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  • Somerton Cream

    The Latest Kitchen Must Have

    A Home Smoker Of Course

    Earlier in the year we told you what the top kitchen gadgets of 2016 are set to be, including a heated ice cream scoop and spiraliser, but there is a latecomer to the list.

    According to retailers home-smokers are creeping up the list and will soon take centre stage in your kitchen. There has been a 200% rise in sales compared to the previous year*

    As we learn to enjoy our kitchens more and acquire new culinary skills, the smoker is the perfect addition to create new and exciting dishes. From eggs and vegetables, to cheese and meat, the possibilities really are endless.

    When attempting to recreate these smoky flavours and effects at home there are a few pointers to watch out for:

    - Be prepared for failure as the smoking process is not as simple as putting something in the oven

    - Patience is key as the smoking process is to nurtue the food in question

    - Like all small appliances do not leave unattended

    Forget the large smokehouse in your garden it is all about what can be cooked on your worktop. Accentuate this smoky wood theme further by adding warm wood features to your kitchen.

    *Amazon figures, Daily Mail article 01/02/16

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  • Grey Shaker

    A New Kitsch-en

    Bring A Touch Of Vintage To Your Home

    In a world of hi tech appliances, modern innovations and white cabinets upon even whiter walls, it’s nice to get rid of the fresh look and take a step in the vintage direction.

    Vintage doesn’t always have to mean stuffy florals and drab colours, instead opt for richness and elegance with your kitchen choice and design.

    Firstly choose the Leighton Grey, a traditional Shaker style combined with solid wood worktops that mixes classic with contemporary. The rounded corners give a softer feel that lend itself perfectly to vintage and more traditional styles.

    A dining room attached to your kitchen is perfect for families and people who like to entertain but it is vital you get a consistent flowing theme throughout both. Before you start deciding on paint shades it is recommended you paint everything white to spend time getting a feel for the light before deciding on colours.

    To create a true vintage French feel, reminiscent of a rural, traditional café, accessorise with industrial style pendant lighting in a bold black – buy two or three to hang over an island or dining table.

    Finally continue the warm wood feel from your worktops and adorn your kitchen and dining room with wood art pieces and crates that create storage while also looking incredibly stylish. Stags are a trend set to stay for 2016, choose cushions, ornaments and throws to decorate your space.

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  • Fantasy Oak

    Are you embracing autumn?

    Add some seasonal touches to your kitchen

    It’s that time of year to embrace the cold, and as we enjoy the upcoming holidays we are looking at quick seasonal updates to adapt your kitchen ready for autumn.

    But don’t think you need a total kitchen revamp, with these simple steps and useful hacking tips your kitchen will be left looking and feeling like a whole new space.

    The simplest of steps is a lick of paint. Pick a feature wall in your kitchen, maybe between your kitchen cabinets, around your window or as a centre piece above your oven, therefore doubling up as a splashback. A set of autumn paint colours inspired by warm earth tones of falling leaves, including browns, yellows, oranges and bold reds will work beautifully.

    Go one step further and accessorise with appliances, crockery and dining sets in the same hues.

    Take advantage of the abundance of fallen leaves and collect them to make some beautiful unique pieces for your kitchen. You could even get the kids or grandchildren involved. Use an old vase and glue the rich orange and red leaves around it then seal with a PVA glue, once dry use this as a table centre piece or a container for utensils.

    Finally put your apron on and get the beautiful smell of ginger and cinnamon running through your kitchen by baking, don’t forget to send your pictures into @MagnetUK

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  • Magnet kitchens Astral Oro

    The Top10 Must Have Kitchen Utensils

    Our kitchens are now packed with hi tech appliances, the newest innovations and complicated utensils. But how many of these 10 essential kitchen accessories do you have in your home?

    Useful utensils – have some fun with your classic knife, fork and spoon set. And don’t forget to match your spatula, ladle and serving spoon to your kitchen accessory colour scheme.

    Cool cutting board – move away from the traditional wooden cutting board and choose one with a built in strainer to go from chopping to washing without leaving the board.

    Baking sets- not just for practicality and measuring, choose chic sets in quirky shapes and styles.

    Magnificent mugs – following on from the trend of open shelving, your mugs must look glam in your kitchen and be an ornament in their own right.

    Sleek oil – it’s time to decant your olive oil into a sophisticated metal can to show off on your worktop.

    Cheeky desserts – serve your delicious homemade desserts on equally as satisfying plates and dishes, in an array of shapes and designs.

    Stylish stools – kitchen islands are a key trend for 2015, so don’t let your kitchen down with plain stools. Choose bold styles and graphic prints coordinated with the rest of your kitchen.

    Silverware sorter – bring your cutlery out from the drawer and display in a caddy, canister or pot that can be moved around your kitchen.

    Wine rack – wine is never out of place in a kitchen. Keep your bottles organised with a stunning wall rack.

    Knife block – knives are very much a kitchen essential, keep them looking organised, stylish and out of the way of children in their own block. A wood style will never go out of fashion.

    We all know that the kitchen is the most practical, functional room in the home but with the addition of these items it will remain the most stylish too.

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  • Magnet Kitchens Oak Slab

    Is Your Kitchen Ready For...

    The return of the drinks trolley?

    At Magnet we like to assist you in designing and building your dream kitchen. A kitchen to suit all needs ranging from a practical, family space to a show-stopper kitchen to wow your guests.

    In the initial stages of planning a kitchen your main focus is arranging the oven, dishwasher and kitchen island but things are about to change as the drinks table is making a comeback.

    Often resigned to the parlour of a grand mansion, or something your grandparents brought out at Christmas, the drinks trolley was a dated feature.

    But now, think 2015 Mad Men-esque, the retro drinks trolley is making a revival and coming to a modern kitchen near you. Pull your spirits out from the back of your cupboards and display them proudly.

    Why not dazzle your guests with a diamond decanter or impressive cocktail shaker on the drinks trolley, besides bowls of lemon, lime and of course glacier cherries. There really will be no reason to go to a bar again.

    To finish off your one-stop party kitchen integrate the Magnet Sound Bar into your cabinets or plinth and match the sound to the mood via Bluetooth connectivity.

    Be the envy of your social circle and bring some 1930s glam into your home. Incorporate a silver metal trolley into the Oak Slab kitchen and ply it with your favourite tipple.

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  • dishwashers

    Exactly How Do You Stack Your Dishwasher?

    You may have been doing it wrong all this time

    At last we have a guide to end family arguments about loading the dishwasher. Those Sunday lunch tantrums when Dad thinks he knows best about filling the dishwasher with the colossal amount of plates, side plates, bowls and pans when realistically it’s never all going to go in.

    What category do you fall into when it comes to stacking the dishwasher? Are you a meticulous packer, practicing like you are piecing together a nuclear bomb? Or maybe a jumbled mess, in a ‘throw it in and hope for the best’ kind of way?

    Whichever way, thanks to a survey by a leading dishwasher brand we now know what exactly is right and just what we have been doing wrong all these years.

    DO stack plates by size, facing the same way

    DO prevent drips by emptying the bottom rack first

    DO position knives point down for safety. Forks and spoons can go either way

    DO place cups at an angle so water can run off

    DO make sure glasses are not touching so they don’t chip or break

    DO wait until you have a full load to save water and electricity


    DON’T rinse before loading – just scrape off excess food

    DON’T dump everything in at random

    DON’T stack pans on top of each other

    DON’T put crystal in the dishwasher

    DON’T leave dishwasher tablets lying around as they can harm children

    Whether stubborn partners or awkward flatmates choose to listen to this, or stick to their own firmly held dishwasher stacking views, remains to be seen.

    For now check out the range of dishwashers available for your new Magnet kitchen -

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  • Industrial Lighting

    Feature Lighting

    Lighting has become more than just a necessity

    Your kitchen needs to be well lit; it’s a must. Whether you get that from floor to ceiling sliding doors, under unit lighting or the newest trend for 2015, industrial-style lighting.

    Spotlights should be left in 2014, and instead adopt low hung, oversized lighting made up of steel, copper, glass and wire.

    Don’t be afraid that your kitchen will look like the back of a busy restaurant chain, industrial-style lighting can work with modern or traditional kitchens. Combine these two elements and pair together stainless steel with wood and glass with marble to create a stunning, homely kitchen.

    Industrial-style lighting however cannot work anywhere in the room. Due to the nature of the low hanging, over sized style, the feature looks best over large kitchen islands, dining tables or sinks.

    If you have high ceilings this lighting technique does a great job in bringing the room together and reducing the over-head gap. It also makes for a stunning effect and adds tremendous character to your kitchen.

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  • Grey Shaker

    Ideas For Entertaining Large Numbers

    Optimise space to create an inviting kitchen hub

    With the appearance of the summer sun comes an abundance of group get-togethers, so your kitchen needs preparing for group dinners on those long summer nights.

    The kitchen is the hub of any party; we all know this. But how can we avoid the cramped, awkward atmosphere and achieve the laid-back, spacious look all homes crave?

    The answer is to design your perfect Magnet kitchen featuring a chic island with discrete seating. The island becomes your focal point and your primary base for whatever crudités and aperitifs you have rustled up that day. For extra space remove all chairs and floor storage.

    For that perfect al fresco dining experience large patio doors are the key to uniting the outdoors and the indoors. Plus, depending on the weather you can bring your BBQ guests inside, as the chance of a British shower is high.

    Finally what party is complete without a crowd-pleasing playlist? With the slick integrated Sound Bar you can declutter your work surface of any speakers or cables and show off the Bluetooth connectivity to your friends. We will leave the song choice up to you though.

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  • Teacups

    Kitchen designs: Patterns

    Magnet sketches out how to use patterns in the kitchen

    You don’t have to be Picasso to bring an artistic flair to your kitchen. All you need is a quirky pattern and the right fixtures to give your space an alternative edge.

    The key to using patterns is clashing with confidence. Use primary colours such as red, blue and yellow that are guaranteed to make a statement especially in the form of a zigzag, geometric, spirals…Need we go on?

    Here are some top ways to incorporate patterns and magic up that wow factor:

    Patterned plates

    It might sound simple but investing in bright crockery will subtly inject personality into your kitchen. Pastels and patterns are more intriguing than plain plates, especially if they’re on display in a showcasing cabinet.

    Whimsical wallpaper

    A feature wall is a go to trend for those who want a kitchen full of character. But why not go one step further than a block colour and create a collage of your favourite patterns and shades?

    Fabulous fabrics

    Using a variety of fabrics with different patterns is a simple but effective way to introduce colour. Cover kitchen chair seats with the fabric and team with a bold colour on the chair frame for maximum effect.

    Using any of these techniques you can transform an ordinary kitchen into a masterpiece.

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  • Magnet Kitchens Gloss Cream Slab

    Game, set, mismatch

    Mismatch kitchen accessories for instant impact

    Introducing bright colours has always been encouraged in interior design and it's a kitchen trend that isn't going anywhere soon- something we're very happy about!
    The key to a beautifully bright home is finding the balance between quirky and quaint...Step in “mismatching”. Using alternating colours on the same furniture and fixtures automatically adds character and adds interest to your interiors. Why not try different colours for your kitchen and island cabinets? Or be bold and add alternating splashes of colour to each of your dining table chairs?
    Whatever you choose to make the focal point, be sure to commit to the trend and select eye catching colours that compliment each other.
    If you paint furniture in a colour that oozes the aura of an English rose then team it with a white or neutral kitchen so it has the maximum effect. Like the Gloss Cream Slab from Magnet- a simple and classic design that is the perfect backdrop for feature walls and bright furniture.

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