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  • Integra Alpine Oak

    Summer Kitchen Styles

    How to update your kitchen for the new season

    When a new season begins, many of us start thinking about updating our wardrobes and interiors. Some choose to add new accessories in the living room and refresh the linens in the bedroom and bathroom. Other people might feel the need for a complete overhaul.

    If you are considering a new kitchen, Magnet has something to suit every taste and budget, the brand new 2016 styles are perfect for the warmer months.

    Pastel colours are synonymous with summer and if there was ever a time to incorporate them into the home, it would be this season. Lustrous deep cream cabinets and beautiful Nebraska Oak worktops are wonderfully complemented by soft pink walls in the new Apollo Cashmere kitchen. The wood of the units and Classic Oak Natural flooring give the room a warm feel that will take it through to colder seasons too.

    The new Integra Alpine Oak is refreshingly simple for the summer months and the lighter grain of the units is so versatile that you can match it with almost any colour. Neutrals will bring the light into the kitchen and help achieve that airy feel, or go for bold to get a summer look that is unique to you. The textured cabinets are free from handles, helping everything in this contemporary kitchen flow nice and smoothly.

    For a kitchen to team with the botanical trends of SS16, Winchester Grey looks unique when paired with a pine green feature wall. The industrial mid-grey palette may not feel immediately summery but when topped with oak timber worktops and paired with green, brings a feeling of the outdoors inside. The sleek, stylish kitchen has a classic edge with the wood grain effect shaker doors.

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  • Apollo White feat Viva Grey

    Five Flooring Ideas for Your Kitchen

    Flooring options to consider in your home

    As one of the busiest rooms in the home, kitchen décor is important and it’s likely your flooring will be here to stay. A new floor can transform any room and whilst it’s likely that you’ll want your kitchen flooring to be practical, that doesn’t mean boring.

    Flooring is also a great way to tie the kitchen and dining room together, and in terms of colour, it often works well to choose flooring that matches your cabinets to create a good base pallet.

    Magnet’s engineered flooring is made up of three layers of wood in a cross-grain lamination, making it even more resistant to temperature change and moisture. Engineered wood is perfect for use throughout the home and so a great option for a cohesive feel throughout.

    For a traditional feel, solid wood brings a natural beauty to your kitchen. The long life of wood will also add value to your home as well as a touch of elegance. Warm shades of oak work well with pale coloured cabinets.

    Laminate is often an affordable choice, available in a versatile range of designs to suit any kitchen. Slate black is a stylish, contemporary choice that looks particularly effective when paired with glossy white cabinets for a sleek, modern style.

    For added practicality, consider Quick-Step Impressive flooring. Ideal for the kitchen, Impressive flooring has a unique hydroseal water-resistant coating, making it extra resistant to those inevitable spills.

    Make a bold move with printed flooring to create a feature floor in the kitchen. Go for porcelain tiles for a modern effect, stylish and stain resistant is a winning combination.

    Don’t forget that great flooring needs a good foundation, so be sure to prepare for your chosen style.

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  • Magnet Kitchens Eton Cream

    Loving Your L-Shaped Kitchen

    Make the most of your kitchen space

    Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes. Over the years, extensions combining rooms and reduced living space has meant new layouts in the kitchen have emerged. The L-shape kitchen is found in many homes and consists of two adjacent, perpendicular walls. The open feel to the layout makes it suitable for both small and larger kitchens.

    The L-shape is a perfect setting to allow a good flow around the kitchen, with key appliances located conveniently along each leg you will have everything to hand so your kitchen is a joy to use. This layout is also popular within households that like to entertain, as the L-shape has the ability to facilitate multiple cooks and allow for social gatherings at the same time.

    Combine tall units with wall and floor units along the legs of the L to create ample, flexible storage space, as seen in Magnet’s Integra Astral White. This mixture of units is ideal to hold all your kitchen gadgets, crockery and utensils.

    Smaller L-shape kitchens can be packed a little tighter and often include a dining table, perfect for family households. The Viva Oak kitchen can be the hub of a family home whilst still maintaining a little of the open-plan feel.

    In a larger L-shape kitchen, if you have enough space to accommodate, consider adding a central island to the layout to break up the space. Also great for entertaining kitchens, an island allows the host to face the festivities whilst cooking, rather than having their back to guests. Magnet’s Era kitchen has a crisp and clean contemporary style, the clean lines of the matt white cabinets have a clutter-free impact making the kitchen perfect for dinner or cocktail parties.

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  • Vienna Oak

    A Stylish Kitsch-en - Retro Is Back

    How to achieve the style that always comes back around

    Retro kitchens are back on the scene for interiors, particularly that 60’s-70’s feel, and the vintage style is perfect for summer.

    A retro design is a great way to have fun with your kitchen, whether it is through colour palette, units, furniture and appliances, or just through accessories and accents.

    When choosing a colour scheme, select two or three primary colours. How you interpret these colours depends on your personal style, however consider a bright worktop surface, Magnet’s Quartz comes in two eye-catching primary shades, Pimenta and Azul.

    White or cream is the perfect base to create a vintage feel, the Gloss Cream Slab kitchen is a stylish, kitsch take on the trend. The sleek gloss finish of the cabinets is complemented with pastel polka-dot wallpaper and quirky bright accessories for a truly retro 50’s style.

    Simple, cosy cabinets or even retro cabinets with a touch of modern style, such as Shaker, work perfectly to create a retro feel. For a stylish twist on the classic Shaker theme, Magnet’s Hudson Cream units feature Shaker style doors, with an updated, sleek cream finish and curved D handles to give a modern edge.

    For a more subtle adaptation, you can give your kitchen that retro edge with vintage inspired accessories or appliances. Microwaves, fridges and ovens are available in a whole range of colours and even fully retro styles. Rangemaster ovens look wonderfully kitsch and come in a selection of primary colours and even pastel shades of blue, yet perform like a brilliantly modern oven.

    Take inspiration from the swinging 60’s and the stylish 70’s or choose an era that you love to be perfectly on-trend and achieve a stylish retro kitschen.

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  • Magnet Kitchens Nova White

    Double White – A Kitchen Colour Trend For Summer

    This season everything will be all white

    Update your interiors for summer with the season’s most paired-back trend, white on white.

    The classic colour has associations with simplicity and cleanliness in interiors and therefore is ideal for kitchens, but don’t fear, double white doesn’t have to mean stark and sterile.

    The beauty of this versatile colour is that it can be adapted to both modern and traditional kitchens. Creamy white pairs well with thick wooden worktops for a traditional style, whereas high gloss white cabinets with integrated handles is perfect for that lacquered modern look.

    Magnet’s Nova White demonstrates how well a double dose of white can work, by combining different textures. The kitchen features pristine white units, walls and a shimmering marble effect splashback for a stunningly simple look

    There is a trend for metal hardware within the home, and appliances are no exception as they often come in slick metal finishes such as stainless steel. Since the kitchen is home to a number of appliances, these metal accents are best paired with neutral colours such as white. Copper handles can also be added to cabinets to add a touch of glamour to the crispness of the white.

    Strip away unnecessary embellishment in the kitchen for your all-white room, to focus attention on a few carefully chosen pieces. Whether that is art or a display unit, draw visitors’ attention in with no distractions.

    Don’t underestimate the power of white as a fresh start. Remember that starting off with a white room is like a blank canvas for your chosen accents and personal touches.

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  • Magnet Kitchens Gloss White Shaker

    How To Create The Perfect Family Kitchen

    Factors to consider for an ideal family room

    Some homes might include impressive kitchens that will host endless dinner parties and some might opt for a space that will accommodate the busy lives of the families that live there. A functional family kitchen doesn’t have to compromise on style.

    There are lots of options you can consider to make your kitchen family friendly, from both a design and organisational point of view. A great place to start is to ask yourself, “how does each family member use the kitchen?” Because the chances are, it isn’t just for cooking.

    If you often find the little ones keeping you company whilst you’re preparing meals, consider making the kitchen two rooms in one with a seating area. If you’re a little more restricted on space, a breakfast bar or island with bar stool style seating provides the perfect perch for children to hang around. Magnet’s Astral Crème demonstrates an ideal relaxed seating area for kitchen conversations.

    If your children are a little older and can find their own way around the kitchen, organisation will be key. If children get their own snacks or breakfast, consider a designated kids drawer or section. A pull-out larder contains five easy access wire baskets and the bottom layers are great to allocate to children’s food such as cereal.

    Similarly, Magnet’s Table Plus is a wall-mounted innovation, folding down from a storage cabinet into a table. Table Plus makes the perfect breakfast and snacking area for children and the handy storage space means you can stash away their favourite kitchen crockery when not in use.

    Do consider a splash of colour in the kitchen to complement your style. This will not only lift the room but will make it a space that children want to spend time in. You don’t have to commit to a bright feature wall, even colourful utensils and appliances can lift a room.

    The great thing about family kitchens is the personal touches. A family blackboard is a lovely way to keep family memos and leave notes for busy families, whether it be sentimental messages or this week’s shopping list. This Gloss White Shaker is paired with a whole chalkboard wall, with the matte black nicely complementing the gloss white units.

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  • Magnet kitchens Astral Oro

    The Perfect Finish – Gloss or Matt

    Two styles to consider for your kitchen

    The matt kitchen has been an increasingly popular choice for kitchen surfaces and cabinets in recent years due to its contemporary feel, but a classic gloss will also never go out of style.

    When each finish creates a dramatically different look, how do you choose the finish that’s best for you and your home?

    A high gloss finish works well with flat cabinet doors, allowing the surface to fully reflect the light. The paler the colour, the more light is reflected. For this reason white kitchens are particularly suited to a gloss because the brightness can make a space feel bigger and more open.

    However don’t overlook gloss for a darker coloured kitchen, the Astral Oro has a unique retro feel with the eye-catching colour variation. Gloss cabinets can also be a saviour for family kitchens, as the smooth surfaces make for much easier cleaning.

    On top of cabinets, you can also consider the material and finish of your worktop surface. Real wood can have a more textured finish than other worktop options and can sit nicely on top of matt units. Magnet’s Newbury White features a naturally attractive timber worktop and subtle off-white cabinetry to give a classic yet contemporary feel.

    On the other hand, the contrast of matt units and sleek granite worktop surfaces can be equally complementary. The Harrogate Cream cabinets feature wide rails and slim grooves for a traditional feel, with finishing touches of walnut timber knobs.

    Shaker styles generally work well with a matt finish, as demonstrated by Magnet’s Grey Shaker with the sophisticated grey units.

    When choosing your kitchen, you don’t necessarily have to pick one finish and stick to it, remember that incorporating both can be equally effective, although it is key to choose the right finish for your home and cabinets.

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  • Magnet Fusion Cream

    Easy To Clean Kitchens

    How to achieve a low maintenance kitchen

    A beautiful kitchen doesn’t have to mean high maintenance or low functionality. There are many aspects of a kitchen that combine stunning design and minimum upkeep.

    A glass splashback is a vital addition for an easy to clean kitchen, and will fit neatly behind your sink or cooking space as they are available in almost any size. The wipeable glass is easy to clean and catches any splashes to save you from any potential wall stains. Also available in standard glass, Decocolour and Deco Glaze ranges from Magnet, you can choose a colour and finish to suit your kitchen style perfectly.

    Magnet’s Smart Cube is a convenient waste bin tucked into a pull-out cabinet under your worktop. For minimal effort when preparing food and cleaning surfaces, waste can simply be swept off the surface and into the bin, out of sight.

    Similarly, some worktop surfaces require less up-keep and are easier to clean, such as Magnet’s High Definition Laminate. Laminate is practical and hardwearing as well as water and stain resistant, so the perfect worktop surface for a low-maintenance kitchen. The surface has a smooth finish that can be wiped down easily and doesn’t require the treatment natural materials such as wood may need.

    Organisation within your cabinets is more of a behind-the-scenes tip for an easy-clean kitchen. Make sure your cleaning products are quick to hand with a deep pan drawer unit with top sink drawer. The ingenious storage maximises on space surrounding the underneath of the sink and is the perfect home for your cleaning products as they can still be kept beneath the sink without being tucked away at the back of a bottom cupboard.

    Magnet’s essentials include the Base Unit Liner, which protects sink units and cupboards from damage and spillages. The liner can be removed for cleaning, to save you trying to reach all the way into that far back corner in the case of a spillage.

    Enough work is done in the kitchen whilst cooking, so why spend more time cleaning up, when you could be relaxing and enjoying your new kitchen?

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  • Magnet pull-out larder

    Pull Out Storage Solutions

    Expert advice from Kate Watson-Smyth

    Storage is one of the key elements of a kitchen. Who hasn’t at some point bemoaned the lack of it, wished for more, or spent an infuriating 10 minutes rummaging in the dark at the back for the thing that, when you find it, turns out to have gone past its sell-by date? I’m pretty sure it isn’t just me.

    Kitchen designers are under pressure to come up with ever more ingenious ideas to create more space out of nothing. A tall order if ever there was one.

    The team at Magnet has designed something clever though. It’s called the Pull-Out Larder - a tall cupboard for all your dry goods, the door is fitted with narrow shelves so that you can instantly see what you have and grab what you need as soon as you open it.

    Inside the cupboard is a shelf that is about two-thirds the depth of the space. This is to accommodate the shelves on the door when it’s closed. But, we’re not done yet. When you open the door, the shelves in the cupboard slide forward.

    Suddenly, everything is there in front of you, it’s easy to see and it’s easy to reach.

    There are no more excuses for keeping out of date foods or, and this is my particular problem, buying more and more tins of tomatoes because you can’t see into the cupboard to know that you already have enough for several weeks. By which I mean months.

    It’s a simple idea but then many of the best ones are. If you’re redoing your kitchen then this is definitely one to put on the list.

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  • Newbury White

    Show and Tell - Creating Displays in the Kitchen

    How to highlight your personal touches

    Many see the kitchen as the most functional room in the home, however we believe that style and personality are as important to kitchen design as they are any other room in the home.

    Whilst your chosen kitchen design can say a lot about your individual style, it’s the finishing touches and accents that allow you to inject some personality to your decor.

    A great way to highlight those key touches and illuminate your space is with well-placed lighting. Magnet’s Illuminated Shelf Light is an effective way to draw attention to any functional pieces that you might want to have on show, such as your favourite wine glasses and decanter.

    The functional and decorative Shelf Plus can be lined along the back of your worktop surfaces or mounted on the wall to truly exhibit those key pieces. Designed to de-clutter your space, it’s also the perfect platform to display decorative items.

    The display cabinet that features in Magnet’s Newbury Grey and White kitchens is the ultimate showcasing opportunity. The tall, elegant unit gives pride of place to items you would like to display in your kitchen. Perhaps the dinner set that you reserve for special occasions, a prized plant, or the expensive bottle of wine you haven’t yet opened?

    Magnet’s selection of Display Plus drawers are more subtle options to present your favourite kitchen features. The Illuminated Drawers quite literally highlight your personal favourites when they light up inside. Feature Drawers incorporate into your units with a glass top, allowing guests to peek into your hobbies and passions.

    Add some photographs or personalised pieces as the finishing touches to your make your kitchen space truly your own.

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