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  • Magnet Kitchens Tatton Cream

    Make Your House Your Home

    Simple ways to make your house feel more homely

    Whether your house is new, recently decorated or you just want it to feel that little bit more homely, there are many ways to make a house a home.

    Firstly, you should enjoy your space and the people in it. Entertaining is a great way to do this, hosting a dinner party or just relaxed drinks will make you feel appreciative of your home when you see everybody enjoying it. Where better to host a gathering than the heart of the home, the kitchen?

    This may sound unusual, but play music. Sound can be one of the most evocative senses, and music often links to our memories, so by having a house filled with sounds you can build new memories in your home. Similarly, spritz your home with fragrance, as sense of smell has a similar effect on our memories. Cultivate scent with flowers, perfume, hand soap or even freshly baked breads and cakes.

    As we’ve recently talked about in posts, get creative. Make things in your house that you enjoy and can even put on display. There are hundreds of DIY tips, tricks and upcycling hacks on the internet, although you don’t have to be artistic, if all else fails, make cocktails. The creative process will have you engaging with your house and making those homely connections, and if you have something handmade and personal at the end, that’s a bonus.

    Adding a touch of colour can make a room feel more personal, it could be accessories, furniture or a whole wall. We might not see much colour day to day here in the UK, so coming home to your favourite shades will make your house more inviting. Magnet’s Tatton Cream is a great example, as the glazed shaker units are complemented by a duck egg blue feature wall, oven and splashback.

    Finally, adorn your home with pictures and symbolic items that mean something to you. Having memories on show is guaranteed to make you feel at home in your space. Magnet has a selection of great products to help you showcase your personal pieces, including the innovative Shelf Plus.

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  • Magnet Kitchens Fusion Blue

    Kitchen Worktops

    Magnet’s top picks of work surfaces

    No kitchen is complete without worktops. It’s important that your surface works with your chosen design and at Magnet we have got lots of colours and materials for you to choose from.

    Our experts share their top picks with you to help you decide your favourite.

    Star Galaxy granite is an incredibly stylish choice. This option is a dark black with grey tones and stunning metallic flecks. Because granite is a natural material, the pattern of every single worktop is unique, making your kitchen one of a kind.

    Magnet’s Corian range is available in over 70 colourways, however we love Glacier White. This simple choice might be subtle, but is highly effective. The plain white surface can create quite the impact in a monochrome kitchen when paired with dark walls. The sleek feel reflects the easy maintenance of Corian in the kitchen.

    Quartz is a natural and durable worktop material. To add a touch of sparkle whilst keeping your space elegant and sophisticated, we recommend Metalico. The silver surface has metallic flecks that will reflect the light and breathe some life into your kitchen. This is a great choice to create an impressive modern feel, with a high gloss finish.

    For a traditional, warm kitchen, our top pick from the bespoke solid wood collection is Oak. An incredibly versatile wood that can be cut into any shape required and adds a timeless charm to the heart of the home.

    A great value worktop option is Laminate, and with stylish finishes such as Capitol Pine you can achieve the look of more expensive options like wood and granite for a price that will make you #lookagain. Capitol Pine even has a textured finish to achieve a realistic wood look.

    Whether you opt for a natural or manmade surface, we have a worktop at Magnet to suit your taste. Take inspiration from the experts and browse the full collection online.

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  • QDP Step 2

    Kitchen Design for the 21st Century

    Use Magnet’s QDP tool to design your dream kitchen

    Magnet’s QDP (quick design price) is an online tool to help you design your dream Simply Magnet kitchen.

    Simply Magnet is Magnet’s most affordable collection, but the high style options make you #lookagain at the price.

    Start off your design journey by selecting the approximate layout and the number of cabinets that best suits your kitchen. Layout examples include L shape, galley, U shape and kitchens with islands.

    You will then be prompted to personalise your kitchen, beginning with the main aspects including flooring, worktops and of course your chosen Simply Magnet kitchen range. There’s something to suit every taste, from classics such as Hudson Oak or Classic Cream Shaker, to the more modern Gloss White Slab and Apollo White. At this stage you will also select the essentials, cookers, hobs, hoods and details such as cabinet handles.

    Watch your vision come to life with a high definition CGI and real-time price updates as you review your kitchen creation. Make sure your design is suited to your home by refining your kitchen measurements and selecting the best cabinet layout to work with your room.

    Next you can take a virtual tour of your new personally designed 3D kitchen, and with 360º of detail you will practically see your future self preparing dinner in there.

    Once your happy with your masterpiece you can save your kitchen and create a print out to take along to a Magnet design consultation, or even send a copy directly to your local showroom. Leave your creation in the hands of the professionals and you’re one step closer to achieving your dream kitchen with Magnet.

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  • Norma

    Norma’s Kitchen Karma

    Magnet kitchen makeover winner’s story

    Norma Hornby was the lucky winner of a brand new Magnet kitchen in a recent competition we ran with House to Home.

    Charity worker Norma beat thousands of entrants to the prize of a lifetime, and won her dream kitchen in a Magnet makeover. After sending in photographs of her 1980’s time warp kitchen (Norma’s own words), she was selected for an £8,000 overhaul.

    Norma went with a great choice of the Nova Cream, a kitchen with a sophisticated cream gloss finish and simple, uncluttered styling that is a polar opposite of her previous kitchen nightmare.

    Charity is close to Norma’s heart as she runs Warrington’s Canal Boat Adventure Project and this was to play a key part in the new design. The kitchen also doubles as an office where Norma spends hours on her philanthropic work, so, of course, she deserves somewhere relaxed and stylish to do this.

    The Table Plus Innovation was incorporated into the design as somewhere for Norma to concentrate in comfort without compromising on the kitchen’s functionality and style. Doubling up as a sophisticated storage unit, the Table Plus folds down into a space to work and dine from when required.

    We asked Norma what she thought of the finished kitchen;
    It’s been an incredible process and I’m absolutely delighted with the finished product, my friends and family are so impressed.”

    Watch the transformation for yourself here.

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  • Plinth sound unit

    Kitchen Gadgets for Summer

    Make the most of your kitchen this season

    Summer is the perfect season for entertaining, whether it’s this year’s Olympics, a garden party or just celebrating the appearance of British sun.

    A drink mixer comes in handy for all of the above. You can whip up milkshakes and smoothies or add a dash of your favourite tipple for frozen cocktails. Friends will love you for the endless strawberry daiquiris and with models available in all kinds of colours, the mixer is a pretty kitchen accessory.

    Even in the warmer weather, us Brits can’t resist a cup of tea. A great new gadget allows us to enjoy our favourite beverage American style, iced. The Ice Tea Maker is a large pitcher that stores and serves ice tea. Choose a model combining steel and glass that will look sleek on the kitchen counter, keeping it in reach during the summer months.

    If you’re entertaining this summer or braving the weather for a BBQ, the preparation starts with food in the kitchen. If you grow your own herbs or buy them fresh, a freezable herb stick preserves fresh herbs in a stick that you can twist to use at a moments notice. Simply fill with your fresh picks and a little oil and freeze and slice or grate into any dish you prepare, ideal for seasoning some barbequed steaks.

    The ultimate in kitchen entertainment is the Magnet Plinth Sound Bar. The Bluetooth speaker sits subtly at the bottom of the cabinet and can be controlled remotely to fill your kitchen with a superior sound and really set the tone.

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  • Shelf Plus

    How Plants Bring Your Kitchen To Life

    Incorporate the botanical trend into the home

    This season sees the rise of botanical trends in homes, spurred on by the recent warm weather. These plant inspired trends can range from an urban jungle style incorporating modern metallics, to a fully tropical feel with leafy green prints and exotic floral motifs.

    The simplest, most natural way to incorporate the botanical trend into the home is with plants, and living plants do more for your home than just accessorise it.

    A great benefit to having plants in the home is that they purify the air and increase oxygen levels, converting carbon dioxide into oxygen - not just a pretty flower.

    For budding chefs, what better fit for your kitchen then a herb garden? Miniature versions are available for indoors and a sprinkle of fresh herbs gives cooking an extra special something, and gives you pride in what you’ve grown. Magnet’s Shelf Plus is the perfect innovation to display your herb garden, either on a counter or mounted on the wall.

    It may sound obvious, but keeping plants on the window ledge gives you something nice to look at even when it’s gloomy on the other side of the window, as well as providing them with the light they need to flourish.

    If you’ve gone for another of SS16’s biggest trends, retro, consider the 70’s staple, a macramé hanging planter. Bring your planter up to date with plain white rope and a clear bowl vase for a subtle update on the look.

    For kitchens with an island, this is the perfect location to showcase a beautiful bouquet or home-grown ingredients. Small chilli, lemon or lime trees can be grown in the home and make a great conversation piece when showcased in the kitchen.

    Don’t fall into the thinking that a botanical feel is just for summer time, as we know how quickly that can fly by, but keep your kitchen energised with plants all year-round to avoid letting the grey days of winter get you down.

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  • Apollo White feat Viva Grey

    Five Flooring Ideas for Your Kitchen

    Flooring options to consider in your home

    As one of the busiest rooms in the home, kitchen décor is important and it’s likely your flooring will be here to stay. A new floor can transform any room and whilst it’s likely that you’ll want your kitchen flooring to be practical, that doesn’t mean boring.

    Flooring is also a great way to tie the kitchen and dining room together, and in terms of colour, it often works well to choose flooring that matches your cabinets to create a good base pallet.

    Magnet’s engineered flooring is made up of three layers of wood in a cross-grain lamination, making it even more resistant to temperature change and moisture. Engineered wood is perfect for use throughout the home and so a great option for a cohesive feel throughout.

    For a traditional feel, solid wood brings a natural beauty to your kitchen. The long life of wood will also add value to your home as well as a touch of elegance. Warm shades of oak work well with pale coloured cabinets.

    Laminate is often an affordable choice, available in a versatile range of designs to suit any kitchen. Slate black is a stylish, contemporary choice that looks particularly effective when paired with glossy white cabinets for a sleek, modern style.

    For added practicality, consider Quick-Step Impressive flooring. Ideal for the kitchen, Impressive flooring has a unique hydroseal water-resistant coating, making it extra resistant to those inevitable spills.

    Make a bold move with printed flooring to create a feature floor in the kitchen. Go for porcelain tiles for a modern effect, stylish and stain resistant is a winning combination.

    Don’t forget that great flooring needs a good foundation, so be sure to prepare for your chosen style.

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  • Magnet Kitchens Nova White

    Double White – A Kitchen Colour Trend For Summer

    This season everything will be all white

    Update your interiors for summer with the season’s most paired-back trend, white on white.

    The classic colour has associations with simplicity and cleanliness in interiors and therefore is ideal for kitchens, but don’t fear, double white doesn’t have to mean stark and sterile.

    The beauty of this versatile colour is that it can be adapted to both modern and traditional kitchens. Creamy white pairs well with thick wooden worktops for a traditional style, whereas high gloss white cabinets with integrated handles is perfect for that lacquered modern look.

    Magnet’s Nova White demonstrates how well a double dose of white can work, by combining different textures. The kitchen features pristine white units, walls and a shimmering marble effect splashback for a stunningly simple look

    There is a trend for metal hardware within the home, and appliances are no exception as they often come in slick metal finishes such as stainless steel. Since the kitchen is home to a number of appliances, these metal accents are best paired with neutral colours such as white. Copper handles can also be added to cabinets to add a touch of glamour to the crispness of the white.

    Strip away unnecessary embellishment in the kitchen for your all-white room, to focus attention on a few carefully chosen pieces. Whether that is art or a display unit, draw visitors’ attention in with no distractions.

    Don’t underestimate the power of white as a fresh start. Remember that starting off with a white room is like a blank canvas for your chosen accents and personal touches.

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  • Magnet Fusion Cream

    Easy To Clean Kitchens

    How to achieve a low maintenance kitchen

    A beautiful kitchen doesn’t have to mean high maintenance or low functionality. There are many aspects of a kitchen that combine stunning design and minimum upkeep.

    A glass splashback is a vital addition for an easy to clean kitchen, and will fit neatly behind your sink or cooking space as they are available in almost any size. The wipeable glass is easy to clean and catches any splashes to save you from any potential wall stains. Also available in standard glass, Decocolour and Deco Glaze ranges from Magnet, you can choose a colour and finish to suit your kitchen style perfectly.

    Magnet’s Smart Cube is a convenient waste bin tucked into a pull-out cabinet under your worktop. For minimal effort when preparing food and cleaning surfaces, waste can simply be swept off the surface and into the bin, out of sight.

    Similarly, some worktop surfaces require less up-keep and are easier to clean, such as Magnet’s High Definition Laminate. Laminate is practical and hardwearing as well as water and stain resistant, so the perfect worktop surface for a low-maintenance kitchen. The surface has a smooth finish that can be wiped down easily and doesn’t require the treatment natural materials such as wood may need.

    Organisation within your cabinets is more of a behind-the-scenes tip for an easy-clean kitchen. Make sure your cleaning products are quick to hand with a deep pan drawer unit with top sink drawer. The ingenious storage maximises on space surrounding the underneath of the sink and is the perfect home for your cleaning products as they can still be kept beneath the sink without being tucked away at the back of a bottom cupboard.

    Magnet’s essentials include the Base Unit Liner, which protects sink units and cupboards from damage and spillages. The liner can be removed for cleaning, to save you trying to reach all the way into that far back corner in the case of a spillage.

    Enough work is done in the kitchen whilst cooking, so why spend more time cleaning up, when you could be relaxing and enjoying your new kitchen?

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  • Magnet

    High Tech Kitchens

    How to make your kitchen more technical

    Technology plays a large role within the kitchen, and no longer just in the form of cooking appliances. As the kitchen has become a more diverse room within the home, it is not just for food preparation anymore. The kitchen hosts parties and catch ups and is a social space.

    Whether it’s modern or traditional, bring your kitchen into the age of technology with a range of Innovations Plus from Magnet, smarter ideas for better kitchens.

    If your kitchen is the dedicated area for social events and get-togethers, the Sound Plus comprises a stylish sound bar that blends seamlessly into the unused plinth space below cabinets. Guests will not even notice where the superior sound filling the room is coming from, especially when you’re in control of the Bluetooth connectivity.

    Just because your kitchen may be lacking in space, doesn’t mean that you can’t include exciting technological aspects. The 3 Ring Cook Station is a single line of heat points, for an efficient cooking area and maximum worktop space. Similarly, if you’re still looking to add to your worktop surface, the Worktop Plus provides this, along with subtle storage. Extra preparation space wheels in and out of a discreet cabinet style mechanic.

    You can’t deny that there is something exciting about hidden technology, and the Cabinet Plus is just that. Ingeniously located shelves at the rear of your cabinets reveal themselves at the flick of a switch for easy access. You’ll be a little more enthusiastic about fetching your utensils with this gadget.

    Whether you want to add a little charm to the kitchen or increase it’s functionality with technology, Magnet has an innovation to suit all homes for a kitchen that works with you not against you.

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