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  • Traditional vs modern ovens with Magnet kitchens

    Traditional vs Modern Ovens

    What side do you cook on?

    Whether you dream of long, peaceful Sunday afternoons cooking over your Rangemaster oven or state of the art cooking with your AEG multifunction oven, Magnet has just the appliance for you.

    Quintessentially British kitchens have always had at the focal point a large traditional Range oven, with its classic copper or steel handles and mis-match drawers. Think an oven fit for Mary Berry.

    Work a Rangemaster into a Winchester traditional kitchen nestled inbetween wood features and stone walls. Or if you want to switch it up keeping the traditional element pick from the Rangemaster Elise collection in ruby red, pastel blue or burnt orange.

    For a modern, sleek kitchen the range of AEG multifunction ovens are for the host/hostess more occupied with entertaining while the food handles itself. Set it to cook under a range of settings - moist fan baking, slow cook or pizza setting.

    Your guests will be led into thinking you have hired a Michelin star chef for the night. The AEG ovens come in compact and double styles with additional features such as the six or twelve place setting warming drawer. You will wonder why you ever served cold plates before.

    Shop the full range of ovens now -

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  • Leighton Gloss Cream

    Kitchen Of The Week

    The tale of the Leighton Gloss Cream

    This kitchen sits beautifully between traditional and contemporary and works for a small or large space.

    Cream is a beautiful colour to work with as it never ages, plus it can be paired with pretty much any hue to give your kitchen a new lease of life.

    Here at Magnet we have paired the Leighton Gloss Cream with walnut worktops and accessories. The richness of the wood works beautifully with the cream glazed wall units and is accentuated further with rich, wood accessories.

    What are the benefits of having a kitchen island you may be asking yourself? Well aside from extra storage, seating, chopping space and cooking space they also transform a room and become a focal point in themselves.

    The Leighton Gloss Cream has taken full use of the extra storage available from a kitchen island and also transferred the hob and hood to the centre of the kitchen.

    This design and space was made for large and busy families and entertaining.

    Book a design appointment today to work it into your own home. To find your local showroom please follow this link -

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  • Integra Astral Blue kitchen


    Why Washed Up?

    Trend forecasters are very intelligent people. Translating cultural and social information into what colour you will paint your kitchen walls or what shade of laminate worktop you will choose that season.

    After the technical calculations, we are left with key colours, textures, shapes and themes to run with that season. This summer is all about ‘Washed Up’ home wares; think coastal with a very rustic appeal – minus the algae.

    Beautiful egg blue colours, weathered woods, milky and cracked textures plus frosted ceramic and smooth aqua glass lead this retail trend.

    Trend forecasters have scoured UK and US home and lifestyle stores for months to reveal what is top of buyers shopping lists this summer, and of course Magnet has reacted to this.

    Shop the Integra Astral Blue with a high gloss metallic finish for a minimalist look with plenty of impact.

    Alternatively shop the Viva Grey or Fantasy Grey to hit that trend of cracked textures. This understated, muted colour leaves plenty of opportunity to accessorise with coloured vases, ornaments and crockery.

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  • Nova Cream

    Create A Welcoming Entrance

    The importance of a show stopping hallway

    First impressions count. The first day of a new job, a first date and most importantly the hallway in your home. Before guests enter your kitchen they are forced to meander through your collection of coats, shoes and keys.

    It is imperative to create an open, inviting space that gives your guests a sneak peek at what else is to be seen in your house. Whether you have a large, spacious hallway or a small porch area keep it clear of clutter and ensure it sets the standard for the rest of the house.

    For a consistent flowing feel from the hallway into the kitchen choose one colour paint for your doors and skirting boards. The trend for grey is still going strong. Choose a deep grey gloss for a striking contrast against light coloured walls and accessorise with bold colours and eccentric prints. Continue this theme with grey worktops in granite or laminate.

    To keep muddy shoes and scarves out of sight buy a solid storage frame with removable boxes in and assign your children their own box to keep their belongings together. Buy a vintage coat stand for a unique touch in your hallway or put up large decorative mirrors to make the space feel bigger.

    Once guests have been marvelled with your hallway, there is only one place left to wow them – your Magnet kitchen.

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  • Magnet Kitchens Oak Slab

    Is Your Kitchen Ready For...

    The return of the drinks trolley?

    At Magnet we like to assist you in designing and building your dream kitchen. A kitchen to suit all needs ranging from a practical, family space to a show-stopper kitchen to wow your guests.

    In the initial stages of planning a kitchen your main focus is arranging the oven, dishwasher and kitchen island but things are about to change as the drinks table is making a comeback.

    Often resigned to the parlour of a grand mansion, or something your grandparents brought out at Christmas, the drinks trolley was a dated feature.

    But now, think 2015 Mad Men-esque, the retro drinks trolley is making a revival and coming to a modern kitchen near you. Pull your spirits out from the back of your cupboards and display them proudly.

    Why not dazzle your guests with a diamond decanter or impressive cocktail shaker on the drinks trolley, besides bowls of lemon, lime and of course glacier cherries. There really will be no reason to go to a bar again.

    To finish off your one-stop party kitchen integrate the Magnet Sound Bar into your cabinets or plinth and match the sound to the mood via Bluetooth connectivity.

    Be the envy of your social circle and bring some 1930s glam into your home. Incorporate a silver metal trolley into the Oak Slab kitchen and ply it with your favourite tipple.

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  • Magnet Kitchens Gloss Cream Slab

    Trend Alert: Contemporary Vintage

    Update your modern kitchen with a vintage twist

    The vintage, country look is a hugely popular trend at the moment. It is also a very simple look to achieve simply through accessorising or changing the wallpaper in your kitchen.

    Take an unfussy design such as Magnet Planar in a crisp white colour to keep the look fresh and accessorise with vintage florals and bright colours for a modern twist.

    Choose pretty colours in pink, pastel shades of blue as well as a range of textures throughout your kitchen by accessorising with canisters, place mats, kettles and toasters. To avoid an overly feminine look add depth to your kitchen with a richer tone, such as deep pink or navy blue.

    To really revamp your kitchen, stick with contemporary kitchen cabinets and worktops but choose a bold wallpaper to really make the colour pop in your kitchen. Go for a check, tartan or stripe for the wow factor.

    Finally recycle items to accessorise your kitchen; an old watering can makes a great vase, or a wicker basket to store recyclable paper. These finishing touches will accentuate that vintage feel.

    Check out our blog post on great hacking projects:

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  • Grey Shaker

    Eco Credentials

    How much money could your kitchen be saving you?

    Did you know that by simply changing your kitchen appliances and buying eco-friendly products you could actually be shaving money off your bills month after month? Well read on to find out more.

    Of course energy-efficient appliances with an A+ rating are great eco-friendly products to have in your kitchen but by changing simple things such as your pans, kettle and place mats you can also be doing your bit for the environment.

    Invest in pans that have glass lids, as during the last stages of cooking you can turn the heat off while it continues to cook inside. Also ceramic coated pans are a much more environmentally friendly choice than non-stick pans.

    Choosing cork placemats is not only a great heat insulator to keep food and drink warmer for longer but it is a naturally regenerating, recyclable, biodegradable material. And it looks great in any kitchen.

    Remember not to overfill your kettle. Only fill with the amount of water you need to boil as a leading energy supplier calculated that it costs 2.5p each time you boil a full kettle, and depending on your tea consumption that amount can soon build up.

    Finally, washing up by hand could actually be wasting a huge amount of energy compared to an efficient dishwasher. Remember to fill to capacity or choose a half load setting for smaller loads.

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  • Grey Shaker

    The Beauty Of Open Shelving

    It’s time to incorporate it in your kitchen

    Kitchen cupboards and worktops as you knew it are about to change, we are about to reinvigorate the kitchen workspace and embrace the new trend of open kitchen shelving.

    You can’t escape pretty pictures of kitchens with a mix of cupboards and open shelving in magazines, blogs and on Pinterest. The look is modern and a great way to accessorise using simply your own pots and utensils to express personality. But, is it really all that practical?

    If you have a small kitchen space going for open shelving makes the room feel incredibly airy and spacious. Stripping out some wall units can give the room more light without sacrificing on storage.

    Open shelving can be very inviting for guests. People feel more comfortable to grab a mug off your shelf rather than rooting through your cupboards.

    Finally, don’t let the thought of never ending dust put you off. If you are using the plates and glasses regularly this should keep dust down. Just remember to go over your shelves every few weeks with a duster as you would any open cupboard.

    So in terms of practicality, you have no excuses. What is your opinion on open shelving? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Magnet Kitchens Gloss White Slab

    Take Inspiration From Sweden

    Beautiful kitchen trends to incorporate this season

    We can’t escape Scandi trends entering our TV sets, clothes stores, films and kitchens but how can you inject some Swedish flare into your home?

    Simplicity is key, and should be at front of mind when choosing any furniture, colour palette or cushion. Go for a mix of stand-alone furniture that can be moved around your kitchen, plus clean lines and geometric shapes.

    Quality, lightness and natural materials are all hallmarks of Scandinavian design – finished off with impeccable attention to detail. Unique designs and shapes have been adapted to achieve new levels of comfort and style that really work in your home.

    2015 has been huge on lighting, with an emphasis on the ‘naked bulb’ and statement lights that hang over your kitchen island. Adopt the industrial trend and go for light shades in metal, copper or steel.

    Colours should be strong in your Scandi inspired kitchen, working with a bold yellow, warm grey and soft blue. Piece them together in a patchwork style, mixing materials, textures and shapes as you go. For a quick Scandi injection buy jugs for your shelves, vases for your worktops and small appliances for your kitchen.

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  • Illusion Sink

    It’s Time To Think About Sinks

    But where, how many and what colour?

    Kitchens have become greedy incorporating space saving techniques that maximise on space and more appliances and gadgets than we know what to do with. As a result kitchens are now coming equipped with not one but two separate kitchen sink units.

    Why would we need two sinks, we hear you ask? Well, placed in two crucial locations in your kitchen such as next to your dishwasher and next to your oven they can have dual purposes. No one likes clogged up dishwashers so use one to clean plates, fill up the kettle and wipe down your worktops.

    The second sink can be left as a work area for ‘the cook’. Located beside the fridge, use this space to wash vegetables and prepare dishes. Next to this, place your oven to make a smooth transition between preparing, chopping and cooking.

    When choosing a coloured sink in your kitchen go for a matte black or crisp white. Choose a warm worktop colour to compliment a white sink, plus combine with warm copper or chrome appliances to create an inviting atmosphere.

    If you are worried about losing worktop space, opt for the Magnet Illusion Sink; when not in use, simply push down the tap, slide over the panel and voila – an instant extra work surface that functions as well as it looks. Great for hosting parties to place canapés and drinks.

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