Dunham kitchen by Magnet. Smooth matt finish traditional or modern style available in over 20 colours.
Dunham kitchen by Magnet. Smooth matt finish traditional or modern style available in over 20 colours.

Kitchen oven ideas - a complete buying guide

From preparing delicious evening meals for your family to creating culinary delights when hosting dinner parties, your oven is one of the most essential appliances in the home.

Busy kitchens may use the oven multiple times a day, which is why it is so essential to choose one that meets you and your family’s requirements.

When choosing a new oven, efficient functionality is often at the top of the priority list. However, there is no need to compromise on style. Whether you choose an electric oven or gas oven, there are plenty of stylish options available to suit every kitchen design. This guide is designed to help inspire your choice so you can find your perfect match.

How to measure your oven space

Depending on the style of oven you choose, you may need to be especially mindful of the space you have available. Built-under ovens, for example, will need to fit underneath your countertops.

It’s usually a good idea to measure your existing oven space before you choose your oven, paying particular attention to the height. If you are planning a full kitchen renovation, it may be worth choosing your oven model early on in the project. That way, you can ensure that you plan in enough space for your chosen oven to fit.


Considering the placement of your oven

At the beginning of every kitchen renovation project, it’s important to plan where you intend to put your key appliances and elements. This will form the basis of your overall plan and help to inform which appliances and items you buy.

Where you put your oven really depends on your kitchen dimensions and your lifestyle requirements. Remember that your oven will need to be positioned near a fuel supply, which will be particularly important in homes where it is not possible to move the existing supply.


Built-in ovens are a striking statement for both modern kitchens and traditional spaces. They are usually built into a column cabinet and sit at eye level. They can be especially beneficial for those who often cook with heavy dishes or find it difficult to access built under ovens. Whether you choose a built-in electric oven or a built-in gas oven, these are an exquisite choice for kitchens of every style.

Built under

Built under ovens are a popular choice, and it’s easy to see why. Made to fit seamlessly underneath your kitchen cabinets, built under ovens are a subtle and cohesive way to incorporate sleek style into your space. You can purchase these integrated ovens as built under double oven styles as well as traditional single ovens.


For those who don’t want or need an integrated oven, freestanding ovens are another exquisite option. With this choice, your oven is the star of the show, and the freestanding nature of these appliances means you won’t be limited by your cabinet dimensions. You can often find both electric and gas freestanding ovens, as well as range ovens (or range-style ovens), which look great in traditional kitchens.

Freestanding ovens also usually include an integrated kitchen hob, which means you will conveniently have both appliances in one place.

How to choose an oven type

As well as the size of the oven you choose, there is also plenty of choice in terms of oven type. There are benefits to each type of oven and their corresponding features, so it will be important to think carefully about which is right for you.


Usually electric, convection ovens are often the top choice for creating perfect dishes every time. Assisted by fan technology, convection ovens ensure that heat is evenly distributed throughout the oven space to ensure consistency. Whether you love to bake bread or create decadent Sunday roasts, convection ovens should be at the top of your list.


Steam ovens are another popular choice for those looking for a healthy way to prepare meals. By utilising steam technology, these electric ovens use hot air and steam to lock flavour, moisture and nutrients into the food.


If you’re looking for versatility in your oven choice, a multifunctional oven could be right for your requirements. These ovens often have a variety of different settings to ensure that your bakes, roasts, or grilled dishes are cooked to perfection every time.

How to choose an oven size

You may be surprised at how many oven sizes there are available. From double ovens to single ovens, there are a variety of different capacities to choose from. Each capacity has different benefits, and the type you choose will depend on you and your lifestyle’s requirements.

Remember that even within the three standard size options, there are different litre capacity options. Larger litre capacities are designed to suit those who need plenty of space, while the smaller varieties are ideal for more compact kitchens.

Single Ovens

Single ovens are well suited to most kitchens. They have one main oven section, in which you can bake, roast and grill your culinary experiments to perfection. From built-in electric ovens to built under models, you’ll find plenty of single ovens to choose from for your kitchen.

Double ovens

If you love to cook or need plenty of multifunctional oven space, a double oven may be right for you. These typically feature two oven sections, offering plenty of flexibility. You can choose built under double oven models as well as electric double ovens, meaning there is plenty available to suit your requirements.

Compact ovens

For those limited in space or with smaller households, compact ovens may be right for you. These are an excellent choice if you simply don’t need extra oven space.

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Choosing an oven fuel source

In addition to the functionality of your chosen oven, it’s a good idea to consider the fuel source of your appliance too. You may be limited by the fuel source you already have or alternatively have a particular preference when it comes to your cooking style.


Electric ovens are usually the most popular choice in contemporary kitchens. With fan technology to assist with heat distribution and consistent temperatures, electric ovens work particularly well for those who enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. There is a wide range of models available too. From electric double ovens to built-in electric ovens, you’re sure to find your perfect match.

Whichever fuel source you choose, don’t forget to check the energy rating of your chosen oven type. The energy rating not only has an impact on the environment but can also impact the amount you need to pay for your energy bills.


Gas ovens are often considered the cheaper option when it comes to energy usage, although the difference is not significant. Good gas ovens can produce the same results as electric ones, so there is no need to compromise on the quality of your cooking if you need a gas oven in your space. You can find a range of models, from built-in gas ovens to ovens with a gas fuel source, so there are plenty of choices available too.