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  • Integra Soho Grey & Lilac Blossom

    It's Time to Brighten Up

    The winter days are coming to an end, and it's time to think Spring. Brighten up by introducing some colour to your kitchen.

    Spring, we see you. We're ready to reintroduce some colour back into the kitchen, and we think you should too.

    20 colours, created by us, and inspired by life. We know colour is way more than just a colour, and with our range, you're sure to find the perfect colour that suits your family.

    You won't find these colours in the rainbow. But you will find them in your new kitchen. Each of our colours have been expertly created and names so you can feel them when you say them. Like Green Olives or Pass the Merlot.

    Here are a few of our favourites picks for Spring.

    Colours you can feel.

    And maybe taste, or even smell some of them. So much so, you could see them with your eyes shut. Take your first step to owning your colourful dream kitchen, discover our Magnet Create range.

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  • Magnet Kitchens Gloss Cream Slab

    Game, set, mismatch

    Mismatch kitchen accessories for instant impact

    Introducing bright colours has always been encouraged in interior design and it's a kitchen trend that isn't going anywhere soon- something we're very happy about!
    The key to a beautifully bright home is finding the balance between quirky and quaint...Step in “mismatching”. Using alternating colours on the same furniture and fixtures automatically adds character and adds interest to your interiors. Why not try different colours for your kitchen and island cabinets? Or be bold and add alternating splashes of colour to each of your dining table chairs?
    Whatever you choose to make the focal point, be sure to commit to the trend and select eye catching colours that compliment each other.
    If you paint furniture in a colour that oozes the aura of an English rose then team it with a white or neutral kitchen so it has the maximum effect. Like the Gloss Cream Slab from Magnet- a simple and classic design that is the perfect backdrop for feature walls and bright furniture.

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  • Teacups

    Kitchen designs: Patterns

    Magnet sketches out how to use patterns in the kitchen

    You don’t have to be Picasso to bring an artistic flair to your kitchen. All you need is a quirky pattern and the right fixtures to give your space an alternative edge.

    The key to using patterns is clashing with confidence. Use primary colours such as red, blue and yellow that are guaranteed to make a statement especially in the form of a zigzag, geometric, spirals…Need we go on?

    Here are some top ways to incorporate patterns and magic up that wow factor:

    Patterned plates

    It might sound simple but investing in bright crockery will subtly inject personality into your kitchen. Pastels and patterns are more intriguing than plain plates, especially if they’re on display in a showcasing cabinet.

    Whimsical wallpaper

    A feature wall is a go to trend for those who want a kitchen full of character. But why not go one step further than a block colour and create a collage of your favourite patterns and shades?

    Fabulous fabrics

    Using a variety of fabrics with different patterns is a simple but effective way to introduce colour. Cover kitchen chair seats with the fabric and team with a bold colour on the chair frame for maximum effect.

    Using any of these techniques you can transform an ordinary kitchen into a masterpiece.

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  • Magnet Kitchens Hudson Cream

    Hidden depths

    How to combine materials in the kitchen

    With the rise of hacking and easy access to unusal and exotic materials we're spoilt for choice when it comes to decorating our kitchens.

    And with this array of options comes a more open mind with interiors; we no longer have to be reginmented or uniformed, we can mix and match to our heart's content and still have a super sleek kitchen.

    Using different textures, colours and shapes gives your kitchen depth and are visually appealing. It doesn't have to be a jaw dropping, state-of-the-art wall mural, it can be as simple as a wooden island paired with high gloss kitchen cabinets or a tiled floor spilling into wooden planks.

    If you're working with industrial, rustic open brick walls then a contrast of high gloss cabinets will draw out the beauty even more and create a showstopping backdrop.

    Simple blocks of white handle-free kitchen units are the perfect partner to showcase a statement decorative piece. Using striking materials such as marble or distressed wood in a block design will have maximum impact when used for a worktop, kitchen island or flooring.

    As well as materials, introduce colour to add defiinition to your space. For example a bright, bold splashback or kitchen table in a neutral coloured room will add zest to an already interesting kitchen.

    Whether you opt to mix different materials on a large scale or subtle touches throughout the space, this design technique is certain to add depth to your kitchen.

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  • Wooded spoons Emilie

    Claim to kitchen fame

    Reclaimed furniture will restore your most prized possessions

    Something old, new, borrowed or blue – reclaimed furniture in the kitchen is a match made in heaven. The opportunities are endless when it comes to transforming old furniture into something completely different.

    If you’re about to throw out an old filing cabinet or chest of drawers or even some scrap corrugated iron – think again. These items might not have a place in your home for their intended purpose but why not give some thought to how they could fit in?

    Are you about to splash out on a new coffee table or shoe rack? There’s no need when you have the materials to do it yourself; items like old drawers or wood slacks are the perfect candidates for reclaimed furniture.

    And you don’t have to restrict yourself to wood – any furniture can be transformed if you look beyond its purpose and see its potential. Take an old car seat for example, with the right treatment and creative touch it can become quirky lounge chair in your kitchen.

    So the next time you have the car boot packed ready for a trip to the skip, #lookagain and see what treasure lies before you.

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  • Display Drawers

    Futuristic Kitchens

    Step into 2025 and see how your kitchen will look

    How much can really change in your kitchen in 10 years you ask? Well, according to design firm Ideo London and students from Lund and Eindhoven Universities, quite a lot.

    The Concept Kitchen for 2025 was revealed last week in Milan, to inform us how we will behave around food, cooking and recycling.

    One of the main revelations will be the disappearance of your fridge, making way for delivery from drones or self-driving cars, within minutes of placing your weekly grocery order. Recipe for disaster or technological revolution?

    Well, coinciding with the throwing out of your trustworthy fridge, your shelves will become coolers themselves containing hidden sensors to inform us when food needs to be eaten or how many days of consumption it has left.

    According to a report in Gizmag your food will be kept at just the right temperature for optimum time, so say goodbye to limp lettuce and soggy spinach.

    Most notably this concept tells us not just about kitchen habits but explores how our culture and lifestyle will look, to find out how we will be recycling, eating, living and working in the kitchen in 2025.

    If you cant wait until then check out the futuristic products Magnet now has on offer in the form of integrated Sound Bars, illuminated Drawers and self-cleaning Kitchens – no, sorry we are just kidding about that one.

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  • Magnet smooth closing pull and swing corner unit

    How Much Storage Is Too Much Storage?

    In 2015 there is no such thing

    Bigger is better in a lot of circumstances and when it comes to kitchen space and storage this saying has never been truer.

    2015 sees the extension of kitchens in the form of walk-in pantries and wine rooms. These pantries however are not to be confused with dated, musty cupboards lined with out of date condiments.

    No, the modern pantry will not hide away, but instead sit behind glass doors showcasing what delicacies you have on offer that week.

    It will add an exciting element to your kitchen, while at the same time making it feel much bigger. Try adding steel-framed glass doors to house your pantry to make a real feature out of it.

    As for wine rooms, many of us might find it a difficult concept to buy copious amount of wine and actually have the will power not to drink it.

    But, if you can manage this, opt for wood or steel shelving to house everything from a dry Shiraz to the sweetest Chardonnay.

    Again don’t hide it away but place behind glass doors to really show off to your guests just what year that Malbec is.

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  • Top 5 Room Designs

    Interior Pinspiration

    Top five interior designs on Pinterest

    As we all know, the kitchen is the focal point in any home. The essential room that sees cooking, parties, tantrums and possibly the funniest of times – if only those walls could talk.

    But here at Magnet this week we are celebrating the ‘other’ spaces in your home, and have compiled a list of some innovative interior designs courtesy of Pinterest.

    The bathroom is a place of pure relaxation and tranquillity, a place to unwind and bubble your troubles away. This huge slate bathtub placed in the middle of your bathroom, overlooking a stunning view, would be perfect for times of relaxation.

    There’s more than a touch of interiors envy with this chic open plan living area. It provides a brilliant example of how to achieve a beautiful open plan home that oozes class. This minimalist design is certainly one to look out for this year.

    In the UK we might not be blessed with the weather to support an outdoor pool, with swim up bar and large dining BBQ area, but we couldn’t let you miss this design. Al fresco dining at it’s finest; maybe one day?

    The beautiful mellow yellow colours of this lounge are the perfect setting for a Sunday afternoon read of your favourite book. Take time out and relax on the chaise longue under the statement art deco light.

    The bedroom is a personal space to relax and unwind. And how could you not get your eight hours sleep a night resting your head in this heavenly space? The dove grey and white colour scheme is simply perfection, especially when combined with the large statement furniture.

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  • Accessories

    How To Add Colour To Your Kitchen

    Without a total kitchen revamp

    We always look for change in the summer months, women want to lighten their hair colour, men’s wardrobe choices change (maybe not for the better) and all of us want a fresh look throughout our homes.

    Your kitchen is no different and with the longer nights and brighter mornings comes the want for a colour revamp. Without stripping out all of your existing cabinets and knocking through walls try your hand at these simple but effective tips.


    How obvious, you might think? But avoid painting every wall in your kitchen which could create an overcrowded atmosphere, and instead pick one feature wall and opt for a vibrant colour that coordinates with your cabinets.


    Switch up your kitchen colour scheme with the purchase of new canisters, utensils, cushions, light shades and ornaments. Make a feature of your colourful crockery by placing them in open cabinets.


    A huge trend at the moment is placing colourful fruit, chocolate, sweets, pasta and just about any food in large glass jars. Not only is the look really effective but makes the treats easily accessible in your kitchen – we will let you decide if that is a good thing or not.

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  • Planar Grey

    Splashback Tile Trends 2015

    The splashback shouldn’t just be a practical element

    Often underrated, splashbacks have always been a prominent feature in the kitchen. But now, we’re going to quash the idea that they are resigned just for practical purposes and show you how to get creative with your splashback.


    The sleekest of the options today - a perfectly fitted sheet of deco glaze running the length of your worktop provides a chic finish. This option is also available in metallic colours. When fitted against a hard material this should prevent any dents, and it is extremely easy to clean.


    Make a statement feature out of your splashback with a stunning pebble tile effect. Possibly a difficult one to install, but let’s leave that to the experts and sit back and enjoy a uniquely attractive splashback. This will however take a lot of cleaning to avoid the grout rotting – something nobody wants.


    The original solid surface material for kitchens, Corian can be cut to fit almost any shape, providing a seamless finish and endless design possibilities, available in 70 colours. Create a seamless look running from your worktop straight into your splashback.

    Finally a top tip from us today - avoid the cliché ugly plug sockets in your splashback and place them under cabinets or inside drawers to complete the slick, modern look every kitchen deserves in 2015.

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