As the UK faced these difficult and confusing times, key workers have become the heroes of the nation, working tirelessly to keep our families safe. To thank them Magnet offered them the opportunity to win the kitchen of their dreams, on the house.


Of all the entrants to the huge nationwide competition, #MyMagnetMakeover, Pharmacy Procurement Officer at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Yvonne Stewart from Oxgangs, was chosen to win the prize of a lifetime; a free £10,000 kitchen makeover.

By launching #MyMagnetMakeover, Magnet offered to take the work out of bringing a dream kitchen to life for key workers. After an overwhelmingly positive response to the Facebook competition and entries from across the UK, Yvonne’s heart-warming entry stood out.

On winning the competition, Yvonne Stewart said: “I couldn’t believe it when I received the message that I was the winner of the key worker competition, I burst into tears immediately! All key workers whether it be the in the NHS, supermarkets, prison services or anywhere at all have done an amazing job and it was such a wonderful feeling to know our hard work has been appreciated.”

Amongst other entrants, Yvonne entered into the competition by posting a photo of her current kitchen using the hashtag #MyMagnetMakeover, alongside the reason why she would love a kitchen makeover and a photo of herself in her frontline uniform.

Yvonne has been working selflessly throughout the global pandemic, all whilst battling breast cancer herself. Back in 2018 Yvonne was diagnosed with the devasting disease for the second time in her life. After a tough two years and 13 gruelling surgeries, Yvonne is finally feeling much healthier and stronger and is hoping to receive the ‘all-clear’ soon.

The Stewarts are a family of busy key workers. Yvonne’s husband, Paul, previously served in the armed forces, is now a CIT driver and her 16-year-old daughter, Lucy, stepped up to work part time at their local Tesco throughout the pandemic. They have been bravely persevering throughout the recent months despite their own personal challenges and Yvonne in particular has been working hard at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital to help the community stay healthy throughout the pandemic.

Yvonne said: “Myself and my family have had a tough time recently, even before the added pressure of us being key workers during the Covid-19 outbreak, but we’ve all been really strong and resilient and have carried on like normal despite our worries.

“We love spending time together as a family, but our old, outdated kitchen wasn’t the most inviting of rooms and I can’t thank Magnet enough for helping out my family like they wouldn’t believe.”

Yvonne is now working closely with Magnet’s Edinburgh branch to create a dream kitchen for both her and her family. Yvonne has opted for Magnet’s fashionable and functional Meteor units in a stylish matt-finish Light Grey, to update her home with a trendy yet timeless kitchen that she will love for years to come. The Stewart family are now also proud owners of glistening new state-of-the-art appliances. It is hoped that this unbelievable kitchen transformation will give the Stewart family a beautiful space to be proud of, where they can cook, catch up and chill out after a long day’s work.

Charis Hawkins, Retail Marketing Manager at Magnet, said: “As the nation went into lockdown we were blown away by the bravery and selflessness of key workers everywhere still heading out to work every day to support their local communities. We would love to say thank you to all of them every single day, but gifting a bespoke kitchen is our way to make even just one person’s dream come true.

“There were so many deserving entries, and the team were particularly touched by Yvonne’s entry. We hope that the Stewart family love their new kitchen for many years to come and that we’ve made their family life a little bit easier during the difficult times that they’re facing.”