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  • Magnet Kitchens Astral Grey

    Put your kitchen in the pink

    If you think that using pinks in your kitchen is too much of a risk, then we may have the solution for you.

    We’ve teamed up with the acclaimed interior designer and blogger Zoe Brewer to prove that going pink means you can blend feminine style with cutting edge design.

    Zoe worked with our beautifully neutral Astral Grey kitchen and used pinks, brasses and rose golds to spruce up the room with a really on-trend look.

    We know what you’re thinking but, trust us, it looks fantastic.

    You see, we’re not afraid of taking risks when it comes to our designs. Most people wouldn’t dream of using pinks in a kitchen but we when we put our heads together with Zoe we knew the end product would look great.

    Zoe added a few pink pieces – antique kitchen scales, themed cups and flowers, for instance, and twinned them with a few objet d’arts that used brass and rose gold at their core.

    The results were spectacular and prove that even if you have a neutral base a little subtle colour here and there can make a world of difference to the way your kitchen looks.

    The pinks and brass soften some of the harder edges in the room and really bring it into the house as a warm, cosy and comfortable social area for entertaining.

    But don’t just take our word for it - see the transformation for yourself with this ace video of Zoe in action and the results of her makeover.

    Here’s the video

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  • Magnet sound bar

    The future of music hidden in your kitchen

    Music whilst you cook is definitely a trend of the future.

    MUSIC whilst you cook is definitely a trend of the future.

    You used to be lucky to have anything beyond a small FM radio, and Vinyl discs and kitchens just didn’t get along. Then someone invented the CD player and that all changed and social kitchens are now all the rage.

    But we soon became sick of piles of compact discs stacked in cluttered kitchen corners and wires from our CD players trailing across kitchen counter tops. Even when sound-docks meant we could play music from our smartphones by simply plugging them into the unit, it wasn’t ideal. You’d have to stop the music to take a call or read a text or email.

    But that’s no longer an issue thanks to Bluetooth and the rise of the Sound Bar.

    Magnet have taken the popular Bluetooth Sound Bar, a must-have for any music fan in 2014, a step further and have integrated it into the kitchen so it doesn’t even take up any additional space, even in the smallest of culinary palaces.

    It’s one of the big kitchen trends of the year – and Magnet is already way ahead of the curve with its integrated Sound Bar.

    The kitchen, according to all the experts, is no longer just the place where culinary masterpieces are created. It’s the new social hub of the home, the place where family social lives are planned, where homework is completed and where the 21st Century prefers to do its domestic socialising.

    So music is a must. The fact it is out of sight (built directly in to wall-hanging kitchen units so well you could easily miss it if you didn’t know it was there) is a major bonus too.

    Check out this fantastic video, with Girl About Tech’s Amy Cutmore, to see the Sound Bar in operation and witness just how integrated into modern family life, and kitchen units, it can be.

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  • Rococo chocolates store

    Think you know about chocolate? Think again

    Magnet & Rococo team up to bust the chocolate myths

    We all love a bit of chocolate, don’t we?

    But how much do we actually know about the sweet brown treat that rules our world?

    Did you know, for example, that chocolate is actually a fruit? That’s one in the eye for those who demand we stick rigidly to our five-a-day, isn’t it?

    In pursuit of Choccy-Nirvana Magnet has teamed up with Rococo Chocolates, an award-winning chocolatiers famous for pushing the limits of what’s possible in chocolate production.

    And we’ve produced a video to shed some light on the deliciously dark stuff.

    In the video below, Principal Chocolatier Barry Johnson talks us through Rococo’s chocolate philosophy and shows us that we’ve still a lot to learn about the humble chocolate bar.

    Rococo has won awards at the Academy of Chocolate Awards and the International Chocolate Awards for its pursuit of chocolate excellence. And we’ve harnessed that wealth of knowledge to bring you some surprising detail about which chocolate is best for your purposes – whether its just an evening treat for yourself or the main ingredient in a wickedly delicious chocolate pudding at a dinner party - and added insight into how your average chocolate bar is produced.

    Rococo’s acclaimed Couture chocolates, made in small batches fresh every week, might be very different from the bar in your corner shop but they start out exactly the same way.

    From humble beginnings as a plain, simple cocoa bean, your luxury chocolate is transformed via celebrated age-old methods into one of the culinary wonders of the modern kitchen.

    Check out the video – you’ll learn something new about your favourite treat. We guarantee it.

    See for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

    If the kitchen caught your eye, it was filmed in the Astral Grey in the Magnet Kensington showroom

    Watch the video here!

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  • Magnet Kitchens Leighton Grey

    Welcome to the Leighton Grey

    New to our 2014 collection is one of these classics, a kitchen more than deserving of its place in the archives of timeless beauties.

    While our heads may be whirring from the mind-blowing number of choices available in the modern kitchen, it is refreshing to know that some things never go out of style.

    The Leighton Grey is a traditional Shaker style kitchen with an unabashedly modern and contemporary twist.

    The Leighton Grey’s sophisticated matt grey gives the traditional style a brand new look. Something cool and understated in an era where brash and overly bold is used in lieu of class far too often.

    This Leighton Grey embraces its timeless classic Shaker heritage but steps out of the obvious comfort zone of its white and cream safety net to embrace a whole new colour palette.

    The solid wood worktop is the perfect way to keep this kitchen looking traditional, yet the island breakfast bar with intelligent storage solutions keeps the kitchen modern and functional.

    It’s the perfect blend of tradition and modern functionality. And it’s beautiful.

    For more information visit

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  • Kitchen pantry

    Why your kitchen is a living breathing diary

    Remember how, back in the day, everything in the kitchen was hidden away behind solid doors, destined for a life in darkened cupboards.

    Well the kitchen Dark Ages are well and truly over.

    Today, the modern kitchen in the modern home is like a living, breathing diary of the owner.

    More than half of home-owners now want their kitchen to reflect their very personal, unique style. And to do that they are displaying more of ‘themselves’ on their kitchen shelves.

    The Kitchen, as we all know well, is rapidly replacing the lounge as the main social room in the modern house – the place where we listen to music, sort out family issues, do homework and just relax.

    And as such, it is also the place many of us are now choosing to embody and reveal our personalities.

    We use it to display objects from the entire home and pieces of the lives that make us ‘us’. So, you’re as likely to see collectible guitars on kitchen walls as you are pots and pans these days.

    And those antique pots and pans – once hidden in the dark recesses of our cupboards – are now displayed on open shelves or kitchen-based display cabinets. The modern kitchen has also become a music room and you’re as likely to see CDs or collectible vinyl albums displayed there as you are jam jars and utensils.

    This movement towards becoming curators of our own personal ‘museum’ has been spurred by the trend towards sharing our lives through social networks.

    Clearly, everything can’t be on show – there are practical issues to consider in the functional kitchen and space isn’t unlimited. So tailor-made storage systems, that make everything you would like to hide away easy to access for those occasions when they are needed, are fast gaining a foothold.

    That balance between Hide & Show is the end goal. And, fortunately for you kitchen curator-types, at Magnet we have a myriad of kitchen storage solutions however you wish to weigh that equation.

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  • Magnet Illusion Sink

    Forget hide and seek, it's all about hide and show in the kitchen

    Hide and show is not only the epitome of style, it captures the essence of clever space solutions.

    Find the perfect balance of personal and minimal in your kitchen by choosing the right items to display. Whether it’s precious pictures or quirky crockery, showing off your favourite pieces will put your stamp on any room for all of your visitors to see.

    A home is the platform for personality, so be confident in how you present it. Exposing snippets of character in communal rooms will spark interest and add other dimensions to your home. Exploit utilitarian functions such as spotlights to draw attention to these objects and emphasise their importance.

    Be careful not to expose too much- no one likes to see clutter. Choose exclusive items that you’re most proud of and showcase their beauty in dedicated zones.

    Hide and show is not only the epitome of style, it captures the essence of clever space solutions. Intelligent drawers and storage mean that bits and bobs can be stored away to keep your kitchen looking sleek and minimalist.

    Magnet’s Illusion Sink adds another dimension to Hide and Show; the innovative design means you can quickly flip between a sink and a worktop helping to maximise your work surface space. It features a unique telescopic tap and solid Corian ‘lid’ that’s smooth on one side with draining grooves on the reverse. Now all you have to do is decide whether to Hide or Show…?

    The Illusion Sink is also available with glass covers that achieve the same, streamlined effect and can be installed onto any Magnet kitchen.

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  • Meteor Cashmere

    4 kitchen trends to watch in 2018

    The kitchen trends set to take design blogs by storm in 2018

    With the busy festive period behind you, January is the perfect time to turn the home renovation ideas you’ve been considering for months into a reality.

    So if you’re dreaming of a new kitchen in 2018, here are the four trends set to take interior design blogs by storm this year.

    A touch of texture

    This year’s home trends are all about taking elements of both modern and traditional looks to create a whole new style that’s bursting with personality. Textured worktops are a subtle yet effective way to bring a hint of uniqueness to a neutral kitchen, whether you choose the subtle flecked texture of quartz and corian, the speckled style of trendsetting grey terrazzo, or a chic marbled effect.

    Perfect pairings

    Pinterest’s trend forecast predicts we’re all going to be swapping doors in neutral hues for a bright pop of colour this year, and there’s no reason you can’t include the colourful doors trend in the kitchen too. If you want to avoid overwhelming a small kitchen, accent cabinets are a brilliant way to take a subtler approach to this trend. Pair one soothing neutral tone with kitchen cabinets in a brighter or darker accent hue to create a balanced yet bold look.

    Stay golden

    While copper kitchen accessories have long been in the spotlight, this year golden, brassy tones are set to become the most coveted metal finish for kitchens across the country. Update an existing kitchen with brassy gold cabinet handles to give it a fresh new feel, then add matching golden accessories like mixing bowls, tea canisters and fruit bowls to complete the look.

    Ultra violet

    Pantone have announced Ultra Violet as their colour of the year for 2018 – a vibrant shade of purple described by the colour experts as ‘thoughtfully provocative’. Go all-out on the purple trend by opting for a Decoglaze splashback in this daring ‘Velvet’ shade, or take a muted approach by accessorising with purple photo frames, seat cushions and decorative vases.

    Can’t wait to try one of these trends in your kitchen? Book a design appointment to talk to one of our expert kitchen designers about creating your ideal kitchen.

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  • Alpine Graphite

    Mixed Metallics

    Take inspiration from one of this year’s biggest trends; mixed metallics

    It’s no longer against the rules to use contrasting shades and textures in your kitchen. The emerging trend of mixing metals helps to bring vibrancy and a visually interesting look to your space.

    Mixing metallics is all about layering textures, features and appliances in your kitchen to create a one-of-a-kind finish.

    The key to achieving the mixed metallic look is all about balance; you don’t want one shade to be more visually striking than another. Create an attractive flow by blending both warm and cool metallic tones throughout the room.

    So, if you want to give your kitchen an on-trend update, see our guide to mixing metallics and achieving this trend in your home.

    Bold as Brass

    Make a statement in a White Kitchen with stylish brass. Simple finishing touches like chairs, lighting and even smaller appliances will help to add a classic vibe and showcase your personal taste. Pair brass with silver undertones, including taps and fixtures, for a captivating juxtaposition.

    A Silver Lining

    A metallic shade we can never fall out of love with is silver. From ovens to cooker hoods, and door handles, sliver toned metals have always been a perennial kitchen favourite. Try silver cabinet handles in a blue kitchen and mix-and-match with different copper or gold accessories for a quirky and eclectic look.

    The Midas Touch

    Gold offers the most powerful impact of all the metals. Allow gold to take pride within a grey kitchen, whilst combining textures such as matte lampshades and a shimmery hammered splashback to create a luxurious atmosphere. Complete the look by layering with silver and rose gold accessories to guide the eye throughout the space.

    As Good as Rose Gold

    Rose gold has continued to soar in popularity this year as we’re still in love with this soft metallic shade. The Newbury Grey Kitchen is the ideal palette to create an elegant contrast with simple finishes such as cabinet handles and taps. Team rose gold with gold lighting and small appliances for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

    Do you want to try the mixed metallic look in your kitchen? Book a design appointment to talk to one of our expert kitchen designers about creating your ideal kitchen.

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  • Winchester midnight

    Patterns in the kitchen

    Make a kitchen style statement with patterns & prints

    It’s time your kitchen reflected the real you.

    Functionality is key when it comes to designing one of the most practical rooms in the house, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego incorporating your own personal style into your new kitchen.

    Interior design pioneers are rejecting the long-held tradition of neutral colour schemes and embracing the use of pattern to lend a sense of personality to the kitchen. So if you’re tempted to join them, here are four different ways to incorporate prints and patterns into your kitchen.

    Cabinets with charisma

    If you want your kitchen to feel truly unique, then accent cabinets like the chevron grey are the perfect choice. These stand-out styles work best when applied to a smaller section of the kitchen, to complement a more muted backing shade. For example a chevron grey kitchen island would create a stunning focal point against a backdrop of fresh white, cool blue or pale grey kitchen cabinets.

    Treading the tiles

    Flooring is an easy way to introduce a hint of pattern into the kitchen without making a smaller room feel too busy and cluttered. Tiling allows you the freedom to experiment with different combinations of colour tones and tile sizes to create a one-of-a-kind print, while laminate is a cost-effective and practical alternative to achieving a patterned tile effect.

    Textiles and texture

    Take the subtle approach to include prints within your new kitchen by selecting a single motif for several different textiles or soft furnishings within the room. By matching floral cushion covers and curtains or pairing a geometric rug with a statement lampshade in the same graphic print, you’ll create a cohesive look that’s full of character.

    All in the detail

    Not ready to replace your current kitchen just yet? That doesn’t mean you can’t still embrace the patterned kitchens trend. From framing quirky geometric prints on the kitchen wall to displaying patterned crockery on open shelving, there are a whole host of ways to introduce individuality into the room through smaller decorative details.

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  • Soho Seagrass

    Totally terrazzo

    Four ways to embrace the timeless coveted kitchen texture trend: Terrazzo.

    There’s a new texture trend that kitchen designers and homeware bloggers still can't get enough of; terrazzo.

    Terrazzo is the name for a technique where fragments of precious natural minerals like granite, quartz or marble are fused together in base material to create a one-of-a-kind speckled mosaic effect.

    This process means there is an almost limitless number of materials in different shades or fragment sizes that can be combined to create a diverse array of terrazzo looks. This not only allows versatility to match different kitchen styles and colour palettes, it also means no two pieces are ever quite the same, so it’s no surprise that designers have fallen in love with terrazzo’s one of a kind look.

    If that wasn’t enough, the composite nature of terrazzo materials means they are hard wearing and highly durable, making them the perfect kitchen worktop choice for the pressures of family life. Likewise, since the base material for terrazzo is poured, this creates a sleek, smooth sealed finish that’s easy to clean and resists staining.

    So since terrazzo offers such a brilliant blend of practical benefits and stylish appeal, we’ve highlighted four ways to embrace 2018’s most-coveted texture trend.

    Fresh feel

    Keep your kitchen feeling airy and open by matching fresh white kitchen cabinets with a terrazzo worktop in a lighter hue, like the sparkling white Antarctica Corian worktop. This look is ideal for smaller kitchens, as the pale shades will help to make the room feel more spacious.

    Soothing hues

    Combine terrazzo worktops with another of 2018’s biggest kitchen trends; blue kitchen cabinets. Opt for cabinets in a pale blue shade like the subtle Dunham Sky or vibrant Somerton Duck Egg, and match with a worktop in soothing Grey Terrazzo to create a unique yet timeless look.

    A hint of glamour

    Put a glamorous twist on classic wooden kitchen cabinets by combining with the glittering Copper Fleck worktop to achieve the terrazzo style. This luxurious style features flecks of shimmering copper and pale grey contrasted against a cool white backdrop, creating a sense of contemporary chic.

    Make a statement

    Dare to be bold by pairing a stand-out terrazzo worktop with an equally bold choice of kitchen cabinets, like the deep dark blue hues of the stunning Newbury Midnight. Finish the look with statement lighting features to bring an extra element of drama that won’t fail to make an impact.

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