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  • Somerton Cream

    Add Warmth To Your Kitchen

    Kitchen Trend: Inject wood tones to add depth and warmth

    There’s something enchanting about the warmth and timeless beauty of real wood so it isn’t surprising that it remains a big player in kitchen design for 2016.

    The versatility of wood means it fits seamlessly into both contemporary and traditional homes and it’s perfect for bridging the two styles together too.

    If you’ve opted for a modern style but want to inject warmth into a sleek and minimalistic design then wood is the perfect material for the job. Whether it’s subtle hints or a statement piece such as a wooden worktop, incorporating wood into your design will instantly create a more homely touch.

    For discreet accents of wood with maximum effect, opt for good quality wooden utensils and use wall storage to display. Or if you’re looking for a more permanent home for wood in your kitchen, invest in a solid wood kitchen worktop. Guaranteed to keep your kitchen homely and always on trend, wood worktops add an element of luxury to any home.

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  • Newbury Grey

    A Copper Touch

    Add a touch of brass to your kitchen

    Copper is a trend that is taking over not just your kitchen, but your whole home. Warm touches of copper, brass and metallic are appearing on fixtures, appliances, hardware and accessories - taking over from polished nickel and shiny chrome.

    The new Magnet kitchen on the scene, Newbury Grey, has a moody, mid-grey matt finish across its units. A sophisticated design that’s packed with ingenious space-saving storage features like a built-in spice rack and full height larder unit.

    The beautiful display dresser lets you display copper ornaments and crockery to compliment your handles and appliances to stunning effect.

    The key with metallic touches is to add them to your kitchen in small doses against a neutral backdrop to showcase them to full effect. The contrast of modern, sleek metallic with natural materials, such as marble or pale wood, has an unexpected pop of polish.

    Integrate the Magnet Shelf Plus in to your kitchen to organise and declutter your worktops while proudly displaying your copper accessories. Open shelving is an easy way to further add style to your cooking and living space.

    Finally, by adding copper and metallic light features makes people look up in your kitchen, and is a more subtle way to add 2016’s hottest trend to your kitchen.

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  • Studio Cream

    Tile Style

    Update your walls with unique styles

    Tiles, whilst also being extremely practical, can also add great colour and design depth to your kitchen. They can be placed behind your cooking station, sink or as a feature wall. You could even run your floor tiles and wall tiles together, the options really are endless.

    Geometrics, stars and florals will all be big trends for 2016 and the beauty of the range of colours and designs makes them suitable for eclectic, vintage and industrial kitchens.

    Always start off with a square tile to make it easier when applying the tiles and fitting the pattern together. Also use tiles with a resistant gloss finish and strong grout to make them extra durable in your kitchen.

    Which kitchen do we recommend to compliment your tiling? Go for a Studio Cream with a gloss finish and curved units that give a really modern feel. The tile patterns and hues will stand out against the simple cream colour scheme.

    Tiles can give your kitchen a warm Mediterranean feel, elegant Greek look or quirky and fun vibe all from the careful choice of colours. The use of tiles is timeless making them a fail-safe buy.

    However avoid too much tiling to prevent over crowding in your kitchen – let the tiles speak for themselves and compliment your cupboards and units.

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  • Display Drawers

    It’s Time To Set The Mood

    Kitchen Lighting

    Lighting plays an important role in the kitchen, whether it comes from a natural source through your windows and skylights, or it’s a combination of decorative and mood lighting.

    If your kitchen has dark units and few windows it is important to make the most of artificial lighting in your kitchen. Utilise space under cabinets with strip lights for illuminating your worktops, place spotlights in your plinth to illuminate the floor of your kitchen or choose bright hanging lights over your island.

    Island lighting, whilst also practical, can make a stunning decorative feature. 2015 saw a surge in beautiful copper light features accessorising kitchen islands and this is look is set to stay around for 2016. If copper isn’t your thing maybe choose a naked bulb, steel finish or large light feature – the key is lots of light.

    Maybe you have a sleek, contemporary kitchen with all white unites - LED lights would suit this best reflecting off the glossy worktops and bouncing around your kitchen. Choose to light up open shelving in your kitchen with lights running along the edge or underneath.

    A key innovation from Magnet for 2016 is the Illuminated Feature Drawer letting you display ornaments and small crockery or anything you wish in an open glass drawer illuminated from the back. In addition, for your deepest of cupboards, place a Drawer Light Unit in it for when you are rummaging for the colander.

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  • Cabinet Plus

    2016 Preview

    The Biggest Kitchen Trends

    As we head into 2016 perhaps it’s time to start thinking about a new kitchen. With so many to choose from, it can be a difficult decision but here is our guide to what is going to be top of the style charts in 2016 for your kitchen space.

    An open plan kitchen is perfect for socialising plus hosting parties and dinners. Add in breakfast bars and islands to maximise the floor space and ensure a well connected room for all your guests.

    On top of classic wood finishes high gloss will remain a huge trend. The shiny look creates a modern looking kitchen and is easy to maintain when used on cupboards and worktops.

    Copper doesn’t look like it is leaving us anytime soon, along with brushed metal styles on handles, nobs and accessories. Set the copper against a matte black or dark colour finish to accentuate the shine.

    Storage is key in 2016 and super storage takes precedent – you want to maximise on every inch of space in your kitchen and make use of storage in your plinth and the end of islands by creating small shelves to house spices and cook books.

    In terms of overall style a traditional contemporary kitchen, an oxymoron that might be, but in 2016 you will be combining the elements of both for a modern day feast. Combine soft pastel colours with dark woods and modern finishes for an up to date style.

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  • Somerton Cream

    Cosy Up Your Kitchen

    Colours and accessories to choose in winter

    As you well know - or should know if you have been reading the Magnet Kitchenista Blog – minimalist, industrial kitchens have been a huge trend in 2015 and will continue to be long into 2016.

    The use of copper, metal and wood combined with clean lines along units, white walls and streamline kitchen furniture provides an aesthetically beautiful kitchen with a modern, fresh look. But as winter approaches, bringing with it cold nights and mornings we need to add some simple colour changes and accessories to cosy up your kitchen.

    An all white kitchen makes for the perfect base to switch up your kitchen as quickly as the season changes. Choose red accessories, warm golds or burnt orange for your walls, ornaments and paintings now that winter has arrived.

    Soft furnishings such as your toaster, kettle and bread bin are a great way to inject some colour into your kitchen for very little expense. If you are working with a large open-plan kitchen try adding a rug to add warmth and bring your kitchen colour scheme together.

    In addition, use cushions and throws on your dining table and chairs to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. We all know the kitchen table is the hub of any home so lets make it as cosy as possible.

    Finally, open shelving can make a kitchen seem less regimented and stiff by creating shelves and space to display knick-knacks, ornaments and maybe even now that it is time – Christmas decorations!

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  • Era

    Forget White Christmas

    Choose a white kitchen this season

    One of the common questions our kitchen designers are asked is ‘should we choose light or dark cabinets?’ The choice affects the colour, mood and ambience of everyone’s kitchen.

    By choosing a white kitchen you can make the space look bigger, cleaner and it will go with almost any colour worktop and wall colour. At Magnet there are 10 types of pure white kitchen styles to go for, just to spoil you for choice.

    A white kitchen will look timeless and fresh and never go completely out of style - it can be adapted as a modern, contemporary, traditional or country kitchen look. If you are someone that likes to update the overall look of your kitchen frequently, you will find this easier with a white kitchen as the base colour.

    At very little cost you can switch out the splashback, small appliances and accessories to revamp your kitchen.

    Don’t be put off by mucky hands, dirt and smudges on your worktops and units. By choosing a glossy surface marks and dirt should wipe straight off and be much easier to maintain than painted white cabinets.

    Finally, in these dark wintery months a white kitchen can make the space look much brighter, making the most of even small amounts of natural daylight.

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  • Arlington Cream

    Merry Kitch-mas

    Why an open plan kitchen is perfect Christmas party space

    Christmas is just around the corner and our thoughts turn to entertaining guests over the party season. Traditionally, hosting was always done in the living room, but as the trend for open plan kitchens increases, so does the number of parties in our favourite room.

    Adding some simple kitchen accessories in warm festive colours like gold and red is the first way to get your kitchen party ready. By making sure your kitchen looks the part, you can create the perfect ambience for your Christmas extravaganza.

    A wooden table or island unit complete with a solid worktop is the perfect place for gathering guests. Wood has a natural beauty and warmth that makes it perfect for party furniture. To enhance the effect further, you can dress the surface with Christmas decorations or candles.

    In addition, use cushions and throws on your table and chairs to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Make sure you choose suitable lighting too. You’ll need to be able to see what you’re doing when you’re getting the food ready, but you don’t want to make the room too bright. Under cabinet lighting can offer an effective solution.

    Finally, the main advantage to having the Christmas party in an open plan kitchen? Guests won’t end up in groups spread in different rooms over the house, so you can all have fun together.

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  • Fantasy Oak

    Sleek, Modern and Captivating

    Do you want a Japanese kitchen?

    台所, or kitchen in Japanese to you and I, is a word we should all be learning and more importantly taking inspiration from.

    We are moving on from the stripped back Scandi style kitchens where functionality is key, to a Japanese kitchen that embodies simplicity, and a back to nature style.

    One popular idea most Japanese kitchens seem to subscribe to is bringing people together, to create a space that can be lived in – a communal space that incorporates cooking, eating and relaxing. Which is an idea definitely shared here in the UK.

    Japanese interior design uses exposed wood in the walls, worktops, furniture, floor and ceiling. This way the design stays simple but feels warm and inviting.

    Straight, clean lines run throughout Japanese kitchens with minimal fuss. Often the only creative element is by bringing nature back into the kitchen with a small, zen, indoor garden. Or maybe in the UK a bonsai tree perched on your windowsill.

    Magnet’s answer to this Japanese trend? Shop the Fantasy Oak now:,9-unit-l-shape,laminate,whirlpool,no

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  • Magnet Kitchens Eton Cream

    Trend Alert: Contemporary Vintage

    Update your modern kitchen with a vintage twist

    The vintage, country look is a hugely popular trend at the moment. It is also a very simple look to achieve simply through accessorising or changing the wallpaper in your kitchen.

    Take an unfussy design such as Magnet Planar in a crisp white colour to keep the look fresh and accessorise with vintage florals and bright colours for a modern twist.

    Choose pretty colours in pink, pastel shades of blue as well as a range of textures throughout your kitchen by accessorising with canisters, place mats, kettles and toasters. To avoid an overly feminine look add depth to your kitchen with a richer tone, such as deep pink or navy blue.

    To really revamp your kitchen, stick with contemporary kitchen cabinets and worktops but choose a bold wallpaper to really make the colour pop in your kitchen. Go for a check, tartan or stripe for the wow factor.

    Finally recycle items to accessorise your kitchen; an old watering can makes a great vase, or a wicker basket to store recyclable paper. These finishing touches will accentuate that vintage feel.

    Check out our blog post on great hacking projects:

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