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  • Plinth sound unit

    Kitchen Gadgets for Summer

    Make the most of your kitchen this season

    Summer is the perfect season for entertaining, whether it’s this year’s Olympics, a garden party or just celebrating the appearance of British sun.

    A drink mixer comes in handy for all of the above. You can whip up milkshakes and smoothies or add a dash of your favourite tipple for frozen cocktails. Friends will love you for the endless strawberry daiquiris and with models available in all kinds of colours, the mixer is a pretty kitchen accessory.

    Even in the warmer weather, us Brits can’t resist a cup of tea. A great new gadget allows us to enjoy our favourite beverage American style, iced. The Ice Tea Maker is a large pitcher that stores and serves ice tea. Choose a model combining steel and glass that will look sleek on the kitchen counter, keeping it in reach during the summer months.

    If you’re entertaining this summer or braving the weather for a BBQ, the preparation starts with food in the kitchen. If you grow your own herbs or buy them fresh, a freezable herb stick preserves fresh herbs in a stick that you can twist to use at a moments notice. Simply fill with your fresh picks and a little oil and freeze and slice or grate into any dish you prepare, ideal for seasoning some barbequed steaks.

    The ultimate in kitchen entertainment is the Magnet Plinth Sound Bar. The Bluetooth speaker sits subtly at the bottom of the cabinet and can be controlled remotely to fill your kitchen with a superior sound and really set the tone.

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  • Magnet kitchens Astral Oro

    The Perfect Finish – Gloss or Matt

    Two styles to consider for your kitchen

    The matt kitchen has been an increasingly popular choice for kitchen surfaces and cabinets in recent years due to its contemporary feel, but a classic gloss will also never go out of style.

    When each finish creates a dramatically different look, how do you choose the finish that’s best for you and your home?

    A high gloss finish works well with flat cabinet doors, allowing the surface to fully reflect the light. The paler the colour, the more light is reflected. For this reason white kitchens are particularly suited to a gloss because the brightness can make a space feel bigger and more open.

    However don’t overlook gloss for a darker coloured kitchen, the Astral Oro has a unique retro feel with the eye-catching colour variation. Gloss cabinets can also be a saviour for family kitchens, as the smooth surfaces make for much easier cleaning.

    On top of cabinets, you can also consider the material and finish of your worktop surface. Real wood can have a more textured finish than other worktop options and can sit nicely on top of matt units. Magnet’s Newbury White features a naturally attractive timber worktop and subtle off-white cabinetry to give a classic yet contemporary feel.

    On the other hand, the contrast of matt units and sleek granite worktop surfaces can be equally complementary. The Harrogate Cream cabinets feature wide rails and slim grooves for a traditional feel, with finishing touches of walnut timber knobs.

    Shaker styles generally work well with a matt finish, as demonstrated by Magnet’s Grey Shaker with the sophisticated grey units.

    When choosing your kitchen, you don’t necessarily have to pick one finish and stick to it, remember that incorporating both can be equally effective, although it is key to choose the right finish for your home and cabinets.

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  • Magnet

    High Tech Kitchens

    How to make your kitchen more technical

    Technology plays a large role within the kitchen, and no longer just in the form of cooking appliances. As the kitchen has become a more diverse room within the home, it is not just for food preparation anymore. The kitchen hosts parties and catch ups and is a social space.

    Whether it’s modern or traditional, bring your kitchen into the age of technology with a range of Innovations Plus from Magnet, smarter ideas for better kitchens.

    If your kitchen is the dedicated area for social events and get-togethers, the Sound Plus comprises a stylish sound bar that blends seamlessly into the unused plinth space below cabinets. Guests will not even notice where the superior sound filling the room is coming from, especially when you’re in control of the Bluetooth connectivity.

    Just because your kitchen may be lacking in space, doesn’t mean that you can’t include exciting technological aspects. The 3 Ring Cook Station is a single line of heat points, for an efficient cooking area and maximum worktop space. Similarly, if you’re still looking to add to your worktop surface, the Worktop Plus provides this, along with subtle storage. Extra preparation space wheels in and out of a discreet cabinet style mechanic.

    You can’t deny that there is something exciting about hidden technology, and the Cabinet Plus is just that. Ingeniously located shelves at the rear of your cabinets reveal themselves at the flick of a switch for easy access. You’ll be a little more enthusiastic about fetching your utensils with this gadget.

    Whether you want to add a little charm to the kitchen or increase it’s functionality with technology, Magnet has an innovation to suit all homes for a kitchen that works with you not against you.

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  • Magnet pull-out larder

    Pull Out Storage Solutions

    Expert advice from Kate Watson-Smyth

    Storage is one of the key elements of a kitchen. Who hasn’t at some point bemoaned the lack of it, wished for more, or spent an infuriating 10 minutes rummaging in the dark at the back for the thing that, when you find it, turns out to have gone past its sell-by date? I’m pretty sure it isn’t just me.

    Kitchen designers are under pressure to come up with ever more ingenious ideas to create more space out of nothing. A tall order if ever there was one.

    The team at Magnet has designed something clever though. It’s called the Pull-Out Larder - a tall cupboard for all your dry goods, the door is fitted with narrow shelves so that you can instantly see what you have and grab what you need as soon as you open it.

    Inside the cupboard is a shelf that is about two-thirds the depth of the space. This is to accommodate the shelves on the door when it’s closed. But, we’re not done yet. When you open the door, the shelves in the cupboard slide forward.

    Suddenly, everything is there in front of you, it’s easy to see and it’s easy to reach.

    There are no more excuses for keeping out of date foods or, and this is my particular problem, buying more and more tins of tomatoes because you can’t see into the cupboard to know that you already have enough for several weeks. By which I mean months.

    It’s a simple idea but then many of the best ones are. If you’re redoing your kitchen then this is definitely one to put on the list.

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  • Newbury White

    Show and Tell - Creating Displays in the Kitchen

    How to highlight your personal touches

    Many see the kitchen as the most functional room in the home, however we believe that style and personality are as important to kitchen design as they are any other room in the home.

    Whilst your chosen kitchen design can say a lot about your individual style, it’s the finishing touches and accents that allow you to inject some personality to your decor.

    A great way to highlight those key touches and illuminate your space is with well-placed lighting. Magnet’s Illuminated Shelf Light is an effective way to draw attention to any functional pieces that you might want to have on show, such as your favourite wine glasses and decanter.

    The functional and decorative Shelf Plus can be lined along the back of your worktop surfaces or mounted on the wall to truly exhibit those key pieces. Designed to de-clutter your space, it’s also the perfect platform to display decorative items.

    The display cabinet that features in Magnet’s Newbury Grey and White kitchens is the ultimate showcasing opportunity. The tall, elegant unit gives pride of place to items you would like to display in your kitchen. Perhaps the dinner set that you reserve for special occasions, a prized plant, or the expensive bottle of wine you haven’t yet opened?

    Magnet’s selection of Display Plus drawers are more subtle options to present your favourite kitchen features. The Illuminated Drawers quite literally highlight your personal favourites when they light up inside. Feature Drawers incorporate into your units with a glass top, allowing guests to peek into your hobbies and passions.

    Add some photographs or personalised pieces as the finishing touches to your make your kitchen space truly your own.

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  • Fusion Blue fully installed kitchen

    Styles to Inspire Your Dream Kitchen

    The three main kitchen looks for your home

    When the time comes to update your kitchen, it can be tricky to choose a look that is on trend, suits your home and will last for years to come.

    If you’re thinking about a brand new kitchen, you may want to consider a modern style. Modern kitchen designs often incorporate the latest colour trends and a mixture of textures to create that contemporary feel. The high gloss pale blue finish in the Astral Blue kitchen is on trend for Spring/Summer 2016.

    A modern style is also the perfect setting for cutting-edge technologies such as Magnet’s Innovations Plus ranges. The Sound Plus sound bar blends seamlessly into unused plinth space beneath cabinets, choose ones with integrated handles for a super slick look.

    For something equally stylish but perhaps a little cosier, traditional kitchen styles can come in a range of stunning looks. From rustic farmhouse designs to classic Edwardian styling, a traditional kitchen will stand the test of time. You can see the Edwardian influence in Magnet’s Arlington Cream, with the panelled doors, glazed units and decorative corners, which lend themselves to the architecture of the era.

    Look into a range of wooden worktop options from oak to maple for that classic finishing touch.

    The Shaker kitchen is an infinitely popular style, again inspired by history, the Shaker was originally created by America’s Shaker community in the 18th century. The quality of a Shaker kitchen is in the cabinet doors, the classically proportioned front features a frame and inset panel. However the historical roots don’t mean old-fashioned, Magnet’s collection of Shaker kitchens includes contemporary interpretations with gloss finishes. The soft curves of the Shaker Cream give the style a modern makeover.

    Take inspiration from the three main design groups, adding personal touches to make it your own and create your dream kitchen.

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  • Plinth sound unit

    Magnet’s Kitchen Soundtrack

    Set the mood with the Plinth Sound Bar

    It’s been said that music has the power to move us, that it defines who we are and that we are constantly making room for the sounds that inspire us. If this is the case, then why not make room for it in your kitchen?

    Whether you’re preparing a meal, doing the dishes or hosting a summer party, a kitchen full of music is sure to heighten the experience. Welcome your guests with superior sound, perhaps classical or something more upbeat. Either way, setting the mood will ensure a night to remember. As music should be wherever you are, let us introduce the Sound Bar.

    Standing as a proud member of the Innovations Plus selection, the Plinth Sound bar encompasses a stylish Sound bar system that can blend effortlessly into the plinth of your kitchen cabinets, helping you to effectively utilise dead space and to make better use of idle kitchen areas.

    Offering an entirety of music at your feet, the Bluetooth Plinth speaker can be synced with any enabled device. The power really is in your hands to transform the tunes, set the tone and create a magically musical atmosphere whenever you see fit.

    By giving your kitchen a musical edge you can really allow your personality to shine through. This fantastic Magnet innovation is sure to get your toes tapping

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  • Cabinet Plus

    Organisation In The Heart Of The Home

    How to organise your kitchen

    The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, so a well-organised kitchen can make all the difference to the overall efficiency of your home.

    They say a great test to determine how organised your own kitchen is, is to ask someone else to prepare a meal and then clean up in your kitchen. Not just a ploy to get out of the cooking, but you’ll actually be able to determine how organised your space is, by how long it takes them to find their way around the kitchen. Two birds with one stone…

    Whilst there are the basic tips and hacks for kitchen organisation, such as stacking pans within each other and storing cleaning products under the sink, Magnet offers some great products to help get your kitchen organised.

    The three-part recycling bin makes easy work of sorting your rubbish before collection day. Made up of three individual colour-coded compartments, the bin folds neatly away into cabinet space so you can avoid cluttering your space with numerous recycling bins.

    Create multiple layers of storage for food or crockery by incorporating an internal drawer system, which is neatly hidden within your kitchen units. The unit works great with base cabinets and allows for maximum storage without compromising on style. Other innovative additions to your drawers include drawer dividers and plate holders, to neatly lay out cutlery, crockery and pans.

    Take your organisation to the next level and give your kitchen the technical edge with one of Magnet’s most recent innovations, the Cabinet Plus. Ingeniously located shelves at the back of your cabinets reveal themselves at the flick of a switch for instant access to your kitchen tools and accessories.

    Organisation in the kitchen can only make it easier when it comes to cooking and cleaning, and who doesn’t want that?

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  • Waste Not Want Not

    Expert advice from Kate Watson-Smyth

    Kitchens are messy places. We seem to spend as much, if not more, time clearing up as we do preparing and eating the food we have made. There’s all the waste from the preparation and packaging and then there’s all the tidying afterwards.

    In recent years, with the move towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, and the insistence that we recycle more, we have needed to find more space to store that waste. Most of us now have a recycling bin, a normal bin and, often a food waste bin. This often sits on the worktop, is unsightly and takes up valuable space. And anyway, who wants the food waste sitting next to the fresh ingredients?

    Well, the Magnet Innovations team has come up with a clever solution and, this is one that I would definitely like to have in my kitchen.

    It’s a bin in a drawer. So far, so normal. Many already have a bin in the cupboard under the kitchen sink. However, this is high up and sits directly under the worktop. This means you can peel your potatoes, spiralise your courgettes, or slice your carrots and then simply open the drawer and sweep everything in.

    There’s no grabbing handfuls of peelings out of the sink and trying to get to them to the bin without dropping any. There’s no having to separate peelings from carrier bag as that involves two different bins. And, crucially, no food waste on show.

    Of course, you don’t have to use this bin just for food waste. At that height it’s ideal for those who have difficulty bending over a traditional bin.

    There is one more element that appeals to me too. I have never liked those large free-standing bins. Firstly, they take up space and secondly, you probably don’t need to empty them every day which means you are keeping rubbish in your house. I have a small bin under the sink which I empty daily – no smells, no indoor rubbish.

    This Waste Bin is the perfect solution and it might even free up some space under the kitchen sink.

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  • Illusion Sink

    Everything and the Kitchen Sink

    Choose a sink that works best for your kitchen

    The kitchen sink is often one of the most used fixtures within the home, so why not spend some time designing and choosing the perfect one for your kitchen?

    There are more options than you may realise, with free-standing, double sinks, draining boards and tap styles, which will work best for you? Choose from ceramic, stainless steel or quartz settings in a range of different colours to suit every kitchen style.

    A beautifully sleek and traditional option from Magnet is the Illusion Sink, a design that you can see one minute, but not the next. The Illusion Tap can be pushed down into the sink, out of sight. Slide over the Corian panel, to cover the sink and provide instant extra worktop surface that functions as well as it looks. The Illusion sink is an innovation that combines dream gadgetry with practical functionality, whilst looking the part.

    A practical, modern addition to your kitchen sink is a boiling water tap. Separate to the traditional cold and hot taps, with boiling water on demand this time efficient addition to your sink will allow for a lovely hot tea or coffee at any time. What’s more, Magnet also offers an additional filtered cold-water tap with refreshing, chilled, filtered water direct from the tap.

    Another key consideration when designing your kitchen is the worktop surface surrounding the sink. For large family households, wood may not be the best option, as this requires the most up-keep and needs to be prepped and protected for water exposure. On the other hand, quartz is a suitable surface to surround a kitchen sink, as it is less porous and much more resistant to water and general damage that can occur around the sink.

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