The latest in kitchen design for 2021/22

As 17th May rolls closer, it’s almost time for us to start welcoming guests back into our homes for the first time in, well, let’s just say a while. But after a year of being stuck indoors, it might be time to give your kitchen a bit of TLC.

Winchester Dove Grey

If you’re looking to start a full kitchen redesign, it can be difficult to know where to start. A new kitchen is an investment that you want to get right.

The kitchen is where you spend so much of your time, especially over the last 12 months, it’s proved to be truly the heart of the home, so you’ll want to do it justice.

Here, our in-house trend expert, Hayley Simmons, shares her advice on how to bring the very best in 2021/22 kitchen trends into your home - from how to use colour to set the right mood, to the rise of textured materials, nifty gadgets and how to be more sustainable.

Newest kitchen trends 2021

Mood setting colours

Our homes have seen a lot over the last 12 months. Whether that’s working and home-schooling, or just the general chaos of family life contained within four walls.

It’s more important than ever to make sure that your kitchen is designed with the whole family’s wellbeing in mind.

Colour can have a big impact on this. In 2020 Dulux named ‘Tranquil Dawn’ their colour of the year, with the aim of promoting calm within the home.

Interiors experts are predicting a rise in people choosing their colour palette to set the tone of their environment and we understand how important this is as part of good kitchen design.

To bring the trend into your own home, Hayley suggests first considering how you want to feel. "Looking to feel calm and serene? Neutrals are great for invoking a feeling of comfort, whereas earthy tones in hues such as red, pink and terracotta will bring warmth and stability.

"Incorporating shades of greens will give you the feeling of being in nature along with the associated feelings of health and happiness. If it’s tranquillity you want, opt for blue which is well known to aid in relaxation.

"Whether you go for a dark or light shade will also create a massively different mood, whether it’s rich, dramatic midnight shades to create the perfect backdrop for entertaining or light, fresh shades to bring light and airiness to your space, there’s a lot to consider."

For help picking the right colour for your family, head over to our blog post all about colour.

Sustainable living

As we become more and more aware of the impact our everyday decisions have on the environment, we are looking at ways to make our home as sustainable as possible.

The kitchen is key to creating an eco-friendly living environment as it has a wealth of opportunities to do so.

Whilst the design and style of the kitchen is typically the top priority, there are ways to incorporate sustainable living which strikes a balance, ensuring you have the ability to simply and effectively live a more sustainable daily life without compromise.

So how do you best set up your own space? Hayley advises: "Integrated recycling bins will make it easy to split out your everyday waste and encourage recycling without spoiling the look and feel of the room.

"Hot water and filter taps are also fantastic for reducing your carbon emissions and water consumption."

It might not be the most stylish trend, but sustainability is only going to get more prevalent as we move towards 2022.

The social kitchen

If there’s one thing we’ve missed over the last year, it’s spending time with family and friends - from dinner parties to games nights, we’ve missed out on hosting our loved ones.

As we look to reconnect, building a kitchen that works for more than just cooking is set to be the latest trend in kitchen design.

Hayley’s advice for turning your kitchen into a hive of activity? "When starting to think about how to make your home more sociable, consider how you can create a space where people will naturally congregate.

"Kitchen islands work really well for this, as they form a clear focal point within a room that works for everything from family time to gatherings with friends.

"To make the area stand out, consider a different yet complimenting colour palette to the rest of the units for a dual-toned look.

"Make sure to allow a decent amount of space between the island and the kitchen cabinets to avoid it feeling to cramped, and factor in any stools or chairs you might want in the area.

"If you’re known for having people round for a drink or two, another trend you can tap into is the rising popularity of home bars.

"A fun way to bring some personality into the kitchen, they offer a way of presenting something that would otherwise remain hidden, in a chic way.

"You can dress the bar with an eye-catching backsplash or neon sign to really draw attention to the area. Team with on trend, statement glassware and keep your best bottles visible for a real wow effect.

"Magnet offers wine coolers as well which can be slotted under the worktop to ensure you have a perfectly chilled white or rose for when guests spontaneously drop by."

Time-saving appliances

It’s fair to say that time has never been more precious.

As we move slowly towards a new normal, people are looking to prioritise their free time and make changes to their home that will allow them to be more time-efficient.

The less time spent on simple tasks means more time to spend on things that really matter, and so time-saving appliances are set to see a surge in popularity.

From hot water taps that make waiting for the kettle to boil a thing of the past, to built-in coffee machines that provide that caffeine hit in an instant, there are a number of gadgets that you can incorporate into your kitchen that aim to make life easier.

"If you’re a fan of sleek, modern interiors, consider how to incorporate these appliances within the design. Built-in appliances are great for ensuring a seamless feel and keeping countertops clear", comments Hayley.

There are an increasing number of smart appliances on offer which can turn your oven on remotely, cook your meat to the perfect level at the touch of a button or your fridge can remind you what you need to stock up on and even add it to your online shopping list if you so choose.

Even more clever appliances are a key kitchen trend for 2021 and into 2022.

Texture, texture, texture

As we start to move away from minimalism, textured materials are on track to make a big comeback. From embellished pieces of furniture to statement boucle upholstery, this is a trend that spans the entire home.

"In the kitchen, there are plenty of ways you can give a nod to the look", adds Hayley.

"If you have a modern kitchen, tiles are a great way to give a hint of texture in an otherwise plain design. Plain, rectangular tiles can be arranged in a herringbone pattern or hexagonal tiles can add texture to a wall without being difficult to clean.

"Add decorative items such as vintage glassware and ceramics of all types on any open shelving or worktops to bring in different finishes.

"A kitchen is naturally quite angular and linear, so look for items which bring curves and swirls into the space to soften the lines.

"For a bolder way to incorporate texture, think about the kitchen units themselves. Our wood effect Ascoli range features the stunning natural grain of wood and is a great option for those wanting texture throughout the space.

"Keep the rest of the space neutral and allow the cabinet fronts to speak for themselves. For a more subtle look, our Winchester has stunningly tactile doors with a soft woodgrain finish.

"With on trend colours such as pebble and midnight, here’s a way to tie in two of the key kitchen décor ideas for 2021."