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Estate agent in kitchen

The value of a kitchen

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Kitchen etiquette

Kitchen Britain’s Kitchen Etiquette Revealed

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12 Small kitchen design ideas for creating space

If you want to learn how to instantly enlarge your square footage, here're our top 12 small kitchen ideas:

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Cooking Waste Not, Want Not: Most Googled Leftover Recipes

Lockdown helped to turn many a kitchen shy-away into a culinary connoisseur but honing these budding skills means that we need to learn to get creative with our leftovers. The question is, how?

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NHS Giveaway Kitchen Winner

As the UK faced these difficult and confusing times, key workers have become the heroes of the nation, working tirelessly to keep our families safe. To thank our frontline workers and their families, Magnet offered them the opportunity to win the kitchen of their dreams, on the house.

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Restaurant Recipe FOMO

Fast Food Fomo

The famous recipes we just can’t live without.

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Trends It's Time to Brighten Up

The winter days are coming to an end, and it's time to think Spring. Brighten up by introducing some colour to your kitchen.

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Soho Pebble Path

Welcome to Worktop Heaven

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The Recipe of Love

What is the most romantic cuisine to cook for your partner on date night? And what ingredients will be sure to impress and woo them?

To find out, we analysed 3,141 ingredients from 329 BBC Good Food recipes containing words such as “romantic”, “for two” and “Valentine’s”, to determine what you should be cooking to express your love.

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