Modern Luxury

Art Deco inspired, this trend is a take on modern luxury and opulence.

Refined, rich, decorative, dramatic and brave. Modern Luxury manages to be warm and welcoming, while retaining a classic sense of elegance and sophistication.

Combine rich colours with brushed metallics

If you're looking to achieve this look at home, pair rich colours with a few neutral elements, and accessorise with luxurious materials such as marble, velvet and lots of brushed metallics which will help bounce the light around.
Minerva carrara white
Magnet Create - Forest Walk
Magnet Create - Forest Walk
Minerva carrara white
  • Integra Soho coffee Grounds & Green Olives Island
  • Dunham Forest Walk Cameo
  • Winchester Midnight Cameo
  • Dunham White Cameo
  • Tatton White Oven Hob and Hood Cameo
  • Winchester Midnight Cameo Worktop
  • Integra Dunham
  • Integra Meteor Grey Cameo
  • Soho Pebble Path
  • Winchester Midnight Cameo Tap
  • Integra Dunham
  • Integra Soho
Integra Dunham
Integra Dunham

Integra Dunham Midnight & Seagrass

Our Integra Dunham kitchen is a blend of shaker doors on our true-handleless cabinet. Shown here with brass accessories that exude luxury, including our brass profiles, statement Røroshetta hood and brass Adige tap. Combined with the rich hues of midnight blue, this kitchen is a perfect example of achieving the modern luxury trend in your kitchen.

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Integra Soho coffee Grounds & Green Olives Island

Integra Soho Green Olives & Coffee Grounds

Our Integra Soho kitchen shown here in Green Olives and Coffee Grounds, combines our rich green olives shade with a darker neutral shade, and a white compact worktop. This combination of colours offsets the boldness of the green and provides the perfect balance. The brass profiles and accessories really pop and help bounce the light around the kitchen.

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Magnet Create - Forest Walk
Magnet Create - Forest Walk

Dunham Forest Walk

Our Dunham kitchen is one of our favourites and is a modern take on the shaker style. Our Forest Walk colour is bang on trend and goes perfectly with the modern luxury trend if you’re looking to incorporate brass in your kitchen. Pair with brass handles and marble effect worktops.

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Winchester Midnight Cameo

Winchester Midnight

Another shade that goes perfectly with brass is Midnight blue. Our Winchester kitchen in Midnight has wood grain effect doors, to add that little bit of texture to your kitchen. Our brass cup handles and white marble laminate worktop lighten the space and are a gorgeous addition to this kitchen.

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Tatton White Oven Hob and Hood Cameo
Tatton White Sink and Tap Cameo

Tatton White

Metallics are key with the modern luxury trend as they help to bounce the light around the space which is important when using richer colours. If you’re looking for a more neutral kitchen, use copper accessories - you’ll not only get the metallic finish but the addition of the rich copper tones throughout the kitchen too. Our Tatton White kitchen is shown here with our copper square handle and our Caple Mode copper sink and Ridley tap.

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Metallic accents really help bounce the light around

"If you’re worried about this look feeling too dark in your own home, let me reassure you. The addition of a crisp white worktop and brass accents really helps to bounce the light around the space, offsetting those heavier hues."
Integra Soho
Jen Modern Luxe
Jen Modern Luxe
Integra Soho