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  • Magnet Kitchens Fusion Blue

    Spring Blues – The Colour of the Season

    How to incorporate the colour of the season into your kitchen

    You may have noticed that the colour blue is having a moment this season in interiors. This versatile primary colour comes in plenty of shades that flatter different rooms in the home, but what works best in the kitchen?

    From deep, moody indigos to sweet baby blue, this doesn’t have to be a cold colour. Magnet’s Tatton Cream kitchen is an example of how to incorporate blue into a classic style kitchen, with soft cornflower blue accents. Cream Shaker units are mounted on the subtle blue statement wall and complemented with a colourful Rangemaster oven to create a focal point.

    For a modern kitchen, the stony blue high gloss cabinet doors of Magnet’s Astral Blue kitchen is complemented by colour contrasting with light greys. The stylish combination of colours has a contemporary feel that is complemented with shining chrome accents.

    The combination of greys and blues works well in a whole range of different colour tones. Darker grey is brightened up with vibrant teal walls in Magnet’s Astral Grey kitchen. Other complemented colours that sit well with blue in the home and kitchen include light ivory and citrusy yellow. If blue is your base colour, consider using these as 10% of the colour scheme as accents.

    To use the colour to make a focal point in the kitchen, consider grey or ivory unit options, topped with Magnet’s Azul high gloss worktop, the pop of blue makes a stylish statement.

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  • Waste Not Want Not

    Expert advice from Kate Watson-Smyth

    Kitchens are messy places. We seem to spend as much, if not more, time clearing up as we do preparing and eating the food we have made. There’s all the waste from the preparation and packaging and then there’s all the tidying afterwards.

    In recent years, with the move towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, and the insistence that we recycle more, we have needed to find more space to store that waste. Most of us now have a recycling bin, a normal bin and, often a food waste bin. This often sits on the worktop, is unsightly and takes up valuable space. And anyway, who wants the food waste sitting next to the fresh ingredients?

    Well, the Magnet Innovations team has come up with a clever solution and, this is one that I would definitely like to have in my kitchen.

    It’s a bin in a drawer. So far, so normal. Many already have a bin in the cupboard under the kitchen sink. However, this is high up and sits directly under the worktop. This means you can peel your potatoes, spiralise your courgettes, or slice your carrots and then simply open the drawer and sweep everything in.

    There’s no grabbing handfuls of peelings out of the sink and trying to get to them to the bin without dropping any. There’s no having to separate peelings from carrier bag as that involves two different bins. And, crucially, no food waste on show.

    Of course, you don’t have to use this bin just for food waste. At that height it’s ideal for those who have difficulty bending over a traditional bin.

    There is one more element that appeals to me too. I have never liked those large free-standing bins. Firstly, they take up space and secondly, you probably don’t need to empty them every day which means you are keeping rubbish in your house. I have a small bin under the sink which I empty daily – no smells, no indoor rubbish.

    This Waste Bin is the perfect solution and it might even free up some space under the kitchen sink.

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  • All Cooks At Their Stations

    Expert advice from Kate Watson-Smyth

    We Brits live in the smallest houses in Europe and space is at a premium for all of us. The Magnet innovations team recognised that and came up with a way to address the issue - a Cook Station – a hob with the three rings in a row rather than the traditional square shape.

    This is a fantastic space-saving idea and one that I am seriously considering for my own kitchen. Traditional four burner hobs fit in a standard 60cm depth worktop. Some have five burners, which will be the same depth but slightly wider.

    But what if the hob was only 30cm deep? If the burners were arranged in a straight line? This would give you space in front to do the prepping, chopping, peeling. You can do everything you need in front of it and just throw it into the pan, rather than needing lots of space at the side.

    Alternatively, you can sit this hob towards the front of the worktop and use the space at the back to store your oil, spices and cooking utensils. You could even free up a cupboard by hanging some pans high on the wall at the back. The 30cm gap would mean they wouldn’t get splashed and you would still have space for a jar full of wooden spoons and other useful tools behind the hob and under the pans. Bare in mind that you should allow 55mm space behind the Cook Station to tolerate any residual heat.

    I am thinking of a hob like this for my kitchen island as my children like to use it as a breakfast bar and my traditional hob means that the smaller one has less room as he has the cooking end. Installing a long, thin version would give him more room and I would still be able to prep at the side.

    And, in a handy hint to encourage the rest of the family to help out, this arrangement means that two of you can stand and cook side by side too.

    Space-saving and family cooking time as well, what more could you want?

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  • Magnet Kitchens Gloss cream shaker

    Kitchens To Suit Your Style: Feminine

    How to achieve a feminine kitchen

    There is a kitchen to suit everyone’s personal style. Whilst minimalists might prefer clean lines and sleek surfaces, traditionalists may favour wood and tiling. Modern design makes it possible to achieve a feminine kitchen whilst maintaining a level of chic.

    Your feminine style doesn’t necessarily mean pink accents or floral appliances and Magnet has plenty of designs that can be tailored suit your personality and taste.

    Cream as a base colour can easily be adapted for an elegantly feminine kitchen. The cream cabinets in Magnet’s Gloss Cream Shaker kitchen are finished with a high gloss and complemented with a burgundy splashback to add a touch of personality.

    Also consider light or mid-grey as a base colour for a feminine kitchen with flair. The matt finish units in Magnet’s Newbury Grey kitchen are accented with on-trend copper handles. The current trend for copper and rose gold is a tasteful way to incorporate feminine rosy tones into the kitchen, through handles, hardware or appliances.

    A unique way to express a feminine style within the kitchen is to showcase your favourite, personal pieces and create a focal point, as demonstrated in the showcasing unit in the Newbury Grey kitchen. The ultimate focal point for a luxuriously feminine kitchen is the Elica Star Island Hood, a stunning crystal effect hood that will always attract attention when hanging elegantly and catching light in the centre of the kitchen.

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  • Illusion Sink

    Everything and the Kitchen Sink

    Choose a sink that works best for your kitchen

    The kitchen sink is often one of the most used fixtures within the home, so why not spend some time designing and choosing the perfect one for your kitchen?

    There are more options than you may realise, with free-standing, double sinks, draining boards and tap styles, which will work best for you? Choose from ceramic, stainless steel or quartz settings in a range of different colours to suit every kitchen style.

    A beautifully sleek and traditional option from Magnet is the Illusion Sink, a design that you can see one minute, but not the next. The Illusion Tap can be pushed down into the sink, out of sight. Slide over the Corian panel, to cover the sink and provide instant extra worktop surface that functions as well as it looks. The Illusion sink is an innovation that combines dream gadgetry with practical functionality, whilst looking the part.

    A practical, modern addition to your kitchen sink is a boiling water tap. Separate to the traditional cold and hot taps, with boiling water on demand this time efficient addition to your sink will allow for a lovely hot tea or coffee at any time. What’s more, Magnet also offers an additional filtered cold-water tap with refreshing, chilled, filtered water direct from the tap.

    Another key consideration when designing your kitchen is the worktop surface surrounding the sink. For large family households, wood may not be the best option, as this requires the most up-keep and needs to be prepped and protected for water exposure. On the other hand, quartz is a suitable surface to surround a kitchen sink, as it is less porous and much more resistant to water and general damage that can occur around the sink.

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  • Integra Fantasy Grey

    Timeless Colour Schemes for Kitchens

    Three colour schemes that never fail

    Many of us often don’t know where to start when it comes to the colour scheme part of the design process, but like black and white, there are a selection of colour schemes that will never go out of style.

    White is a popular choice for kitchens, but be adventurous and try brights with your white for the happiest colour scheme of all. Magnet’s Gloss White Slab kitchen is a perfect demonstration of how well bright accents work against the glossy white background units. Don’t be afraid of choosing geometric prints and patterns for focal points such as selective tiling or green glass worktops. Achieve unique pops of colour with Magnet’s range of Quartz worktops, in Azul and Pimenta shades.

    For those who may be wary of the stark contrast of monochrome schemes, stone and black is a more laid-back approach to contrast. Stone will be your backdrop, which can be layered with other neutrals for depth and touches of black accents adding structure and definition.

    Keep it interesting with a mixture of textures, the units within Magnet’s Integra Fantasy Grey are textured to complement the sleek finish of the black worktop.

    Although blush and grey can be a fail-safe theme throughout the home, adapt the blush tones to include copper metallics to make an impact in your kitchen.

    This scheme can be adapted to most tastes, from industrial to muted or mellow. The mid-grey cabinets with the matt finish of Magnet’s new Newbury Grey kitchen is given a luxury feel with metallic copper touches, lifting the grey to avoid it looking flat. Keep the theme running through your kitchens appliances for maximum impact.

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    How to Maximise on Your Kitchen Island Functionality

    Ways to make the most of your kitchen island

    Besides being a stylish addition to your kitchen, an island is also a great functional asset.

    Firstly, an island provides the potential for additional storage space in kitchens that might be lacking in units.

    The obvious option is to install cabinets inside the island, however consider taking advantage of each side of the island. An integrated spice rack can provide a neat and handy storage area for essential ingredients.

    Aside from storage, an island can act as a functional dining area, with a relaxed, informal feel. The option to add some sophisticated bar stools is a chance to bring even more personality to your kitchen.

    Similarly, for a little extra casual dining and drinking space, and create a relaxed cocktail bar feel. The perfect combination of functionality and showcasing is found with an island. However, if your space doesn't allow for an island. You can use our Smart Space Storage Solutions to make the most of the space you do have. Get some inspo here.

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  • Magnet Kitchens Luna White

    Why Monochrome Works in Kitchens

    How to incorporate the trend into your kitchen

    Monochrome is the classic combination of black and white, timeless because of its striking contrast and effortless style.

    This popular colour pairing has graced the catwalks and featured in wider home trends for many years, but this year we see the rise of monochrome in kitchens. As a result of its timeless appeal, monochrome can work for both modern and traditional homes.

    When you’re designing your monochrome kitchen, be sure to choose your prominent colour, rather than an equal balance, to avoid an obvious chequer board feel.

    The easier choice is a predominantly white kitchen, such as Magnet’s Luna White, which allows you to make the most of the light in your space. The flowing lines and simple yet sharp white gloss design is complimented by the contrasting black tiles and worktops.

    Although sometimes trickier to execute, a black or dark colour scheme is the more unusual option for sophisticated elegance in your kitchen. Mix up the bold, dark colours with a variety of textures. Matt black walls and sleek jet black granite worktops add depth.

    If you’re looking for a monochrome kitchen but are concerned about limiting yourself to black and white, oak and walnut features bring variation and warmth to make a welcoming kitchen.

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  • Magnet Kitchen Fusion White

    How to Choose The Right Dining Table For Your Kitchen

    Which shape will work best for you?

    Whether you’re looking for a dining table as a functional eating space or a focal point, there are many factors to take into consideration to find one that is perfect for your kitchen.

    Firstly, such a substantial piece of furniture needs to be the right shape for your kitchen or dining area.

    The most traditional dining table shape is rectangular, this works well for households that seat more than four people at once, as they allow for everyone to be seated in a social setting.

    If you’re concerned about squeezing a rectangular table into a limited space, measure your dimensions beforehand and take the measurements along with you when shopping for tables. This ensures your table fits perfectly and the area is not overfilled.

    Oval tables naturally lend themselves slightly better to medium and small spaces than rectangular tables. The curved edges allow for more space around the table and you can move more easily around them as there are no harsh lines or corners. For more decorative or traditional, medium sized kitchens, a long oval table with pedestal legs gives a more grand, ornamental feel.

    Square shaped tables can be a very effective addition to a stylish kitchen, although not always the most practical option as the amount of space they require is generally underestimated. A square table is therefore often best suited to large kitchens, as a dramatic focal point.

    A round table is a lovely option for families as the layout encourages conversations and enables the group to be close. The round table lends itself well to small spaces, but if you are looking to fit more than four around the table, it will need to be at least 150 centimetres in diameter.

    Consider stools and pedestals for tight dining spaces, as they can be tucked neatly away under tables, allowing for more room and movement in the kitchen.

    Chic, modern kitchens are the perfect setting for a breakfast bar. Popular options are a central island, or sometimes on the leg of a U shaped kitchen. Breakfast bars are great in social households and, as they are typically long and narrow with stools tucking neatly underneath. Consider a breakfast bar for smaller spaces as a practical way to make the most of the social setting.

    Magnet’s Astral White kitchen perfectly demonstrates how well a breakfast bar can work in a contemporary setting, whilst being both functional and stylish.

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  • Magnet illuminated shelf Light

    Nine Things Science Says You Need For A Happy Home

    Tips for the home to increase your general happiness

    There are many factors that contribute to our general happiness, but science has found that the home is the best place to start. Our homes are an extension of ourselves and these top tips, colours, scents and accessories can be incorporated to increase your chance of happiness.

    1. Yellow and green are found to evoke the most feelings of happiness in the home. Whilst a fully green kitchen may seem a bit bold, these bright hues make great accent colours. Think green splashback, statement wall or appliances.

    2. Giving you a perfect excuse to have flowers in the house all year round, research has found that the presence of flowers stimulates positive emotions, so treat yourself.

    3. Provoke a sense of calm throughout the house by displaying sentimental photographs and positioning them proudly on shelving with Magnet’s Illuminated Shelf Light.

    4. The scent of vanilla beans has been found to be incredibly mood improving and uplifting, so make some space on your kitchen worktops for vanilla scented candles. Freshly lit on your return from work, they will encourage relaxation.

    5. Our scent receptors are linked to the part of our brain that triggers emotions. Boost your mood with a light floral scent by opting for a subtle rose bud air freshener or perfume to increase feelings of happiness.

    6. Research has established a link between the stress hormone and the amount of household objects in a woman’s home, suggesting that clutter causes stress. So clear the clutter and make way for the calm, Magnet’s clever storage solutions help to keep your kitchen organised.

    7. No matter which side of the bed you wake up on, start the day right by making your bed. Research showed that 71% of those who take time to make their bed each day consider themselves happy. Conversely, of those who skip this morning ritual, 62% would label themselves as unhappy.

    8. Treat yourself to things that encourage experiences in the home. Spending time at home and making positive memories there is key, whether it’s new cutlery for dinner parties or DVDs for family movie nights. Don’t forget to document the good times with a photograph to display later.

    9. Pull up a seat at the dining room table and take a couple of minutes over a coffee to jot down your thoughts and feelings. Research has found that writing a journal helps us manage emotions and contributes to future moods, making us happier.

    *Statistics source:

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