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  • Newbury White

    Show and Tell - Creating Displays in the Kitchen

    How to highlight your personal touches

    Many see the kitchen as the most functional room in the home, however we believe that style and personality are as important to kitchen design as they are any other room in the home.

    Whilst your chosen kitchen design can say a lot about your individual style, it’s the finishing touches and accents that allow you to inject some personality to your decor.

    A great way to highlight those key touches and illuminate your space is with well-placed lighting. Magnet’s Illuminated Shelf Light is an effective way to draw attention to any functional pieces that you might want to have on show, such as your favourite wine glasses and decanter.

    The functional and decorative Shelf Plus can be lined along the back of your worktop surfaces or mounted on the wall to truly exhibit those key pieces. Designed to de-clutter your space, it’s also the perfect platform to display decorative items.

    The display cabinet that features in Magnet’s Newbury Grey and White kitchens is the ultimate showcasing opportunity. The tall, elegant unit gives pride of place to items you would like to display in your kitchen. Perhaps the dinner set that you reserve for special occasions, a prized plant, or the expensive bottle of wine you haven’t yet opened?

    Magnet’s selection of Display Plus drawers are more subtle options to present your favourite kitchen features. The Illuminated Drawers quite literally highlight your personal favourites when they light up inside. Feature Drawers incorporate into your units with a glass top, allowing guests to peek into your hobbies and passions.

    Add some photographs or personalised pieces as the finishing touches to your make your kitchen space truly your own.

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  • Studio Grey

    Weathered - The Top Trend for Spring/Summer

    Bring shabby chic into your home

    Weathered is the latest home trend for Spring/Summer 2016, a style deriving from the natural effects of water and sun bleaching.

    The weathered trend radiates a true feeling of relaxation that evokes both natural and minimal qualities. This enables products to convey a wonderful calm that fuses both natural and minimal aspects, allowing products to exude a simple yet organic quality. This style is particularly effective within kitchen design, and can be easily accomplished.

    To bring shabby chic into the home we recommend adding weathered accessories to rustic style kitchens. Our Studio Grey works perfectly for this especially when paired with Nebraska Oak worktops. The Tatton Oak expresses a similar texture, with the natural warmth of its oak cabinets alongside the stone brick wall injecting a grainy yet stylish feel. This trend could also be implemented through the use of wooden beams, marbled coffee tables and weathered painted dining chairs, all of which achieve a homely design with charm and character.

    Your home is typically a place of serenity and tranquillity, so why not utilise this trend to heighten that sense of natural environment.

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  • Plinth sound unit

    Magnet’s Kitchen Soundtrack

    Set the mood with the Plinth Sound Bar

    It’s been said that music has the power to move us, that it defines who we are and that we are constantly making room for the sounds that inspire us. If this is the case, then why not make room for it in your kitchen?

    Whether you’re preparing a meal, doing the dishes or hosting a summer party, a kitchen full of music is sure to heighten the experience. Welcome your guests with superior sound, perhaps classical or something more upbeat. Either way, setting the mood will ensure a night to remember. As music should be wherever you are, let us introduce the Sound Bar.

    Standing as a proud member of the Innovations Plus selection, the Plinth Sound bar encompasses a stylish Sound bar system that can blend effortlessly into the plinth of your kitchen cabinets, helping you to effectively utilise dead space and to make better use of idle kitchen areas.

    Offering an entirety of music at your feet, the Bluetooth Plinth speaker can be synced with any enabled device. The power really is in your hands to transform the tunes, set the tone and create a magically musical atmosphere whenever you see fit.

    By giving your kitchen a musical edge you can really allow your personality to shine through. This fantastic Magnet innovation is sure to get your toes tapping

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  • Magnet Kitchens Integra Fusion White

    The Trend for Scandinavian Style Comes to Kitchens

    How to achieve an on-trend Scandi style kitchen

    Understated Scandinavian styling is sought after in many design aspects, namely fashion and interiors. A style synonymous with clean lines and effortless chic is naturally covetable for the home.

    There’s a number of ways to incorporate Scandinavian flare into the kitchen and Magnet demonstrates the demand for the move of Scandi style to kitchens with a number of designs in its current collection.

    Key aspects of a modern Scandinavian design include that paired-back feel and muted neutrals as base colours. For a truly authentic feel, start with pale wood flooring, which features heavily throughout traditional Scandinavian homes.

    White and cool grey are a classic colour combination to achieve the minimalist feel, the bright white units of Magnet’s Astral White work well with the grey tones of the ceiling and floor. This colour pairing also allows you to experiment with textures, such as high gloss cabinets against warm, grainy wood.

    Texture is a major aspect in Scandi style, and natural materials like wood are prominent in Scandinavian home design. Magnet’s selection of Bespoke Solid Wood worktops are the perfect way to add warmth to the neutral colours of your kitchen with deep tones such as Walnut and Wenge.

    Although it’s best to keep your key colours earthy and muted, don’t be afraid to accent with vibrant pops of colour, just be sure to keep any ornamentation in the kitchen minimal. Magnet’s Integra Astral White features the classic white/grey combination with two-tone units and an exciting yellow splashback.

    A great positive about Scandinavian style is that it is traditionally functional, so your kitchen will be as practical as it is beautiful.

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  • Magnet Bespoke Solid Wood Worktop

    Worktops That Work With Your Kitchen

    Which surface works best for you?

    Worktops are a key feature in your kitchen and there are a number of factors to take into consideration when choosing a new worktop besides budget.

    Magnet knows that your surfaces occupy a large part of your kitchen space, so whilst it is important that worktops work with your chosen design, maintenance and practicality should also be key influences in selecting kitchen worktops.

    The original solid surface for kitchen worktops, Corian is a fantastic, flexible option that can be cut to fit any surface shapes, with endless design possibilities.

    Granite is the ultimate worktop surface, adding value to your kitchen and home. The nature of this natural material means that each worktop is unique, whilst being one of the most durable materials on earth, and so the perfect surface for hard working kitchens.

    For a similar sleek and elegant style, with comparable durability, Quartz is a man-made surface. Available in a large range of unique shades, from subtle to statement to suit your style.

    A solid wood worktop is a beautifully traditional way to add value and warmth into your kitchen. Wood can suit a range of styles, from classic to rustic, however be aware of the maintenance involved in a wood worktop surface. This natural surface requires some care to maintain its attractive appearance, oiling and treating will help prevent staining and water damage.

    For cost-effective alternatives to natural kitchen surfaces, see Magnet’s range of laminate worktops. With core, square edges and high definition laminates, you can achieve the look that you want at the price you wish to pay. Shades and colours range from pine to stone, with textured designer finishes in the High Definition range to allow you to express your style in the kitchen.

    Magnet has plenty of styles and finishes for you to choose from, to achieve a worktop that perfectly complements your design.

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  • Magnet Kitchens Fusion Blue

    Spring Blues – The Colour of the Season

    How to incorporate the colour of the season into your kitchen

    You may have noticed that the colour blue is having a moment this season in interiors. This versatile primary colour comes in plenty of shades that flatter different rooms in the home, but what works best in the kitchen?

    From deep, moody indigos to sweet baby blue, this doesn’t have to be a cold colour. Magnet’s Tatton Cream kitchen is an example of how to incorporate blue into a classic style kitchen, with soft cornflower blue accents. Cream Shaker units are mounted on the subtle blue statement wall and complemented with a colourful Rangemaster oven to create a focal point.

    For a modern kitchen, the stony blue high gloss cabinet doors of Magnet’s Astral Blue kitchen is complemented by colour contrasting with light greys. The stylish combination of colours has a contemporary feel that is complemented with shining chrome accents.

    The combination of greys and blues works well in a whole range of different colour tones. Darker grey is brightened up with vibrant teal walls in Magnet’s Astral Grey kitchen. Other complemented colours that sit well with blue in the home and kitchen include light ivory and citrusy yellow. If blue is your base colour, consider using these as 10% of the colour scheme as accents.

    To use the colour to make a focal point in the kitchen, consider grey or ivory unit options, topped with Magnet’s Azul high gloss worktop, the pop of blue makes a stylish statement.

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  • All Cooks At Their Stations

    Expert advice from Kate Watson-Smyth

    We Brits live in the smallest houses in Europe and space is at a premium for all of us. The Magnet innovations team recognised that and came up with a way to address the issue - a Cook Station – a hob with the three rings in a row rather than the traditional square shape.

    This is a fantastic space-saving idea and one that I am seriously considering for my own kitchen. Traditional four burner hobs fit in a standard 60cm depth worktop. Some have five burners, which will be the same depth but slightly wider.

    But what if the hob was only 30cm deep? If the burners were arranged in a straight line? This would give you space in front to do the prepping, chopping, peeling. You can do everything you need in front of it and just throw it into the pan, rather than needing lots of space at the side.

    Alternatively, you can sit this hob towards the front of the worktop and use the space at the back to store your oil, spices and cooking utensils. You could even free up a cupboard by hanging some pans high on the wall at the back. The 30cm gap would mean they wouldn’t get splashed and you would still have space for a jar full of wooden spoons and other useful tools behind the hob and under the pans. Bare in mind that you should allow 55mm space behind the Cook Station to tolerate any residual heat.

    I am thinking of a hob like this for my kitchen island as my children like to use it as a breakfast bar and my traditional hob means that the smaller one has less room as he has the cooking end. Installing a long, thin version would give him more room and I would still be able to prep at the side.

    And, in a handy hint to encourage the rest of the family to help out, this arrangement means that two of you can stand and cook side by side too.

    Space-saving and family cooking time as well, what more could you want?

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  • Magnet illuminated shelf Light

    Nine Things Science Says You Need For A Happy Home

    Tips for the home to increase your general happiness

    There are many factors that contribute to our general happiness, but science has found that the home is the best place to start. Our homes are an extension of ourselves and these top tips, colours, scents and accessories can be incorporated to increase your chance of happiness.

    1. Yellow and green are found to evoke the most feelings of happiness in the home. Whilst a fully green kitchen may seem a bit bold, these bright hues make great accent colours. Think green splashback, statement wall or appliances.

    2. Giving you a perfect excuse to have flowers in the house all year round, research has found that the presence of flowers stimulates positive emotions, so treat yourself.

    3. Provoke a sense of calm throughout the house by displaying sentimental photographs and positioning them proudly on shelving with Magnet’s Illuminated Shelf Light.

    4. The scent of vanilla beans has been found to be incredibly mood improving and uplifting, so make some space on your kitchen worktops for vanilla scented candles. Freshly lit on your return from work, they will encourage relaxation.

    5. Our scent receptors are linked to the part of our brain that triggers emotions. Boost your mood with a light floral scent by opting for a subtle rose bud air freshener or perfume to increase feelings of happiness.

    6. Research has established a link between the stress hormone and the amount of household objects in a woman’s home, suggesting that clutter causes stress. So clear the clutter and make way for the calm, Magnet’s clever storage solutions help to keep your kitchen organised.

    7. No matter which side of the bed you wake up on, start the day right by making your bed. Research showed that 71% of those who take time to make their bed each day consider themselves happy. Conversely, of those who skip this morning ritual, 62% would label themselves as unhappy.

    8. Treat yourself to things that encourage experiences in the home. Spending time at home and making positive memories there is key, whether it’s new cutlery for dinner parties or DVDs for family movie nights. Don’t forget to document the good times with a photograph to display later.

    9. Pull up a seat at the dining room table and take a couple of minutes over a coffee to jot down your thoughts and feelings. Research has found that writing a journal helps us manage emotions and contributes to future moods, making us happier.

    *Statistics source:

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  • Magnet illuminated shelf Light

    Let There Be Light

    Different Ways To Incorporate Light Fittings Into Your Kitchen

    Lighting is compulsory in a kitchen we all know this, and whether you have a small or large space it’s essential to brighten up the kitchen and choose the right lighting to create the perfect ambience for the room.

    In addition to general spotlights and ceiling lighting there is a whole host of different kitchen lighting you can choose to illuminate drawers, cabinets and plinths.

    Shelf Lighting can be lit from the back or the shelf itself and brightens up the entire wall as well as the accessories and crockery on the shelf.

    An illuminated Feature Drawer enables you to display small items and utensils in a lit drawer, providing subtle hints of light around your kitchen.

    Plinth Lighting brings light to your kitchen right from the floor. Thin strips of LED lighting can line the bottom of your cupboards and create a very modern setting. Accentuate this plinth lighting further by having mirrored plinths placed around your kitchen to really reflect the light.

    Under Cabinet Lighting provides great light when working or cooking on the worktops. The lights and cables that come with it can also tuck neatly under the cabinets. This could also be a great opportunity to place sockets under your cabinets to clean up your worktop and kitchen.

    To view the complete range of lighting options available please take a look online.

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  • Somerton Cream

    The Latest Kitchen Must Have

    A Home Smoker Of Course

    Earlier in the year we told you what the top kitchen gadgets of 2016 are set to be, including a heated ice cream scoop and spiraliser, but there is a latecomer to the list.

    According to retailers home-smokers are creeping up the list and will soon take centre stage in your kitchen. There has been a 200% rise in sales compared to the previous year*

    As we learn to enjoy our kitchens more and acquire new culinary skills, the smoker is the perfect addition to create new and exciting dishes. From eggs and vegetables, to cheese and meat, the possibilities really are endless.

    When attempting to recreate these smoky flavours and effects at home there are a few pointers to watch out for:

    - Be prepared for failure as the smoking process is not as simple as putting something in the oven

    - Patience is key as the smoking process is to nurtue the food in question

    - Like all small appliances do not leave unattended

    Forget the large smokehouse in your garden it is all about what can be cooked on your worktop. Accentuate this smoky wood theme further by adding warm wood features to your kitchen.

    *Amazon figures, Daily Mail article 01/02/16

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