shelves and window ledges (make sure your decorations are high enough to be out of reach of little fingers). Hanging fir Christmas wreathes on your kitchen windows (or even your cupboards) is a simple way to create a festive look too.

We’ve highlighted four key Christmas styling trends for this year, and some ways you can incorporate them into your kitchen, to bring a layer of festive cheer to the heart of your home. While fastening a red ribbon to your tap might be taking things a bit too far, don’t be afraid to get creative with your kitchen Christmas decorations and take inspiration from what others have done.

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