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  • 8 most wanted kitchen gadgets of 2018

    The time-saving technology families want in their kitchens

    Long gone are the days when a microwave was seen as cutting edge kitchen technology. There are now a huge variety of innovative gadgets to make every task in the kitchen as quick and easy as possible, from cooking up delicious dinners to keeping little ones entertained.

    With so many options out there, which are the gadgets that families are most excited to include in their kitchens in 2018?

    1. Smart fridge

    Smart fridges like the Family Hub™ 3 from Samsung undoubtedly top the list of most coveted kitchen technology thanks to the sheer number of helpful features and functions they offer for everyday life. Take the internal fridge camera for example, which lets you see what’s in the fridge at home via the Samsung SmartThings app on your mobile phone, so you can check whether you’ve run out of milk while you’re browsing the supermarket shelves. Then there’s the built-in touchscreen tablet complete with recipe inspiration and grocery ordering to plan and purchase dinner ingredients without leaving the kitchen. To top this off, this state-of-the-art fridge from Samsung is even voice activated, so you don’t have to lift a finger to plan your next meal.

    Beyond cooking, the Family Hub™ 3 is also equipped with family calendars to keep on track of your schedule and a multimedia hub to stream your favourite radio station, Spotify playlist or TV programme through the fridge screen and inbuilt speakers.

    2. Smart oven

    Busy parents love the fact they can preheat the Samsung smart oven via their phone before getting home, ready to pop dinner straight in to cook the moment they get in the door. After all, saving twenty minutes in the cooking process can make all the difference between contented little tummies and stroppy hungry monsters!

    That’s not the only reason smart ovens make the list though. Timer mode also sends a notification straight to your phone when the cooking’s done, meaning you can relax in front of your favourite TV programme in the next room without worrying about burning dinner.

    3. Connected hood & hob

    Find yourself forgetting to switch the extractor fan on when cooking, only to have unwanted smells lingering around days later? Samsung’s connected hood and hob work in sync so the fan is automatically triggered to the correct level as soon as you turn on the hob. Not only does this keep your kitchen smelling fresh, it also protects your entire kitchen against damp damage from excess moisture or discolouration from escaping smoke.

    4. Smart dishwasher

    Most gadgets make this list because of what they do when they are working, but smart dishwashers are truly ingenious because of what they do to stop something going wrong. With built-in sensors to detect a potential blockage or leak, smart dishwashers can alert you to a problem and cut off water flow before a potential issue turns into a full-blown kitchen flood, saving you time and money on costly repairs.

    5. Cabinet Plus

    If we’re honest, we’ve probably all got jars and packages lurking at the back of our kitchen cupboards that are way past their sell-by date from ill-fated decisions to attempt a new cuisine or over-ambitious recipe. After all, out of sight is out of mind.

    Instead of wasting the hard-to-reach spaces in your kitchen on under-used ingredients, the Cabinet Plus offers a mechanised shelf that descends from the back of your cupboards at the touch of a button, so everything is always in easy reach.

    6. Multifunctional sink & hot water tap

    With property prices ever growing, we’re all looking for clever solutions to make the most of limited space in compact kitchens, so the Food and Drink sink is a real life-saver. As this smart solution is especially designed to fit a number of attachments, from chopping boards and colanders to a drainer and ice bucket fitting, it’s easy to convert from sink, to work space, to party lifesaver! Combined with a hot water tap, which instantly provides hot, cold or boiling water to save the need for a kettle, it’s safe to say these innovations will change the way you think about the kitchen sink.

    7. USB Charging tray

    Smartphones have changed our lives for the better in so many ways, but with so many gadgets around the house, how many times do you find yourself sifting through tangled wires to find the right charger or adapter? Magnet’s built in USB charging tray helps you regain control over this all-too-common issue, with a sleek wooden tray setting inside your kitchen drawer, complete with built-in charging ports.

    8. Machine lift

    If you love baking, you probably find yourself hauling heavy food mixers, bread-makers and blenders out of over-stuffed kitchen cabinets several times a week, scattering assorted Tupperware and utensils in your wake. To take the strain out of using your favourite gadgets, the machine lift offers a handy movable shelf mechanism installed within your kitchen cupboards, which smoothly lifts heavy kitchen items up to worktop level ready to use.

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  • Cabinet Plus

    Clever storage solutions foodies will love

    Kitchen innovations for budding chefs

    When you love cooking, it’s easy to get carried away collecting every new recipe book, ingredient and gadget available to try out the latest recipes or revolutionary cooking techniques.

    All this can take a toll on your kitchen though, as worktops become cluttered with food processors and appliances, kitchen cabinets get stacked to bursting, and finding the right utensil in a drawer becomes like finding a needle in a haystack.

    Thankfully, there is another way.

    With these helpful storage solutions, you no longer have to make the choice between a tidy kitchen and indulging your foodie passions.

    Secret storage

    Fed up of rooting around your kitchen cabinets and having to take every piled-up packet of pasta or jar of jam out to get to that one forgotten ingredient lingering at the back of the cupboard? The Cabinet Plus helps you say goodbye to the inevitable wastage of an over-stocked cupboard, featuring a concealed storage unit at the back of your cabinet that drops down at the press of a button for easy access.

    As an extra bonus, it’s fully customisable with different layouts to suit whatever you want to store, from magnetic strips to hang utensils, to sectioned-off shelving for ingredients and even an iPad stand so your favourite recipe app is always within reach.

    It’s party time

    If you love throwing a dinner party so you can show off your culinary skills to family and friends, then the pocket door larder is your perfect kitchen sidekick. With double doors that open up and slide back into the unit, it makes the ideal location for a cocktail bar stacked with glasses, mixers and exotic liqueurs, ready to get the party started.

    Lift it up

    Take the hassle out of heavy kitchen appliances with the machine lift. This handy mechanism does the heavy lifting for you through a moving shelf within your kitchen cabinets that can be extended outwards to bring appliances up to worktop level.

    Space saving spices

    While keeping spices at the back of a cabinet might be suitable for occasional cooks who prefer microwave meals to the hassle of cooking, if you’re a budding gourmet chef who loves whipping up recipes from scratch then you’ll want your spices at hand on a daily basis. The ideal solution is a spice rack built into the end of your kitchen cabinets, so all your seasonings and herbs are within easy reach whenever you’re creating a culinary masterpiece.

    Stack it your way

    How tidy are your worktops right now? If you’ve run out of cabinet space and started crowding kitchen counters with artisanal cooking oils, spiralisers and scales, then the Shelf Plus is here to help. This stackable shelving unit can either be wall-mounted or placed on worktops and comes with a whole host of customisable accessories to fit everything from sugar jars and kitchen roll holders to knife blocks and herb pots.

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  • celeb kitchens

    How the Other Half Cook

    The ultra-luxe kitchen appliances loved by the A-list

    Celebrities are known for their opulent lifestyles and expensive homes, but what goes into their kitchens? What are the most coveted items the rich and famous have to have?

    We’re allowing you an exclusive look into some of the most luxurious kitchens in the world, and giving you hacks to help fake it until you make it.

    Tommy Hilfiger is rumoured to be a huge fan of his Miele built-in coffee machine. This self-cleaning appliance makes professional style coffee and is a focal point in celebrity kitchens. If your budget doesn’t stretch so far, create your own coffee bar. Make a statement of your chosen machine with some well-placed stools and your favourite coffee, for an at-home barista experience.

    Jennifer Lopez has splashed out on a La Cornue Grand Palais range cooker in her home on the block. The Grand Palais comes with cast iron, steel, solid brass and porcelain enamel as standard and can be custom designed to your exact specifications. If you’re looking for the high-end customised feel from your cooker but aren’t looking to spend like a celeb, Rangemaster cookers come in great shades including red, blue, orange and cream to suit your taste. Add an on-trend, high-end look by hanging chic copper cookware above any oven to draw the eye towards the simple, luxe details.

    Celebrities like their kitchens as professional looking as possible, and Justin Timberlake is no exception. As a fan of the SubZero PRO 48 Series, Timberlake’s restaurant-grade fridge-freezer features a dual refrigeration system and signature glass doors. Now, whilst the high street may not offer glass door refrigerators, the overall feel is an uncluttered, editorial look. Fake it with a little savvy fridge organisation, place condiments in neat baskets, cover shelves and store food in stylish Kilner or mason jars for a similar photo-ready feel.

    So there may be many aspects of the lifestyles of the rich and famous that we aspire to, but with a little help from Magnet, it’s easier to achieve a celeb-style kitchen than you may think.

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  • Magnet Coffee Unit

    Calling All Coffee Lovers

    Wake up and smell the coffee

    At Magnet we love kitchens that showcase your style and what’s important to you, and if you’re a coffee lover, why not show it?

    If you start your day with a shot of espresso, or like a late night latte, we have the perfect features for your kitchen.

    Magnet’s Coffee Unit is designed to showcase your chosen coffee machine, whether it’s pods, beans or espressos, and integrates perfectly into your kitchen and neatly into your life.

    Rather than hiding your machine away, the Coffee Unit is out in the open, complete with elegant glass shelves to store cups, a stunning backlight and handy drawer to store accessories, saving valuable surface space.

    You can complete the ultimate coffee experience with stylish, feature-packed freestanding machines from Magnet. AEG and Electrolux models are able to dispense great tasting frothy cappuccinos and smooth, silky lattes whenever you want.

    If coffee is your passion, indulge it in style with our innovative machines, displayed in the chic unit as the focal point of any kitchen, making your morning routine even more enjoyable.

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  • Rangemaster Classic Deluxe 100 1000mm Oven

    Turn Up the Heat

    Magnet’s top oven picks

    There’s such a wide range of appliances available that you’ll be spoilt for choice when looking into the more functional aspects of your new kitchen.

    If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the oven is undoubtedly a key feature. To make the search easier, here at Magnet we’ve compiled our top oven picks to help you in future culinary conquests.

    The AEG – BE300360KM is a great choice for the versatile chef and requires minimal cleaning effort as the diamond glazed enamel interior has an easy clean design. This oven has eight great functions including a steam bake and fan controlled defrosting setting. One more thing that this oven is great for is energy efficiency, being one of the most efficient on the market.

    For functional family kitchens, the Rangemaster – Classic Deluxe 100 has two ovens and a separate grill, topped with five gas hob zones. The Rangemaster really is a multi purpose oven for when you need to feed the whole family. The nine-function cooker has a total capacity of 150 litres, perfect for households that like to host the Sunday roast.

    The Electrolux – EVY5841AAX is a great pick for smaller homes. There’s more than meets the eye with this compact cooker. With 11 different functions, the Electrolux proves that big doesn’t necessarily mean better, as this 44 litre oven is perfect in homes where space is at a premium.

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  • Pool - kitchen

    Extreme Magnet Makeover

    From swimming pool to contemporary kitchen

    If you’ve ever thought your dream kitchen was impossible, the recent renovation by the Goodall family demonstrates that it might be easier than you think.

    Mr & Mrs Goodall had a clear vision for their new kitchen, they were looking for a slick, modern space mixed with a rustic interior, and they came to the right place.

    The challenge lay in the fact that this was not simply a renovation, but a complete transformation of space, from a swimming pool to a fully functional kitchen.

    The experts at Magnet completely reconfigured the Goodalls’ space to create a brand new, open plan room, accessorised with the latest technology and innovations.

    To bring to life the contemporary kitchen that Mr & Mrs Goodall had dreamt of, modern features were added, including an AEG Pyro oven, induction hob, pop up sockets and plinth LED lights. For that extra edge, Magnet’s innovative Plinth Sound Bar was fitted into space below the units, making the kitchen the ultimate room for home entertaining.

    The Goodalls chose the epitome of sleek design, combining Integra Astral White and Grey, for a simple, flowing feel, topped with a Designer White Corian worktop. A bronze mirror Decoglaze splashback creates a stunning focal point behind the induction hob.

    The new design encapsulates Mr & Mrs Goodall’s vision of a stylish open plan kitchen, showing that kitchen dreams can come true, no matter what the space has looked like previously.

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  • Kitchens Through the Years

    Kitchens Through the Years

    Taking a look at the changes in kitchens through the century

    In its humble beginnings the kitchen was once a scullery, a very small space where people spent little time. The modern kitchen now is 121 sq ft on average and we spend more time in them than we do our living room.

    In the 1950s, American styles began to influence our interior design and fitted kitchens were introduced. American styling included, diner-style seating that has been adapted to now become our breakfast bar stools, and the classic shaker cabinet. Magnet has 21 stylish shaker kitchens, from the traditional Shaker Oak to modernised shaker options such as Leighton Gloss White.

    The Sixties was a colourful decade and this translated into kitchens too. White walls and cupboards were out, and vibrant greens, oranges and pinks were in. Appliances were also becoming increasingly available in this time, revolutionising kitchens for families. If you want to achieve a bold Sixties look today, look no further than the Vienna Oak. Bringing the Sixties style up to date with textured effect cabinets that will sit perfectly on statement Sixties coloured walls.

    The 1980s was the decade that kitchens became places of entertainment. The Eighties was all about status symbols, and the ultimate in the kitchen was the dishwasher, if you had one, you’d made it.

    By the 2000s, interior décor had embraced open plan living, especially kitchen/dining combinations. New styles such as shabby chic and industrial were embraced, and for the most part have been here to stay, shaping the kitchens that a lot of us have today. To achieve an industrial feel that still has warmth, Magnet’s Astral Blue is perfect for a modern home. The high gloss blue cabinets are paired with bright white worktop surfaces and sleek appliances like the Elica Star hood, finished with chrome arrow handles to add an industrial touch.

    Modern day kitchens as we know them now are the heart of the home and are no longer just a food prep space. The kitchen has become a dining, cooking, living and entertaining space and Magnet has a style to suit every taste.

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  • Leighton Gloss Cream

    Multifunctional Furniture in the Home

    Increase your kitchen’s functionality

    Those with smaller kitchens, will appreciate that in modern times we need our space to work harder for us. The kitchen is an incredibly multifunctional room so why shouldn’t this extend to the furniture?

    The demand for space-saving, multifunctional furniture has lead to a niche trend of modular furniture. Pre-made units can be combined in different ways to build modular furniture, often for functional purposes such as cabinet/desk combinations. This is seen as a home solution as it can operate as a variety of different products.

    Similarly, Magnet’s Table Plus is a dual-purpose innovation, perfect for a kitchen that functions both as a cooking and dining area. The fold down table is mounted on the wall and easily concealed by folding back into the wall. When in its folded position, the Table Plus forms a handy storage cabinet, perfect for keeping any dining equipment you might need when the table is in use. When unfolded, the Table Plus is a great space to snack, drink and spend time with friends or family.

    Even larger kitchens should make the most of their space. If your kitchen is large enough for a central island, consider extending the worktop surface to create a chic breakfast bar area for dining and relaxing, as seen in the Leighton Gloss Cream. The extended Walnut worktop provides extra space, making this island much more than extra surface area to prepare food, and by featuring the kitchen’s hob on the island also, it becomes a sophisticated serving area.

    There are many multifunctional options to consider for your home, and space is valuable, so be sure that your furniture is as practical as it is stylish.

    To view our Innovations video, click here.

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  • Rudy After Makeover

    Rudy’s Kitchen Revamp

    Magnet kitchen makeover winner’s story

    Rudy Roversi was the lucky winner of a brand new Magnet kitchen in a competition run in partnership with House to Home.

    Rudy’s kitchen in his London home was poorly designed and made inefficient use of the small space. This was undesirable for a city full of notoriously small flats, making space a precious luxury.

    Rudy was picked out of thousands of competition entrants and expert designers at Magnet accepted the challenge. They were tasked with maximising the space and storage of a small kitchen that was in need of a dose of TLC.

    The room was cluttered with utensils and electronics, leaving barely any worktop space. The kitchen didn’t allow much room for cooking, or plate juggling, which is practically what Rudy had to do considering all but one of his shelves were too shallow to store a plate.

    Rudy went for the stylishly simple Nova White, a far cry from his previous cluttered, cramped kitchen. The high gloss finish of the units reflects the natural light, brightening the whole space, whilst the natural oak of the worktops help to lift the room and add to the new, airy feel.

    One of Rudy’s favourite additions was the Magnet Sound Bar, fitted subtly into the side of a cabinet. The slick Bluetooth controlled speaker boasts incredible sound and was a welcome update to Rudy’s clunky 90’s speaker system.

    The new design is much more efficient and makes Rudy’s space work harder for him. The finished product created by Magnet, was a brand new functional, beautiful kitchen with ample storage.

    Watch the transformation for yourself here.

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  • QDP Step 2

    Kitchen Design for the 21st Century

    Use Magnet’s QDP tool to design your dream kitchen

    Magnet’s QDP (quick design price) is an online tool to help you design your dream Simply Magnet kitchen.

    Simply Magnet is Magnet’s most affordable collection, but the high style options make you #lookagain at the price.

    Start off your design journey by selecting the approximate layout and the number of cabinets that best suits your kitchen. Layout examples include L shape, galley, U shape and kitchens with islands.

    You will then be prompted to personalise your kitchen, beginning with the main aspects including flooring, worktops and of course your chosen Simply Magnet kitchen range. There’s something to suit every taste, from classics such as Hudson Oak or Classic Cream Shaker, to the more modern Gloss White Slab and Apollo White. At this stage you will also select the essentials, cookers, hobs, hoods and details such as cabinet handles.

    Watch your vision come to life with a high definition CGI and real-time price updates as you review your kitchen creation. Make sure your design is suited to your home by refining your kitchen measurements and selecting the best cabinet layout to work with your room.

    Next you can take a virtual tour of your new personally designed 3D kitchen, and with 360º of detail you will practically see your future self preparing dinner in there.

    Once your happy with your masterpiece you can save your kitchen and create a print out to take along to a Magnet design consultation, or even send a copy directly to your local showroom. Leave your creation in the hands of the professionals and you’re one step closer to achieving your dream kitchen with Magnet.

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