The Graham Family's Kitchen - FUN, FUNKY & FUNCTIONAL



COST: +£12K


The Graham family home was stuck in the past, having never undergone any major renovations since being built in the 1930s. But thanks to Sacha, the hostess with the mostest, the downstairs has been completely remodelled with a brand-new fun, funky yet functional kitchen to give this home the ultimate wow factor.

The befores

Homeowners, Sacha and Leona, moved into the house with their four children and the dream of transforming the property from a drab, dingy space into a trendy family home. For Sacha, a generous open plan kitchen, living and dining area was key to creating the social hub she dreamt of. To achieve this mammoth makeover, the couple decided to combine the existing kitchen and dining rooms into one and add a sizeable rear extension.   

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and this couldn’t be truer for the Grahams. The family frequently spend quality time together in the kitchen, whether Sacha is baking with the kids, Leona is offering a helping hand with homework, or the pair are unwinding with friends over a bottle of red. They desired a kitchen that would not only be fully equipped to feed the family of six, but that would be a social space big enough for everyone’s daily antics to unfold. But for this fun-filled family, practical doesn’t mean boring. Sacha had a vision of a vibrant, stylish space with enough personality to match the Grahams themselves.

The final transformation...

Tom, Sacha’s designated Magnet designer, worked closely with the couple to design the kitchen of their dreams in their newfound space. Sacha opted for industrial chic Dunham units in a mixture of Dove Grey and Midnight Blue, complete with gleaming white quartz marble effect worktops to marry the contrasting shades together. To ensure that the whole family of six can comfortably enjoy the space, Tom suggested adding a large island to create the perfect hangout spot. Tom used the clever design trick of adding a second overhang to the island to ensure that six bar stools could be comfortably accommodated.

With four children aged between six and 20, the Graham household requires lots of food and produces lots of laundry. To make their kitchen super-efficient, without detracting from Sacha’s strong styling choices, Tom recommended that the couple opt for a separate utility room, creating the perfect hub to tackle the washing. A large larder cupboard was added into the main kitchen area to provide the family with much-needed food storage space.

Sacha and Leona wanted their new kitchen to be a fun-filled environment for children and grownups alike, as they love to host family and friends on the weekends, so a home bar was a must. Created by tying together two Dunham Dove Grey base units and a built-in wine cooler with a gleaming white worktop, this home bar is fully equipped to keep guests enjoying themselves until the early hours. Complete with modern open shelving made from unfinished wood, mirrored tiling and a small sink, this is yet another quirk of this funky kitchen with is both fun and functional.

“Working with Sacha and Leona was so much fun, as they were so open and daring in their design choices."

To truly create the trendy kitchen which Sacha desired, she carefully chose even the smaller details and accessories, as even the tiniest of touches have the ability to make a space pop. Copper accents on handles and lighting contrast the cool tones of the blue units. To add to the industrial feel, Sacha opted for metallic bar stools with wooden seats, switching out two of the silver stools for vibrant neon yellow to add yet another quirk to the already interesting room. Their chic, subway style, white tiled wall is accessorised with perfectly packed open shelving and the sleek, chrome American style fridge is proudly adorned with drawings by the children. To create the ultimate statement, a mixture of bold blue, bright white and neon pink lighting strips and spotlights were placed around the kitchen to add a futuristic feel to the space.

Sacha said: “When we purchased our house, we knew that it would be a huge project to completely renovate it into the home of our dreams, at one point we even had to move into a rental down the road for six months! The kitchen was always going to be the main focus of our new house and Tom couldn’t have made the process any more enjoyable. He truly understood how important it was to us that the space became the social hub of the home whilst remaining fully functional and super stylish. He couldn’t have done a better job and now our entire family loves our new kitchen, even our friends can’t get enough and we’re always asked to host!”

Tom, Magnet Wycombe’s Showroom Designer said: “Working with Sacha and Leona was so much fun, as they were so open and daring in their design choices. However, we knew that beneath the ‘wow factor’ of the design needed to lie an extremely practical kitchen. We worked tirelessly together to create this functional space, which is masked by their beautiful styling choices, all whilst creating a true heart of their home. I believe that together we have created the kitchen that their family has always wanted.”

"However, we knew that beneath the ‘wow factor’ of the design needed to lie an extremely practical kitchen. We worked tirelessly together to create this functional space.”

Magnet’s wide range of design and installation options, paired with its team of expert designers, ensures that every family can create the kitchen of their dreams. Whether you desire a timeless, traditional space or fun, funky design, our team will ensure that your Magnet makeover suits your personal style to a tee.