Boiling Water Taps

Hot water on tap? Yes, please! Instant hot water taps revolutionise modern kitchens, allowing you to pour hot drinks without the kettle or boil ingredients without waiting for water to heat up.

Hot water taps, also called boiling water taps, can be a beautiful, sleek addition to your kitchen design too. What’s not to love?

What are instant boiling water taps?

Instant hot water taps provide boiling water without a kettle or hob. You simply turn on the tap, and voila! 100˚C boiling water in an instant. That means preparing tea or coffee is as simple as pouring a glass of water.

Wave goodbye to your kettle and enjoy clear, clutter-free worktops when you install a boiling water tap in your kitchen. Many of these taps also provide filtered and sparkling water, so you can stop buying bottles and do your bit for the environment, too!

How do boiling water taps work?

Boiling water taps work their magic underneath the sink, where a boiler or heater tank must be fitted. Specific brands and models differ slightly. Still, generally, water feeds into the tank, is heated, then travels into and out of your tap.

How much do boiling water taps cost?

Hot water taps vary in price depending on their quality and what they offer. For example, a hot water-only tap, which sits separately from your regular kitchen taps, may only cost a few hundred pounds. A mixer tap, offering warm and cool, boiling, and ice-cold filtered water, can cost closer to £1,000.

How are boiling water taps installed?

Before installing a hot water tap, the water supply must be switched off. Under the sink, there should be plenty of space for a tank. This will vary depending on the type of tap you’re installing.

The new fixture needs to be fed up through the countertop and secured to the sink, per the specific manufacturer’s instructions. Then, the boiler or tank can be connected together.

Check for leaks before plugging the tank into power, and if it’s watertight, you’re ready to go! When it’s safe to plug in and turn on your boiler, you can start using your instant hot water tap right away.

How to choose a boiling hot water tap

There are several types of boiling water tap to choose from, which means you’re sure to find one that suits your needs and budget. The price generally goes up with the number of functions, so keep things simple for a low-cost option or pick a multifunctional tap to enjoy lots of valuable extras.

Hot water-only taps

If you just want to add a boiling water tap to your kitchen, and you’re happy to keep your existing hot and cold taps, you can choose one of these single-use options. They usually sit to the side of your regular fixtures, providing boiling water for beverages and cooking in a flash.

4-in-1 hot and filtered water taps

Fresh, filtered water is the fourth addition to these 4-in-1 taps. Enjoy regular hot and cold water, instant boiling water, and refreshing drinking water, depending on which way you open the faucet. 4-in-1 hot water taps are a luxurious modern addition to any kitchen.

Choosing a style and finish

The way your new tap looks is another thing to consider. Whether you pick brass, shiny stainless-steel, matte, or gold can significantly impact the look of your finished kitchen. Think about the finish of your other fixtures and appliances and choose a complimentary tap.

You can also choose a boiling water tap in a shape that suits your taste and kitchen design. If you’re adding a hot water tap to a traditional kitchen, you might want to look for a rounded design. If you’re planning a sleek contemporary space, an angular alternative could work beautifully.

3-in-1 hot water taps

For a boiling water function and minimal taps surrounding your sink, choose a 3-in-1 design. These deliver regular hot and cold water, with the option to pour boiling water when you turn the respective tap.

Hot water tap tank capacities

 All instant hot water taps need a tank to be fitted underneath the sink. These can range between around 2 and 8 litres. The size you need will depend on the space you have available and how often you think you’ll use boiling water.

For example, suppose you have a small kitchen and a household of one or two people. In that case, you might prefer a small hot water tap tank. On the other hand, if you’re choosing a tap for a busy household, and your kitchen allows for it, you could be best with a larger capacity tank.

Magnet instant boiling water taps

At Magnet, you’ll find a choice of instant boiling water taps with something to suit every taste and budget.

Quooker boiling water taps

Quooker is one of the best-known manufacturers of boiling water taps, and there are plenty to choose from at Magnet. Enjoy instant 100˚C water from a Quooker 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 boiling water tap in bright stainless steel or ultra-stylish black. You can also choose between curved round and square spouts, depending on which you prefer.

More exciting Magnet kitchen accessories

Customise your kitchen endlessly with design-led accessories from Magnet. From beautiful cabinet handles to storage solutions, splashbacks, lighting, and countertops, pick accessories that suit your taste and enjoy a kitchen you love from top to bottom.

Steaming hot & cold taps

If you’d like to enjoy cool, filtered drinking water as well as instant hot water, the HC1100 Steaming Hot & Cold Water Tap could be the best choice. As well as your favourite tea and coffee on tap, you’ll also be able to cut out single-use plastic water bottles and do your bit for the environment.

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