5 Points to consider when renovating your kitchen

Creating your dream kitchen is more than just a purchase, it’s a journey.

Interiors blogger, Liv Madeline

Every successful kitchen renovation starts with the solid foundations of a great plan put together by both yourself and your dedicated designer. But what key points need to be considered to ensure that you’ll love the heart of your home for years to come?

We’ve teamed up with interiors blogger, Liv Madeline, who's currently renovating her ‘fixer-upper’ London home, to hear her expert advice on how to best navigate the inspiration stage of your personal kitchen journey.

Over to you, Liv...

Choosing your kitchen has to be the most exciting part of renovating your home, not only is it the heart of every home but it is where you spend the majority of your time, now so more than ever.

From picking the right colours, layout, features and appliances, proper kitchen planning is key if you want a successful kitchen design that lasts and fulfils all your expectations.

What we've learned over the last year is to really value the space in our homes; the role of the kitchen has transformed from being a place to where we’d simply cook, to a multifunctional living space where we have been working from home, home schooling, joining in an online workout or dancing to a virtual concert, cutting hair and becoming lockdown mixologists.

Magnet have created a new term for this: the "Super Living Kitchen”.

Whilst our kitchen is currently a shell – no cupboards or appliances – a new kitchen is definitely on the cards for us this year. While both working full-time and exerting ourselves on other DIY projects in the flat, Rob and I have been using our spare time to plan and gather kitchen inspiration – which is where we're at now.

This can’t be underestimated especially when two people have different ideas and tastes but there is a middle ground. If, like us, you’re currently looking to renovate your kitchen, you may find the following tips useful...

Tip #1: Create a mood board

This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your style and personality and what has helped Rob and I to find a middle ground with both our ideas; creating a mood board. Whether it’s via Pinterest, Instagram or magazine tear sheets, it's the perfect starting point to round up all of your ideas and inspiration.

By collating the images together, it will you help you identify, visualise and communicate the styles and features you are drawn to. Once you can see what colours and textures you like together, visually, on your mood board, you can call in samples to really get a feel for how they'll look in your space.

The design experts at Magnet offer a sample service which delivers safely to your door, so you can make sure your choices look stunning in your space, giving you confidence in your decision.

Tip #2: Select your style and colour palette

When selecting a colour scheme, you should go with something that makes you feel good, inspires you and that suits your everyday style.

Depending on where you go, when selecting a style of kitchen you are usually restricted to a very limited number of colours. That’s not the case with Magnet Create which offers a stunning collection of 20 bespoke colours made not just to see, but to feel as well.

The range of shades comprises of five standard colours and 15 paint-to-order shades. You all already know, I do love my neutrals, therefore I’m drawn towards a light and airy kitchen, sticking to lighter but warm, smooth shades like Pebble Bath and Cashmere Sweater that can help you achieve just that.

Or perhaps you’d prefer it to be darker, and more enveloping, in which case I’d opt for a cosy Midnight or Charcoal. Or perhaps even a dual-toned colour scheme if you want a combination of your favourite shades.

Tip #3: Consider how you use your kitchen

As we know, in 2020 kitchens became much more than just a place to cook. Super Living Kitchens is an apt term as we want to make the most of the space we have, suited to our current and future lifestyles.

What do I use this space for now? How might it be used in the future? What features do I want and what do I need?

From here, you can work out how to develop the perfect and most functional space and workflow. There are many options to choose from whether you’re planning a galley, U-shaped or open-plan kitchen.

Tip #4: Find your kitchen features

What must your ideal kitchen have and what's on your wish list? This is key to planning out the space – how much do you have to fit in and budget for? Whether it’s a wine cooler, a double oven, pull-out bin, dishwasher, wireless charger or additional pull-out worktop space.

Consider how much storage space you need. Maximise your space with clever storage solutions, no matter the size of your kitchen. Flexible storage is also very handy when considering functionality without restricting space.

Take advantage of kitchen design experts and see what they suggest – it’s an excellent starting point.

Tip #5: Choose your finishing touches

It’s the small details that can turn a standard space into something extremely special. Experiment by mixing shapes and tones like antique brass handles, taps, choosing from a myriad of worktops and backsplashes or tiles and then adding ample seating.

Perhaps introducing different textures, such as, rattan and wicker stools, to go with your table, breakfast bar or island, can help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

Creating a new kitchen is such an enjoyable experience but it’s a huge decision for anyone - you want to make the right selection so that you’ll love your kitchen for many years to come.

With these top tips and the help of a Magnet’s team of design experts, you can feel confident in your kitchen journey every step of the way, safe in the knowledge that you’re building the heart of your home from an amazing, well thought-out plan.