Country Kitchen Ideas Buying Guide

Country kitchens are a beautiful way to bring rustic charm into your space. They’re warm, welcoming, and timeless, effortlessly merging both comfort and style.

If you prefer a classic aesthetic, there are a wide variety of options to discover. Whether you love the warmth of a Tuscan-style kitchen or the delightful appeal of a country farmhouse kitchen, you’ll find a beautiful array of designs to incorporate into your space.

Choosing materials for your country-style kitchen

When researching your country style kitchen ideas, it is a good idea to think about layering. Country kitchens mix textures, colours, and fabrics to create a sense of warmth and comfort. It’s the perfect opportunity to get creative too. Use mood boards and swatches to find textures and colours that work well together. If you can, bring your samples into the kitchen showroom to test your choices out against different kitchen cabinet styles. Depending on your chosen décor style, you could include materials like:


Wood often features in country kitchens, and it’s easy to see why. Natural materials work very well in rustic kitchens, bringing warmth and welcome. You could include wood on your worktops or floorboards, or in your kitchen accessories. Keep it un-painted for a natural look or incorporate matt-effect paints to add colour.


Stone is another popular choice for country kitchens, especially those that lean towards rustic appeal rather than very modern country style kitchens. Choose stone flags on your floor or pick a natural stone worktop to add traditional charm. You could also incorporate this material into your essential accessories, like your dinnerware or storage containers.


Metals are often prominent in contemporary and industrial kitchens. Still, there’s no need to limit using them in country style kitchens. They can add to the layered effect, bringing a new dimension to your space. We love brass and copper, as well as cast iron and pewter. Use these metals for your taps, cabinet handles, shelving and other accessories in your kitchen.

Fabric features

Many of us avoid using fabrics in the kitchen. However, they work very well in country style kitchens. Consider adding a rug or curtains into your space to add a textured effect.

Prints and patterns

Wallpaper and tiles are the perfect way to add some prints, texture, and depth into your space. There are plenty of country kitchen wallpaper ideas out there, as well as tile designs that make a statement.

Floral prints are the perfect match for rustic kitchens, particularly if you’re looking for a French country kitchen or country cottage kitchen ideas. Use wallpaper or other fabrics to introduce these prints into your space. You could also opt for gingham, chintz, willow pattern, or Moroccan inspired designs.

Choosing your country kitchen colours

Your colour palette is another critical consideration. There are no strict rules for what to pick; it’s up to your personal preference. You could think about the following country style kitchen ideas as a starting point.

English Country Cottage kitchen ideas

With their origins in farming, there’s no surprise that English country cottage kitchens have a delightful rustic appeal.

For your colour palette, consider mixing wood tones with soft pastel hues. Neutrals, like grey and cream, work exceptionally well. You could also add shades like duck egg blue, sage green, and butter yellow.

French country kitchens

French country kitchens exude elegance and charm. Like English-inspired kitchens, you will likely want to include plenty of wood textures. French country kitchens often include ornate detailing, so it’s worth letting your design do the talking rather than overwhelming with bright colours.

Choose a neutral colour palette, using plenty of greys, whites, creams, and beiges. You could add contrast with a deep shade in key areas, like a dark navy blue or forest green.

Mediterranean kitchens

Bring the sunshine into your home with a gorgeous Mediterranean-inspired kitchen. These rustic spaces are perfect for enjoying a glass of wine with friends (or a jug of sangria).

Keep your colour palette warm and welcoming with plenty of earthy shades. Terracotta, dark mahoganies, and warm cherry woods all look exquisite with this style.

You could add pops of colour too, either in patterned tiles or your soft furnishings. Bright yellow, sea green, and sky blue all look exquisite. To keep your space bright and airy, consider including lighter neutrals to add contrast.

Modern country kitchen style

Country style kitchens don’t have to look antiquated. If you want classic style without compromising on clean lines, consider merging both contemporary design and timeless styling.

Use on-trend colours like grey or white and add some darker accents for depth. Navy blue and forest green are particularly good choices. Or, you could incorporate on-trend hues like mustard, mauve, or indigo.

Use the Scandi trend as your guide. This interior décor style is perfect for creating a welcoming space while still retaining the simplicity of modern design.

Considering the layout of your kitchen

Whether you choose a calming grey country kitchen or an eclectic blue country kitchen, the layout of your space is just as important as your colour palette.

Country kitchens are all about creating a sense of welcome, making them perfect for socialising and spending time with your family. With this in mind, you may want to consider adding additional features to your layout to encourage socialising.

These could include:

  • A breakfast bar
  • A kitchen island
  • A dining table
  • Extra seating, like a sofa or stools

Depending on the space you have available, you may need to get creative with your layout solutions. For example, a movable kitchen island could work to help provide additional storage and preparation space when it’s time to host your next dinner party.

Choosing your kitchen furniture and accessories

As well as your materials and colour palette, your kitchen cabinets, worktops and accessories have a significant impact on the look and feel of your country-style kitchen.

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Choose Shaker cabinets for the ultimate in timeless style. They were inspired by the exquisite craftsmanship of the ‘Shaker Quaker’ movement in the 18th century. Their clean lines, simple appeal, and classic design make them the perfect choice for every traditional kitchen.

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Your worktops are another essential consideration. Think about the overarching aesthetic you wish to achieve before you decide.

For example, if you prefer English country kitchen ideas, opt for wooden worktops. Or, for a space inspired by French country kitchens, choose granite or stone-effect composite (like Corian). Modern country style kitchen ideas work well with laminate, granite, or wood. Whatever your design choice, it may be useful to test out different worktops on your cabinet style before you invest.



Splashbacks can add real style to your space, so it’s useful to think about your choice carefully. You may choose to experiment with tiles (patterned tiles work exceptionally well in country kitchens).

You could even use wood or glass in your traditional country kitchen. Whatever material you go for, be sure to plan your splashback well in advance; you won’t want it to be an afterthought.

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Flooring is one of the essential choices you will make in your traditional country kitchen. We suggest choosing wood, engineered wood, or a natural-textured laminate. These work well in country kitchens of every style, promoting a sense of welcome and warmth.

If you are looking for country kitchen ideas on a budget, vinyl is another option. You can get high-quality vinyl in a range of different styles, including wood and natural stone.

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The right lighting brings your kitchen to life. Where possible, bring as much natural light into your space.

If you’re looking for country kitchen lighting ideas, consider using a mixture of styles to bring texture and depth to your space.

There’s no need to match your fittings either. Put a series of pendant lights over a breakfast bar, a single pendant in the centre of your cooking space, and use accent lighting to spotlight key areas. You may want to include traditional fittings, like wall scones or chandeliers, too.

You could get eclectic and creative in your cottage kitchen lighting as well. Table lamps, for example, can look beautiful on breakfast bars or countertops.

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It can be challenging to match your appliances with your country kitchen design ideas. Many have a modern aesthetic, which could create discord in your space. One option is to hide your appliances with cabinet doors, which helps to generate a seamless finish.

Another option is to choose retro-inspired appliances. You can often find cookers and hobs in a range or Aga-inspired design, which blends seamlessly with any traditional aesthetic. Modern hobs and ovens have all the contemporary features you need to create culinary delights, without sacrificing your aesthetics.

You may be able to find other appliances, like fridges, dishwashers and washing machines, in a similar style. If you cannot, it could be worth placing these in the pantry or utility room to keep them out of the way.



Your kitchen accessories are the finishing touch to your space. From taps and handles to dinnerware and storage, it will be essential to think about these well in advance.

Like with the rest of your space, you may want to consider mixing and matching materials for a layered effect. Copper, brass and pewter all work well for your handles and taps. You could use stone or wood for your countertop containers, like fruit bowls and storage boxes. Cast iron is another popular material, and this works exceptionally well for shelving.

The most important thing to remember when accessorising is that your space should feel uncluttered and work efficiently. Even the most beautiful design can be compromised by poor planning, making your kitchen feel uninviting.

Smart kitchen storage solutions will help you organise your space. Whether you’re looking for small country kitchen ideas or you want to make the most out of a larger area, innovative storage will make sure everything has a place.

Choosing your country kitchen from Magnet

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