It's Time to Brighten Up


The winter days are coming to an end, and it's time to think Spring. Brighten up by introducing some colour to your kitchen.

Integra Soho Grey & Lilac Blossom

Spring, we see you. We're ready to reintroduce some colour back into the kitchen, and we think you should too.

20 colours, created by us, and inspired by life. We know colour is way more than just a colour, and with our range, you're sure to find the perfect colour that suits your family.

You won't find these colours in the rainbow. But you will find them in your new kitchen. Each of our colours have been expertly created and names so you can feel them when you say them. Like Green Olives or Pass the Merlot.

Here are a few of our favourites picks for Spring.

Colours you can feel.

And maybe taste, or even smell some of them. So much so, you could see them with your eyes shut. Take your first step to owning your colourful dream kitchen, discover our Magnet Create range.

Dunham Rose Bowl & Charcoals

The Perfect Kitchen Colours for Spring

Here are just a few of our favourites...

Pilot Blue
Lilac Blossom
Green Olives
Pass the Merlot