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    How to Maximise on Your Kitchen Island Functionality

    Ways to make the most of your kitchen island

    Besides being a stylish addition to your kitchen, an island is also a great functional asset.

    Firstly, an island provides the potential for additional storage space in kitchens that might be lacking in units.

    The obvious option is to install cabinets inside the island, however consider taking advantage of each side of the island. An integrated spice rack can provide a neat and handy storage area for essential ingredients.

    Aside from storage, an island can act as a functional dining area, with a relaxed, informal feel. The option to add some sophisticated bar stools is a chance to bring even more personality to your kitchen.

    Similarly, for a little extra casual dining and drinking space, and create a relaxed cocktail bar feel. The perfect combination of functionality and showcasing is found with an island. However, if your space doesn't allow for an island. You can use our Smart Space Storage Solutions to make the most of the space you do have. Get some inspo here.

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    How To Design A U Shaped Kitchen

    This popular layout can work for all kitchen sizes

    The U shaped kitchen layout is an efficient design, popular for large kitchens. Whilst the design maximises available kitchen space for worktop surfaces and storage, design requires care and attention to detail in the positioning of corner cabinets and ovens.

    Popular with keen chefs, the U shaped kitchen allows for maximum efficiency whilst moving about the space to cook, usually with key appliances located on each of the three walls to allow a fluid triangle of movement within the work space.

    Smaller U shaped kitchens may not always allow for a table, however consider transforming one leg of the U, into a chic breakfast bar by eliminating any bottom cabinets to allow for a sophisticated, comfortable dining area.

    A central island is a perfect addition to a larger U shaped kitchen, adding valuable worktops and storage space. A granite surface adds value and style to an island as well being incredibly durable, resistant and practical.

    Illuminate your beautiful kitchen with some well-placed lighting. Traditionally there may not be enough wall space to accommodate wall lighting so opt for a central hanging light, accompanied by neat under cabinet spotlights to highlight your favourite areas.

    The U shape can provide two valuable corner cabinet storage spaces, make the most of these with Magnet’s latest innovation in corner storage, the Smart Space twin corner cabinet. The cabinet opens with a sleek mechanism to reveal double layered racks within the cabinet, to maximise cabinet space and allow effortless access to the hard to reach corners.

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    Exactly How Do You Stack Your Dishwasher?

    You may have been doing it wrong all this time

    At last we have a guide to end family arguments about loading the dishwasher. Those Sunday lunch tantrums when Dad thinks he knows best about filling the dishwasher with the colossal amount of plates, side plates, bowls and pans when realistically it’s never all going to go in.

    What category do you fall into when it comes to stacking the dishwasher? Are you a meticulous packer, practicing like you are piecing together a nuclear bomb? Or maybe a jumbled mess, in a ‘throw it in and hope for the best’ kind of way?

    Whichever way, thanks to a survey by a leading dishwasher brand we now know what exactly is right and just what we have been doing wrong all these years.

    DO stack plates by size, facing the same way

    DO prevent drips by emptying the bottom rack first

    DO position knives point down for safety. Forks and spoons can go either way

    DO place cups at an angle so water can run off

    DO make sure glasses are not touching so they don’t chip or break

    DO wait until you have a full load to save water and electricity


    DON’T rinse before loading – just scrape off excess food

    DON’T dump everything in at random

    DON’T stack pans on top of each other

    DON’T put crystal in the dishwasher

    DON’T leave dishwasher tablets lying around as they can harm children

    Whether stubborn partners or awkward flatmates choose to listen to this, or stick to their own firmly held dishwasher stacking views, remains to be seen.

    For now check out the range of dishwashers available for your new Magnet kitchen -

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    Garden Party Guide

    Ultimate tips for throwing the perfect party

    If there is one thing us Brits are good at it’s throwing a garden party. We run with the stereotypes, drown ourselves in bunting and cucumber sandwiches and fill our gardens with enough fairy lights to illuminate a small country.

    But how can we avoid a dull atmosphere, luke-warm drinks and a soggy soiree? Well, we can’t help with the weather, but follow this handy guide to be the host with the most this summer season.

    SET THE SCENE – Fill your garden with as much greenery as possible. Plant flowers, hanging baskets and place additional flowers in vases dotted across your tables. Opt for mellow, soft colours to create a chilled ambience and embellish with bunting in similar colours.

    FILL UP YOUR GUESTS – Be unconventional and don’t feel tied to the usual barbeque food. Instead devise a menu of deli sandwiches, charcuterie boards, fresh cheese and bread plus a varied range of fruit and sweet treats. Equally as important as the food is of course the cocktails, don’t forget to serve the guaranteed summer hit – Pimms.

    ENTERTAIN – Whether it’s a family or adults only party, there always has to be an element of fun. Bring back some classic lawn games such as boules, croquet or charades. If you have music in your kitchen, such as the Magnet integrated Sound Bar, open wide your doors and windows and enjoy a chilled out playlist in your garden.

    Whatever garden parties you attend this summer make sure you enjoy them, it will be winter before we know it!

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    The Coolest Appliance Of 2015

    The Third Tap You Need In Your Kitchen

    As a nation we are renowned for loving a hot beverage. Whether you take your coffee black, enjoy a builder’s brew or prefer peppermint infused tea, we just can’t get enough of them.

    What do you do while waiting for the kettle to boil? Think of the errands you have to run that day, check your post or put some washing away? Well what if we were to tell you those three minutes of wasted boiling time could be gone forever with the introduction of a boiling water tap.

    2015 has seen a surge in sales of the ‘coolest’ kitchen appliance on the market, in the form of instant boiling water taps running directly from your water supply.

    At Magnet we have a range of taps in differing finishes all with the sole purpose of making brew time easier. Who knows what you could do with those three minutes now?

    The taps are proven to be economically friendly, plus it is important to note for any conscious parents out there that the taps have safety locks on them.

    As if we needed another reason to enjoy brew time, the Insinkerator 3N1 Steaming Hot and Cold Water Tap also filters the water. Providing you with perfectly filtered and instant hot boiling water.

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  • The smart kitchen - when your dinner makes itself

    Imagine receiving a text message or email on your smartphone while you’re on the commute home, telling you dinner will be ready in 15 minutes.

    Nothing unusual about that.

    Except this text message has not been sent by your significant other half, it’s been dispatched wirelessly by your cooker.

    Your cooker knows what time you should get home and what is the premium time to have dinner ready so the family can sit down together for their regular evening meal.

    Except, your train is delayed and you’re going to be late. So you send a reply text back and the cooker adjusts the cooking time accordingly. Nothing will be spoiled, no burned pastry or overcooked vegetables here.

    Sounds like science fiction, doesn’t it? But the truth is, its really not that far off.

    Your kitchen is getting smarter by the day.

    We already have coffee machines that can be controlled remotely via an app on your smartphone. And internet-connected fridges that will soon be able to sense what you are short of, order it from your chosen online grocery store and even have it delivered to your door.

    There are already domestic tech manufacturers developing GPS-enabled kitchen equipment that will sense automatically when you’re nearing home so dinner can be ready when you arrive at the door.

    Before too long some bright spark will realise that if all these machines can inter-connect and speak the same mechanical language then the team ethic will mean they’ll achieve so much more together than alone.

    It’s impressive stuff and it won’t be long before we look back at these years and wonder how we managed to survive without Fred The Fridge’s precise grocery ordering skills getting dinner in for us.

    What do you think, is this a step too far?

    Smart Kitchen

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