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  • Planning a new kitchen: Top planning tips

    Spring is the season of new life, so what better time to update your home with a brand new kitchen from Magnet. Here are some top tips from Hayley Shaw, Head of Merchandising at Magnet, for buying a new kitchen

    1. The key consideration when planning a new kitchen is, of course, the budget. Always have a realistic idea of how much you’re willing and able to spend so that your designer can create a kitchen that is right for you.

    2. Make sure you have an idea of the kitchen you’re looking for – do you prefer a clean, modern look or a traditional, cosy feel? Once you know this, you can eliminate any kitchens that don’t fit your chosen look.

    3. When preparing to meet a kitchen designer, gather inspiration from magazines and websites. This helps to build a picture of your preferred kitchen colour scheme, style and fit.

    4. Photos of your current kitchen make planning a new one much easier so try to take as many as possible to build up a clear image of the space you’re working with, for example any tricky corners or angled walls. Combined with accurate room measurements, this will make the planning of your kitchen much simpler.

    5. Make a note of any questions and preferences so you can be honest and realistic with the designer from the start, ensuring all your needs are addressed.

    6. Understand what your budget will have to include – do you need to pay for building work, plastering and flooring? Unexpected issues can appear when building work is involved so make sure you factor this into your budget.

    7. Know where to splash out, for example a well-fitted kitchen can make a huge difference to the look and feel of the home so installation isn’t an area to scrimp on. Opt for quality worktops as they’re a dominant feature in the kitchen.

    8. Equally, know where you can save money. Appliances can be expensive so look for something high quality but simple. Only pay extra for something high-tech if you’re likely to get the use out of it.

    9. Make the most out of free extras, for example Magnet offer Full Circle Service as standard which includes a home survey, smart design, personalisation, installation, home check and smart care.

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  • Kitchen pantry

    Why your kitchen is a living breathing diary

    Remember how, back in the day, everything in the kitchen was hidden away behind solid doors, destined for a life in darkened cupboards.

    Well the kitchen Dark Ages are well and truly over.

    Today, the modern kitchen in the modern home is like a living, breathing diary of the owner.

    More than half of home-owners now want their kitchen to reflect their very personal, unique style. And to do that they are displaying more of ‘themselves’ on their kitchen shelves.

    The Kitchen, as we all know well, is rapidly replacing the lounge as the main social room in the modern house – the place where we listen to music, sort out family issues, do homework and just relax.

    And as such, it is also the place many of us are now choosing to embody and reveal our personalities.

    We use it to display objects from the entire home and pieces of the lives that make us ‘us’. So, you’re as likely to see collectible guitars on kitchen walls as you are pots and pans these days.

    And those antique pots and pans – once hidden in the dark recesses of our cupboards – are now displayed on open shelves or kitchen-based display cabinets. The modern kitchen has also become a music room and you’re as likely to see CDs or collectible vinyl albums displayed there as you are jam jars and utensils.

    This movement towards becoming curators of our own personal ‘museum’ has been spurred by the trend towards sharing our lives through social networks.

    Clearly, everything can’t be on show – there are practical issues to consider in the functional kitchen and space isn’t unlimited. So tailor-made storage systems, that make everything you would like to hide away easy to access for those occasions when they are needed, are fast gaining a foothold.

    That balance between Hide & Show is the end goal. And, fortunately for you kitchen curator-types, at Magnet we have a myriad of kitchen storage solutions however you wish to weigh that equation.

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  • Window herbs

    Find space for nature

    These days, we're finding ingenious ways of bringing some natural touches into our metropolitan lives, and the kitchen is a great place to start

    You see, nature makes us feel good.

    It may come as surprise to know that plants and greenery do more for our wellbeing than earning money does, but nature helps ease stress and relax. It is a great antidote to our hectic existences.

    So how can we incorporate nature into our kitchens?

    To get a gentle, harmonious feel, science (Biomimetics to be precise!) tells us that it’s all about having smooth shapes and curves, which are inherently pleasing on the eye. Wooden details can do wonders in creating an organic feel, while adding images or colours with a natural feeling work as well.

    Of course, there’s more to our kitchens than just looks - how we use our kitchens and the food we cook in them is just as important in creating a natural feeling.

    Cultivating vegetables and herbs is a fantastic way of bringing nature into our homes and all you need is a simple window box. Not only to these additions lift our kitchens, but they make us healthy too, which is ideal.

    So let’s bring nature back. With just a few simple changes we can have greener, more relaxing kitchens and healthier, happier lives.

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  • Magnet Kitchens Astral Grey

    Put your kitchen in the pink

    If you think that using pinks in your kitchen is too much of a risk, then we may have the solution for you.

    We’ve teamed up with the acclaimed interior designer and blogger Zoe Brewer to prove that going pink means you can blend feminine style with cutting edge design.

    Zoe worked with our beautifully neutral Astral Grey kitchen and used pinks, brasses and rose golds to spruce up the room with a really on-trend look.

    We know what you’re thinking but, trust us, it looks fantastic.

    You see, we’re not afraid of taking risks when it comes to our designs. Most people wouldn’t dream of using pinks in a kitchen but we when we put our heads together with Zoe we knew the end product would look great.

    Zoe added a few pink pieces – antique kitchen scales, themed cups and flowers, for instance, and twinned them with a few objet d’arts that used brass and rose gold at their core.

    The results were spectacular and prove that even if you have a neutral base a little subtle colour here and there can make a world of difference to the way your kitchen looks.

    The pinks and brass soften some of the harder edges in the room and really bring it into the house as a warm, cosy and comfortable social area for entertaining.

    But don’t just take our word for it - see the transformation for yourself with this ace video of Zoe in action and the results of her makeover.

    Here’s the video

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  • Magnet Kitchens Integra Fantasy Oak

    Integra Fantasy Oak - make it a reality

    If you love the colours and textures of wood in the kitchen, but still want to achieve a contemporary look, Magnet’s Integra Fantasy Oak is the kitchen range for you.

    We’ve taken the streamlined look of Integra and combined it with the Fantasy Oak to create a stunning kitchen, with oozing natural elegance.

    The crisp, clean lines of the Integra Fantasy Oak create a distinctive streamline look that lends itself to the modern home.

    The handle free unit fronts accentuate the kitchen’s sleek design and is a key trend for 2014.

    The light grain and natural beauty of Integra Fantasy Oak adds an extra dimension and the stunning textures add a contemporary look to the kitchen.

    Paired perfectly with either neutral colours or bold shades, the Ingetra Fantasy Oak kitchen offers a highly versatile look, and would look perfect in any home.

    For more information click here

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  • Designs that make us go wow

    Sometimes, despite being renowned for our innovative design, something comes along that makes us want to stand back and applaud its design brilliance.

    We’ve all done it, no matter how fantastic we are at designing our own schemes – walked into somewhere, past somewhere or just seen somewhere in a magazine that has taken our breath away and made us go ‘Wow!’.

    In Paris they’ve turned abandoned Metro stations (their version of London’s Tube) into some of the most jaw dropping new uses we’ve seen.

    Look at this swimming pool formed out of an abandoned metro station neglected for 75 years – it is gorgeous.

    It is the inspiration of Paris mayoral candidate, Nathalie Koziuscot-Morizet, who would become the first female to ever hold the post in the capital if she wins. Nathalie has released the first sketches of her plans to reclaim the city of light’s abandoned stations.

    And we wholeheartedly approve.

    Nathalie has plans to transform the stations into a swimming pool, a theatre, a restaurant, an art gallery and a nightclub. Participating architects Manal Rachdi and Nicolas Laisné are only getting started however, and these are just a few examples from their vault of ideas should Nathalie win the elections in March.

    We don’t know about you, but Nathalie would certainly win our vote for her gorgeous ideas to breathe new life into the sub-terranean city of light.

    Simply stunning.

    Read more about the plan here:

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  • Magnet Coffee Unit

    Magnet provides for the new coffee nation

    The whole of the UK has fallen in love with coffee again, hasn't it?

    So we’ve done something about it here at Magnet.

    You can’t walk down a single street in Britain without that gorgeous chocolatey tinge of freshly brewed Americano permeating your mood.

    But it is simply not good enough to be able pop out to your local coffee shop and grab a skinny latte – now Brits want to have the best coffee available in their own homes.

    Makes sense to us. We love nothing more than the taste of that just made fresh coffee from our own espresso machine.

    In the past coffee machines may have been stuffed in a cupboard, out of sight, and pulled out only when guests came round. And we don’t think that’s the way these glorious and, frankly, beautiful machines should be treated.

    So we’ve done something about it here at Magnet.

    We’ve designed a unique space in our range of kitchens dedicated solely to those who simply can’t get through the day without a taste of their favourite fresh coffee and the smell of freshly ground Arabica beans filling their kitchen

    Magnet’s new coffee unit boasts an elegant backlight to make your pride-and-joy espresso machine look its glorious best and we’ve even given you gorgeous glass shelves for your espresso cups and a handy drawer to store all your other coffee accessories.

    It means your lovely chrome coffee machine can take centre stage, where it rightly deserves to be. It also means you’ll be far more likely to enjoy fresh coffee more often.

    Check out this fantastic video, with Girl About Tech’s Amy Cutmore, to see the Coffee Unit in action - see more here

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  • Magnet Kitchens Leighton Grey

    Welcome to the Leighton Grey

    New to our 2014 collection is one of these classics, a kitchen more than deserving of its place in the archives of timeless beauties.

    While our heads may be whirring from the mind-blowing number of choices available in the modern kitchen, it is refreshing to know that some things never go out of style.

    The Leighton Grey is a traditional Shaker style kitchen with an unabashedly modern and contemporary twist.

    The Leighton Grey’s sophisticated matt grey gives the traditional style a brand new look. Something cool and understated in an era where brash and overly bold is used in lieu of class far too often.

    This Leighton Grey embraces its timeless classic Shaker heritage but steps out of the obvious comfort zone of its white and cream safety net to embrace a whole new colour palette.

    The solid wood worktop is the perfect way to keep this kitchen looking traditional, yet the island breakfast bar with intelligent storage solutions keeps the kitchen modern and functional.

    It’s the perfect blend of tradition and modern functionality. And it’s beautiful.

    For more information visit

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  • Kitchen soul

    Has your kitchen got soul

    To function as the social hub it has fast become, a kitchen must possess that unseen but inspirational quality we look for subconsciously in every aspect of our life – soul.

    Your kitchen is far more than a simple food factory, isn’t it?

    It has become the heart of the home in the 21st Century – the place where family business of any order is sorted out, where broken hearts are mended, where important life decisions are made and where we are most honest about our deepest held feelings.

    So we’re posing you a simple question today. Does your kitchen have soul?

    Kitchen soul underpins everything we are doing this year – all designed to give you the best chance of enjoying your kitchen ambience to the max.

    Kitchen soul is a simple enough concept too. You know when you’re in a restaurant, how you feel and ‘taste’ – the whole experience - is hugely affected by the décor, the ambient music and the lighting? Well it’s exactly the same in your kitchen.

    Consider the overall experience you get from your kitchen – what you hear, the scent, what its ‘touch’ feels like. And, it’s much easier and cheaper to change the atmosphere - smell, sounds and lighting - of a kitchen than it is to totally renovate the space.

    Research shows that all sensory impressions register large with us. So a meal enjoyed to the full won’t just be about the food, it’ll be a result of all the factors surrounding the meal like the taste, the lighting in the room, the sounds and so forth.

    That’s why Magnet has just introduced its own integrated Sound Bar – built into the kitchen units so you can’t see ugly wires trailing across your kitchen surfaces – for its new range of kitchens.

    It not only sounds great and means you can change the ambience of the room with just your choice of music – beamed via Bluetooth from your smartphone – but it looks cool and discreet too.

    There’s so much more to the sensory Kitchen Soul but the beauty of it is you can do as little or as much as you want and make it totally you.

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  • Magnet sound bar

    The future of music hidden in your kitchen

    Music whilst you cook is definitely a trend of the future.

    MUSIC whilst you cook is definitely a trend of the future.

    You used to be lucky to have anything beyond a small FM radio, and Vinyl discs and kitchens just didn’t get along. Then someone invented the CD player and that all changed and social kitchens are now all the rage.

    But we soon became sick of piles of compact discs stacked in cluttered kitchen corners and wires from our CD players trailing across kitchen counter tops. Even when sound-docks meant we could play music from our smartphones by simply plugging them into the unit, it wasn’t ideal. You’d have to stop the music to take a call or read a text or email.

    But that’s no longer an issue thanks to Bluetooth and the rise of the Sound Bar.

    Magnet have taken the popular Bluetooth Sound Bar, a must-have for any music fan in 2014, a step further and have integrated it into the kitchen so it doesn’t even take up any additional space, even in the smallest of culinary palaces.

    It’s one of the big kitchen trends of the year – and Magnet is already way ahead of the curve with its integrated Sound Bar.

    The kitchen, according to all the experts, is no longer just the place where culinary masterpieces are created. It’s the new social hub of the home, the place where family social lives are planned, where homework is completed and where the 21st Century prefers to do its domestic socialising.

    So music is a must. The fact it is out of sight (built directly in to wall-hanging kitchen units so well you could easily miss it if you didn’t know it was there) is a major bonus too.

    Check out this fantastic video, with Girl About Tech’s Amy Cutmore, to see the Sound Bar in operation and witness just how integrated into modern family life, and kitchen units, it can be.

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