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  • Fusion Champagne

    The Perfect Plan

    How to measure your kitchen

    At Magnet we appreciate the time it takes to plan your dream kitchen, and the detail that goes into. From the planning to the final product, you want your kitchen to be perfect.

    We aim to make the process as seamless as possible and thanks to Magnet, the process has never been easier.

    To get it right from the very beginning, you’ll need your kitchen measurements to hand, and it’s easier than you might think. We have outlined the steps for you in a short masterclass from Magnet.

    1. Sketch

    To begin with, simply sketch out the shape of your kitchen. The more true to life the sketch is, the easier it is to envisage your new design, try to include all of the structural features and projections. To give you a helping hand, you can download and print grid paper from the Magnet website, perfect for the planning process.

    2. Doodle

    Next, on your sketch you will make a note of where the room features are located, including doors, windows, soil pipes and electrics. Be sure to clearly mark out the various zones within the kitchen, including cooking, dining and any additional storage.

    3. Get measuring

    Once you’re happy with your sketches, it’s time to add the all-important measurements on there. An expert tip is to break each wall up into clearly labelled sections to measure separately. For a more accurate measurement, make sure that your tape measure is parallel to the floor when taking your measurements.

    4. Visit the experts

    Once you have your measurements and kitchen plan, book yourself a design appointment at your local Magnet showroom where the designers can bring your sketch to life and make your dream kitchen a reality. Become even more involved in the design process with our online planning tools, where you can create detailed 3D visuals and receive a guide price for your kitchen creation.

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  • Leighton Grey

    Cosy Up with Autumnal Home Trends

    What to look out for this season

    We’ve posted recently discussing this season’s key trend, velvet, but there is more on the horizon for autumn/winter.

    With the transition of the seasons, comes new colours, textures and styles.

    A colour to keep an eye out for this autumn is green, set to be sweeping through interiors this season. This primary colour comes in a wide range of shades and is perfect for creating scenes of serenity in the home. For the most on-trend shade, look to emerald tones. This deep, vibrant shade of green is perfect for statement accessories to create an opulent focal point in any home.

    Magnet’s Hudson Cream kitchen is on trend when paired with a large green splashback and feature wall, giving the kitchen an overall feel of traditional charm.

    Another trend that is truly reflective of the season is a homely, woodland feel. This includes a natural colour palette, made up of oranges, berries, browns and again, greens. With the weather getting colder, this is the perfect trend for bringing a feeling of comfort to your home. This trend is more about accessories, and there are some great products to give your kitchen and dining room the woodland feel this autumn, such as playful woodland animal motifs.

    Heritage feel interiors are also a key autumn winter trend, brought on by the soft fabrics and check patterns that are so popular throughout the colder seasons. Heritage designs are inspired by tradition and British craftsmanship and feature rich, warm colours. The kitchen is a great place to incorporate a traditional interiors trend, with rich, dark woods and shaker style units. Magnet’s Leighton Grey features classic shaker style units, giving an overall traditional British heritage feel.

    You can see how the trends might cross paths this season, for example the colour green will feature in the pallets of both woodland and heritage trees, so don’t be afraid to dabble in all three.

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  • Luna Cashmere

    Moody Hues

    How to use darker colours in the home

    The darker shades of the colour wheel make for a stylishly daring colour pallet. Deep greens, blues, greys and blacks in particular can be as classy as they are dramatic.

    Colours form the basis of your design and when you choose the right combination, they can bring everything into focus and create an entire mood throughout the room.

    Darker colours and moody hues lend themselves particularly well to kitchen designs. Don’t be afraid of these shades, they may traditionally be colours you shy away from, but when used correctly they have great impact. Magnet’s City Cashmere uses a dark wall colour to highlight the design of the glossy units, with added luxury from a Ceramic Anthracite worktop. The overall feel is gorgeously simple and doesn’t feel too dark with the lifting colour of the units.

    On the other hand, the Newbury Grey kitchen features unique moody, matt grey units, set amongst pale flooring and light coloured quartz worktops. The lighter grey marble effect splashback is the perfect complement to the mid-grey cabinets. The overall effect creates a sophisticated feel that will be a talking point within your home. The use of the darker colours in rooms can often be a way to define the function of the space, for example the functional worktop surface of the Newbury Grey kitchen stands out brilliantly against the dark units.

    Using darker hues can feel quite daring, but just one wall of colour can sometimes be all you need. Magnet’s Era kitchen demonstrates this, creating a clean, simple yet still effective look. The crisp white slab looks strikingly modern against the feature grey wall.

    If your style is modern and dramatic, this trend could work well for you. Don’t be afraid to embrace the moody hues and remember to balance the colours with some tactile lighter elements.

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  • celeb kitchens

    How the Other Half Cook

    The ultra-luxe kitchen appliances loved by the A-list

    Celebrities are known for their opulent lifestyles and expensive homes, but what goes into their kitchens? What are the most coveted items the rich and famous have to have?

    We’re allowing you an exclusive look into some of the most luxurious kitchens in the world, and giving you hacks to help fake it until you make it.

    Tommy Hilfiger is rumoured to be a huge fan of his Miele built-in coffee machine. This self-cleaning appliance makes professional style coffee and is a focal point in celebrity kitchens. If your budget doesn’t stretch so far, create your own coffee bar. Make a statement of your chosen machine with some well-placed stools and your favourite coffee, for an at-home barista experience.

    Jennifer Lopez has splashed out on a La Cornue Grand Palais range cooker in her home on the block. The Grand Palais comes with cast iron, steel, solid brass and porcelain enamel as standard and can be custom designed to your exact specifications. If you’re looking for the high-end customised feel from your cooker but aren’t looking to spend like a celeb, Rangemaster cookers come in great shades including red, blue, orange and cream to suit your taste. Add an on-trend, high-end look by hanging chic copper cookware above any oven to draw the eye towards the simple, luxe details.

    Celebrities like their kitchens as professional looking as possible, and Justin Timberlake is no exception. As a fan of the SubZero PRO 48 Series, Timberlake’s restaurant-grade fridge-freezer features a dual refrigeration system and signature glass doors. Now, whilst the high street may not offer glass door refrigerators, the overall feel is an uncluttered, editorial look. Fake it with a little savvy fridge organisation, place condiments in neat baskets, cover shelves and store food in stylish Kilner or mason jars for a similar photo-ready feel.

    So there may be many aspects of the lifestyles of the rich and famous that we aspire to, but with a little help from Magnet, it’s easier to achieve a celeb-style kitchen than you may think.

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  • Magnet Coffee Unit

    Calling All Coffee Lovers

    Wake up and smell the coffee

    At Magnet we love kitchens that showcase your style and what’s important to you, and if you’re a coffee lover, why not show it?

    If you start your day with a shot of espresso, or like a late night latte, we have the perfect features for your kitchen.

    Magnet’s Coffee Unit is designed to showcase your chosen coffee machine, whether it’s pods, beans or espressos, and integrates perfectly into your kitchen and neatly into your life.

    Rather than hiding your machine away, the Coffee Unit is out in the open, complete with elegant glass shelves to store cups, a stunning backlight and handy drawer to store accessories, saving valuable surface space.

    You can complete the ultimate coffee experience with stylish, feature-packed freestanding machines from Magnet. AEG and Electrolux models are able to dispense great tasting frothy cappuccinos and smooth, silky lattes whenever you want.

    If coffee is your passion, indulge it in style with our innovative machines, displayed in the chic unit as the focal point of any kitchen, making your morning routine even more enjoyable.

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  • Nova Cashmere

    Asian Interiors

    Take inspiration from the Far East this season

    The Asian trend is emerging slowly but surely in both fashion and interiors as the seasons change.

    Major high street retailers have been drawing inspiration from Far Eastern culture to create on-trend collections. Brands have even collaborated with London’s Victoria and Albert Museum to create capsule collections that feature the most authentic prints and colours.

    The Oriental trend embodies femininity, with floral prints and pastel colours featuring heavily. Prints are often inspired by nature, and the delicate detail and occasional metallic accents give the overall trend a rather tranquil feel, making it perfect for interiors.

    On the other hand, for a bolder look combine stronger colours such as red, royal blue and tangerine with dark furniture and luxurious fabrics.

    To incorporate the Asian trend into the kitchen, light coloured woods represent the essence of nature that is present throughout the trend.

    The kitchen is also a great place to introduce bold Oriental colours, through eye-catching feature walls, splashbacks and accessories. The vivid red splashback featured in Magnet’s Nova Cashmere is paired with glossy dark Max-Top worktops and Amtico Slate Jet Stone flooring to create an opulent Far Eastern feel.

    If you’re looking to choose the calmer pastels of the trend, consider your cabinets as a neutral base. Cream or off-white shades are ready to be accessorised with pastel accents, or even jade green paint, another classic colour from the Far East, as seen in Magnet’s Newbury White.

    Don’t be afraid to experiment with textures throughout the home to capture the style. Prints or motifs can range from cherry blossom to koi so, there are no set rules for this trend. A great way to start is by making a mood board, so be bold and see what you can create.

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  • Newbury Grey

    Design Faux Pas to Avoid

    What not to do with your interior design

    Designing a new home is an exciting job with many choices, so having a checklist to hand is always helpful.

    A lot of checklists will tell you which steps to take and everything you need to do throughout the process, but it’s always handy to know what not to do too.

    During the design process, it’s normal to look at many places for inspiration, such as magazines and Pinterest. Whilst these are great sources of inspiration, they should be just that. A common mistake is to try and re-create what you have seen in a glossy magazine. The danger here is that the finished product doesn’t always translate from the published image and also that the end result feels a little impersonal. Your rooms make up your home, and not a catalogue or magazine, so use these for ideas to create something that is true to your own style. With Magnet’s QDP tool, you can design a kitchen that is personal to you.

    Too much of the same shade is, a common faux pas across both interiors and fashion. When you choose a colour you love, whether it be a sofa or a dress, it seems tempting and easy to try and match everything else in the room or the outfit to this colour. Try to avoid furniture that is all one colour or pattern and will leave the room feeling flat. Ideally, you can choose either contrasting or complementing shades that will break up the space whilst adding depth and variety. Bear in mind the colour ratio rule, 60 - 30 - 10. 60% of the room is your chosen dominant colour, 30% is the secondary colour, saving 10% for accent colours. Metallics make for great accent colours, Magnet’s Newbury Grey demonstrates how well the colour ratio works with stylish copper accents.

    Fashions are constantly changing, and when designing interiors it’s normal to want our homes to look up to date. It is good to accessorise your home with on-trend pieces, however be sure to put the most investment into more classic pieces and features rather than anything likely to come and go. Solid wood surfaces in the kitchen for example will add value to your home and have a timeless feel that will prove its worth with any trends that pass through the kitchen.

    So with your list of interior to dos, bear in mind these three faux pas to avoid and you will be on your way to designing your dream home.

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  • Nova Cashmere

    In the Pink

    How to use pink for grown ups

    In previous times, it was a common belief that in interior design, pink should be kept for young girls’ bedrooms. However, recently designers have realised the power of pink and our perception of the colour is being transformed to a more sophisticated and stylish shade, whilst maintaining that cheery feel.

    New for 2016, Magnet’s Apollo Cashmere perfectly demonstrates how pink can create a feminine, sophisticated space. The beautiful beige cabinets are paired with pale pink walls to infuse the room with a warming glow, aided by well-placed under cabinet lighting. The clean lines of the high gloss units and classic Nebraska Oak worktops bring a mature elegance to the overall feel, proving that pretty pink can be used in the kitchen too.

    Whilst pink can be used as a statement colour, it can actually be very flattering when paired with shades such as taupe, grey or purple. Think of pink the way you would other neutral colours to incorporate it into the home in a more subtle way. This option makes for a much more delicate, light feel, where the alternative could be a rich and dramatic feature wall for example.

    The love for pink has also given rise to the huge trend for all things copper or rose gold in recent years. A trend that seems to be here to stay, copper and rose gold has out-done other metallics recently, from interiors and kitchen accessories to clothing and jewellery. Take a look at our copper kitchen Pinterest board here for inspiration.

    Don’t be afraid to experiment with the colour, there is a lot of inspiration out there, as pink is becoming more and more versatile within interiors.

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  • Shelf Plus Blog

    Make the Most of Your Shelf Plus

    Magnet’s versatile innovation can be used in a number of ways

    The Shelf Plus is a Magnet Innovation built to organise and declutter worktops.

    The sleek innovation can be mounted to the wall or sit helpfully on a worktop surface. Shelf Plus is a simple way to organise your space or showcase your favourite kitchen pieces.

    With interchangeable surfaces, you have the flexibility to adapt the shelf. Choose from a wooden tray platform where you can add plant pots, drawers, and knife racks, or keep it sleek with the simple glass top surface.

    Increase organisation by keeping your most used kitchen tools and accessories at arms reach for easy access and increased efficiency when cooking. Cookery books, tea and coffee canisters, knives and even herbs all look great on display on the Shelf Plus. Herbs work especially well, with custom designed plant pots that sit within the top level of the Shelf Plus. You can bring a bit of life into the kitchen with some lush green basil for example.

    If you wish to keep it firmly functional, consider the addition of drawers into the Shelf Plus for even more valuable storage space. The knife block insert is also a smart way to store sharp kitchen knives, slotting them horizontally onto the wooden board and keeping them out of view and reach of children.

    On the other hand, Shelf Plus provides a great platform to show off your favourite decorative kitchen accessories. From flowers, to your favourite glassware or ornamental pieces, give them pride of place on the Shelf Plus and they’re guaranteed to elicit compliments.

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  • Magnet Kitchens Gloss White Shaker

    Mediterranean Interiors

    Bring a piece of southern Europe into your home

    Interior design and trends are often inspired by nature, culture and international influences. Take spring’s tropical trend for example, drawing inspiration from the lush greenery of rainforests and hotter climates.

    Popular interior style, Mediterranean has become more than a trend as it seems to remain present in interiors throughout the years.

    A Mediterranean home embraces rich textures and warm, earthy colours and generally has a welcoming, rustic feel. As we’re very rarely lucky enough to experience the Mediterranean sun, it’s nice to bring our own piece of the Med into our homes, in the way of décor.

    Terracotta is a colour synonymous with Mediterranean interiors, but also consider building your palette around earthy whites, greens and browns. Greens represent the bright plant life that often adorns Mediterranean homes, and white is a common base colour for homes in hotter climates.

    Textures play a large part in décor design, tiles and rough cut stone bring a great outdoorsy feel to the home, generally inspired by the landscapes surrounding Mediterranean homes. Tiles are also often printed with colourful patterns; the simplicity of Magnet’s Hudson Grey is dressed up with accenting geometric floral tiles.

    Give your dining room the Med feel with a rustic wooden table, perfect for serving up tasty tapas or delicious mezze for a real European feel.

    The relaxed, friendly lifestyle of Europe’s southern coast is present in their interior design, and with a touch of romance, you can understand why people wish to emulate the overseas style.

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