Minimalist Kitchen Ideas Buying Guide

Minimalist kitchens bring together simple style and elegant aesthetics. With a focus on pared-down design, clean lines, and an airy ambience, they are the perfect choice for those that love contemporary design.

If you are planning a kitchen renovation project, we’ve put together a range of minimalist kitchen ideas to help you achieve a beautiful space. From how to choose the right materials to accessorising your design choices, there are plenty of tips and tricks to help you get started.

Selecting your minimal kitchen accessories

Like with any kitchen design trend, the materials you choose are essential to achieving the ambience you want. Think about the minimalist style you like, as well as the lifestyle requirements of your home. For example, if you enjoy busy family life, durability should be at the top of your list.


Natural wood brings warmth into contemporary minimalist kitchens. Whether you choose dark mahogany or lighter ash option, avoid a rustic finish where you can. Varnished or painted wood add a sleek and streamlined feel.


When putting together your minimalist kitchen ideas, you may want to include synthetic materials for your worktops or flooring. Corian, laminate and vinyl all work well in these sleek spaces. Choose a design with a glossy finish to add brightness, as these often have light-reflective qualities.


Metal materials also work very well in minimalist kitchen design. You could opt for stainless steel worktops, metal bar stools or even open shelving. Whatever you choose, remember to consider your colour palette. For example, you may want to pick a darker metal to contrast a light colour palette, which will add depth and interest.


Whether you choose a sleek glass splashback or incorporate glass tiling to your design, this material works exceptionally well in modern minimalist kitchen interior design. You could select a plain clear glass or keep it on-trend with smoked or coloured glass too.


Marble, granite, and other natural materials look exquisite in minimalist kitchen designs. Instead of rough-hewn stone, choose a stone with a high-shine finish. These will reflect the light and bring additional brightness to your space.

Whatever you choose, consider mixing and matching your materials to create a layered look. While contemporary minimalist kitchens can look exquisite when created from the same materials, layering your choices will help to create a cosy and welcoming feel.

Considering the layout of your minimalist kitchen

Whether you have a large space or a compact kitchen, your layout is always an important consideration. Minimalist kitchens often favour space and an uncluttered feel, which is why you should prioritise innovative storage and multifunctional furniture. It’s also a good idea to think about your lifestyle requirements. Whether you love hosting dinners or want plenty of space for family, your social needs will dictate your choices (along with the amount of space you have available).

With this in mind, you may want to consider including:

  • A kitchen island
  • Breakfast bar
  • Dining table and chairs
  • Moveable trolleys
  • Plenty of innovative storage.

If you’re planning a small space, keep your countertops and floor clear with smart storage ideas and multifunctional furniture. These can help you achieve an uncluttered look.

Choosing your minimalist style

Minimalism is all about choosing high-quality materials and items that put clean lines, simplicity, and functionality at the forefront. Avoid fussy or complicated designs in all your choices to help your minimalist kitchen look its best.

Dunham Rose Bowl & Charcoals


Minimalist kitchens often favour light colour palettes. Bright whites, soft greys and muted stone shades are your go-to. You may also want to incorporate darker shades to anchor your space, particularly in your worktops or cabinets.

Some minimalist kitchens use bright colours to add interest too. Use these sparingly to bring a touch of personality to your space.

Soho Pebble Path

Cabinets and handles

When planning your minimalist kitchen design, think about achieving a streamlined look. Your kitchen cabinets will contribute to your simple aesthetic, so opt for a sleek design. A glossy or matte finish could work well, but be sure to pick a simple design without ornate detailing.

Handless cabinets are a popular choice in modern minimalist kitchen interior design. However, you could choose a simple bar or knob handle design too.

Luna Matt Graphite Sink


Your kitchen worktops are the most impactful design element in your kitchen space, which is why it is a good idea to make your choice carefully. Think about selecting a durable-yet-stylish design in a striking material. Corian, granite, marble or laminate elements can all work well.

To bring warmth into your minimalist space, you could also opt for wooden worktops. Avoid anything with an overly rustic finish.

Integra Nova


Your kitchen worktops are the most impactful design element in your kitchen space, which is why it is a good idea to make your choice carefully. Think about selecting a durable-yet-stylish design in a striking material. Corian, granite, marble or laminate elements can all work well.

To bring warmth into your minimalist space, you could also opt for wooden worktops. Avoid anything with an overly rustic finish.

Dunham Charcoals Sink


To create the perfect minimalist kitchen aesthetic, choose a sink with sharp lines. Square shapes often work particularly well. You may also want to choose an unusual finish, such as copper, black glass, or black composite.

Don’t forget about your kitchen taps either. Design-led options often look exquisite, particularly if you choose a matching shade to your sink material. You may also want to add in innovative features, like instant hot water or pull out spray taps.

Luna Matt Graphite_


When choosing your flooring for your minimalist kitchen design, consider durability and functionality carefully. Kitchens are often the busiest areas in the home and may need to cope with splashes and scrapes from demanding family life. Opt for engineered wood, tiles or hardwearing laminate for a long-wearing choice. You may also want to experiment with vinyl for a streamlined finish.



The right lighting is essential for any kitchen space. In modern minimalist kitchen design, bright natural light brings a sense of airy ambience. If you can, make the most of the natural light you have available by avoiding curtains or big blinds.

When the sun goes down, choose bright spotlighting and under-cabinet lighting to make a statement. Sculptural pendant lights hung above breakfast bars, islands or dining tables can also add atmosphere.


Smart storage

Smart storage is essential, especially if you are planning a minimalist kitchen design for a small space. Consider options like rotating corner cupboard storage, pull out pantries, charging drawers, and other innovations to make the most of your room. The principal aim is to keep countertops and floor space as clear as possible.

Luna Midnight


When planning your minimalist kitchen essentials, it’s important to remember your accessories too. These add to the overall look and feel of your space, despite being small details. Choose small storage and appliances with a minimalist feel. If you can, match the colours to your worktops for a consistent ambience.



Appliances are a must for every kitchen, although they can detract from the overall ambience of your space. If you can, choose sleek designs in matching colours to keep your design as streamlined as possible. There are plenty of contemporary options available, meaning you should find one to suit your style.

Alternatively, you could choose built-in models that keep your appliances hidden behind your cabinet cupboards.

Choosing your minimalist kitchen from Magnet

Minimalist kitchens can bring a sense of calm to every kitchen space. With an uncluttered feel and sleek elegance, they are a joy in any home.

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