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  • Somerton Cream

    The Latest Kitchen Must Have

    A Home Smoker Of Course

    Earlier in the year we told you what the top kitchen gadgets of 2016 are set to be, including a heated ice cream scoop and spiraliser, but there is a latecomer to the list.

    According to retailers home-smokers are creeping up the list and will soon take centre stage in your kitchen. There has been a 200% rise in sales compared to the previous year*

    As we learn to enjoy our kitchens more and acquire new culinary skills, the smoker is the perfect addition to create new and exciting dishes. From eggs and vegetables, to cheese and meat, the possibilities really are endless.

    When attempting to recreate these smoky flavours and effects at home there are a few pointers to watch out for:

    - Be prepared for failure as the smoking process is not as simple as putting something in the oven

    - Patience is key as the smoking process is to nurtue the food in question

    - Like all small appliances do not leave unattended

    Forget the large smokehouse in your garden it is all about what can be cooked on your worktop. Accentuate this smoky wood theme further by adding warm wood features to your kitchen.

    *Amazon figures, Daily Mail article 01/02/16

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  • BADA

    Five Tips To Buying The Right Kitchen

    And Making Sure You Get The Best Service

    Choosing, designing and buying the right kitchen is not a decision to be taken lightly. It’s going to be around for a lot of years, so it’s important you get it right.

    1 – Know your budget right from the word go and what appliances you need plus a few luxury choices. Magnet have three tiers of kitchens for different price brackets – Simply, Purely and Uniquely.

    2 – Understand the use of your kitchen, are you a busy family that need a large island plus a dining table or a couple who want a more intimate space with extras such as a built in wine cooler and coffee machine?

    3 – Research blogs, magazines, online and Pinterest to know what colours, textures and latest trends you want to run with. Our designers can incorporate this into your kitchen design.

    4 – Use our kitchen design software to design and price up a brand new Simply Magnet Kitchen in minutes, then take this design in store to make any necessary adjustments with one of our experts. PLUS take an exclusive 10% discount off your final price after using the self-design tool.

    5 – If you want to come in store and meet a designer book a design appointment today. A highly qualified designer will then use the very latest digital technology to create a totally bespoke design that’s perfect for your home.

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  • Magnet Kitchens Shaker Cream

    Why Choose Kitchen Curves?

    Create A More Intimate Space With Your Kitchen Cabinets

    Kitchen cabinets have traditionally been square shaped, rectangle shaped and at perfect right angles but a wide range of the Magnet collection now has the option of curved cabinets, worktops and islands.

    Soft curves are seen across the Planar White, Somerton Cream and Studio Cream collection creating an overall softer and warmer feel to your kitchen. Curved cabinets and worktops promote flow and help join up kitchen areas with dining and seating areas.

    Don’t be led to believe that curved cupboards are more expensive or tricky to store food, crockery and cleaning items. To help with the unusual shape choose a smart storage solution such as a pull-out basket, corner carousel or swing corner unit to maximise on space.

    Finally with clean flowing lines in your kitchen accessorise with tiles lining in the same direction either on the floor or on your walls and try to keep the rest of the pattern in your kitchen simple to match the clean aesthetic.

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  • Grey Shaker

    A New Kitsch-en

    Bring A Touch Of Vintage To Your Home

    In a world of hi tech appliances, modern innovations and white cabinets upon even whiter walls, it’s nice to get rid of the fresh look and take a step in the vintage direction.

    Vintage doesn’t always have to mean stuffy florals and drab colours, instead opt for richness and elegance with your kitchen choice and design.

    Firstly choose the Leighton Grey, a traditional Shaker style combined with solid wood worktops that mixes classic with contemporary. The rounded corners give a softer feel that lend itself perfectly to vintage and more traditional styles.

    A dining room attached to your kitchen is perfect for families and people who like to entertain but it is vital you get a consistent flowing theme throughout both. Before you start deciding on paint shades it is recommended you paint everything white to spend time getting a feel for the light before deciding on colours.

    To create a true vintage French feel, reminiscent of a rural, traditional café, accessorise with industrial style pendant lighting in a bold black – buy two or three to hang over an island or dining table.

    Finally continue the warm wood feel from your worktops and adorn your kitchen and dining room with wood art pieces and crates that create storage while also looking incredibly stylish. Stags are a trend set to stay for 2016, choose cushions, ornaments and throws to decorate your space.

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    How to Maximise Your Kitchen Space

    Expert advice from Jen Stanbrook

    Whether we have a large room or not, one the most important design features of any kitchen is to maximise the space that you do have. Making the most of every corner, shelf, cupboard and wall becomes essential in designing the perfect kitchen, and has to be at the forefront of any good kitchen plan.

    There are lots of ways to ensure that you are making the most of your available space and many tricks that designers use to create the best kitchen to suit your needs.

    Firstly consider the overall space, and how best to use it. If you think you can fit in a kitchen island, or a breakfast bar these are great options, but consider if you and your family will benefit from such features. If you really need somewhere to eat, try and include a table and chairs, or built in eating area. It makes the kitchen, one of the most used rooms in the house, much more sociable and accessible.

    Next, it will come down to the details, and the design aspects that make up the bigger kitchen plan. Get these right and you’ll be amazed at how much space even the smallest of kitchens can yield.

    Full walls of cupboards make the most of the ceiling height, whilst clever inserts can divide up your collection of objects ensuring you’re never rummaging at the back of a cupboard for a misplaced pot or pan.

    Adding wine racks, bookcases, open plan shelving and display drawers means you’ll always have a place for essentials and treasured possessions, keeping them clean, safe and well organised. Pot racks from the ceiling are still on trend and look great in country or more traditional kitchens, whilst a more contemporary look benefits from hidden storage and clutter free worktops.

    One feature that Magnet have recently introduced into the Kitchen range for 2016 is the Cabinet Plus. This very clever, innovative design enables a ‘hidden’ shelving system to drop out into view from behind a wall cupboard only when you need access to its contents. Sophisticated and elegant, the shelves can be customised to house your own individual items, like cookery books and notes, or your selection of spices and oils, enabling you to personalise your kitchen like never before.

    At the push of a concealed button the stylish, neat shelves slowly reveal themselves, showcasing your design skills and your handy ‘go-to’ products. Features like this offer the owner an excellent way to inject personality into a kitchen; imagine how thrilled your guests will be when your favourite bottle of wine and selection of glasses comes smoothly into view.

    This product really plays into the latest trend of minimalism versus maximalism whereby even the most minimalist space can become instantly practical without compromising the overall design.

    Ensuring your kitchen is practical as well as stylish can be a hard trick to pull off, but forward thinking design elements such as the Cabinet Plus will ensure your kitchen works hard, and maximises all of its potential, and hidden space, your room has to offer.

    Think carefully, do your research and plan well before embarking on your new kitchen design and you’ll be able to incorporate all of the elements that go towards creating the kitchen of your dreams, even in the smallest of spaces.

    By Jen Stanbrook

    Love Chic Living

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    Love Is In The Kitchen

    Colour Love Match Of 2016

    As Valentine’s Day approaches there are two colours that have been growing ever closer in the kitchen this year – rose pink and copper.

    We have all witnessed the increased popularity of copper in the kitchen but the pairing with rose pink really is a match made in the kitchen. Rose quartz is one of the pantone colours of the year and a gentle tone that conveys compassion and serenity.

    Rose pink is the perfect platform for copper accessories to strive, the bold metallic colour will really pop out in your kitchen against this backdrop.

    The latest Magnet kitchen for 2016, Newbury Grey, incorporates beautiful touches of rose pink and copper in a grey setting. Opting for handles, taps and accessories in a brushed copper and accentuating this theme further with lined cupboards and drawers in the same hue.

    To brighten up this dark wood cabinet finish try painting your walls a light shade of pink to brighten the room and create a stunning contemporary space.

    Finally accessorise your kitchen with fresh pink roses, copper pans, oven hoods, light shades and canisters to bring your cabinets and work tops to life.

    For trend inspiration don’t forget to check out our Pinterest page

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  • Winchester Cream Magnet Kitchen

    Buying A New Kitchen?

    Where To Spend & Where To Save

    Your first steps to buying a kitchen are knowing your budget and identifying what functions you require most out of your kitchen. If you are a keen chef you won’t think twice about splurging on appliances or the latest range cooker, if you have a large family storage will be key and finally, if you think of yourself as an entertainer luxuries such as a wine cooler and integrated sound system are a must.

    There are definite areas where you must splurge but also handy tricks to save that all important cash.

    Worktops – a granite worktop will cost more than a laminate but will add a striking look to your kitchen makeover. If you are on a budget choose a beautiful statement surface for your island and a slightly cheaper choice on your worktops.

    Cabinets – once seen as a luxury, soft closing doors are now a standard feature in all Magnet kitchens. Drawers and pantries are also much more than empty spaces, maximise on storage with dividers and internal shelving. Splurge on plinth storage and recycling units.

    Hardware – don’t scrimp on the final stage of your kitchen with handles, knobs and accessories. Opt for a timeless style in a durable material – and pick up fabulous appliances to match.

    Finally don’t save on installation, be sure to get experts to fit your kitchen. Our installers are selected, approved and monitored by the government endorsed TrustMark scheme to make sure they’re 100% trustworthy.

    Ready to start planning your Magnet kitchen? Use our kitchen design software today.

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  • City Cream feat Viva Oak

    How To Optimise Kitchen Storage Space

    Don’t let precious kitchen space go to waste

    Does lack of storage space drive you up the wall? Good, then use it! The majority of us allow ourselves to be restricted by storage space that’s dictated to us by boxes, cupboards and drawers. It’s time to widen our storage horizons.

    Imagine you’re in your kitchen, what do you see? Clutter in every inch of surfaces? Or perhaps you’ve gone for a minimalistic style with everything crammed into your limited storage space.

    There’s one obvious solution to your space saving needs and it’s staring you right in the face.

    Using your walls to display utensils is perfect for using dead space and also allows you to show off your favourite collection. Pots, pans and accessories are a big investment but often don't get the stage time they deserve. By hanging them proudly on the wall you’re guaranteed to get complements on your taste in style as well as cooking.

    If you decide to implement this storage tactic in the kitchen planning stages this is the perfect excuse to splash out on some shiny new pots and pans. And when it comes to purchasing, it’s worth considering this as the perfect opportunity to extend your colour scheme and into your accessories. For example, if you want to inject hints of copper in your space, opt for silver and copper pans.

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  • Somerton Cream

    Add Warmth To Your Kitchen

    Kitchen Trend: Inject wood tones to add depth and warmth

    There’s something enchanting about the warmth and timeless beauty of real wood so it isn’t surprising that it remains a big player in kitchen design for 2016.

    The versatility of wood means it fits seamlessly into both contemporary and traditional homes and it’s perfect for bridging the two styles together too.

    If you’ve opted for a modern style but want to inject warmth into a sleek and minimalistic design then wood is the perfect material for the job. Whether it’s subtle hints or a statement piece such as a wooden worktop, incorporating wood into your design will instantly create a more homely touch.

    For discreet accents of wood with maximum effect, opt for good quality wooden utensils and use wall storage to display. Or if you’re looking for a more permanent home for wood in your kitchen, invest in a solid wood kitchen worktop. Guaranteed to keep your kitchen homely and always on trend, wood worktops add an element of luxury to any home.

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  • Grey Shaker

    Top Tips for buying a Kitchen

    Choosing a kitchen can be an exciting process. With so many styles and options around, you may want help to decide on the design to ensure you get the most from your investment. For those looking to make their dream kitchen a reality, we have some top tips:

    1. Make your kitchen functional. Keep key elements such as the fridge, sink and oven within an unobstructed working triangle to maintain efficiency when cooking.

    2. If your kitchen is small, storage is key. Magnet has a range of stylish storage solutions to maximise your space, such as a corner unit or pull-out larder.

    3. Consider if you might want space for a table if you host dinner parties in the kitchen or want somewhere the children can do their homework.

    4. In terms of style, do you prefer modern or traditional? Think about the design of the rest of your home and how the new kitchen will fit in with that.

    5. Before you step into a Magnet showroom, use our online tool to measure your space. This will make it easier for designers and give you a better understanding of your kitchen layout.

    6. Handover to the experts. Book a design appointment at your local Magnet showroom. Our designers can talk you through your options, offer advice and help you make the right choice.

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