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It's the worktop that makes the kitchen.
From the glinting glamour of granite to the rustic charm of solid wood and the practicality of laminate - amongst others - we have what you’re looking for.
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Here are a few of our options... or you can view all our worktops here.

Laminate Worktops

One of the most affordable options for your kitchen, available in a variety of different finishes. Suitable for any kitchen style and whatever your budget. View our laminate worktops here.

Wooden Worktops

If you prefer a more classic look for your kitchen, wooden worktops offer a sense of natural charm and warm elegance. View these here.

Minerva Worktops

A practical and solid work surface manufactured using state-of-the-art technology to deliver a luxurious appearance with robust performance day in, day out. View here.

Granite Worktops

Granite adds value to your kitchen and is the most luxurious worktop you can choose. It’s a natural material so every single worktop is unique. It easily stands up to the natural wear and tear of family life and comes in a range of sophisticated colours and textures to suit your desired design. View here.

Everything you need

Aside from our fantastic range of worktops, we can also provide all your accessories including flooring, taps, sinks, and even storage. We also have a wide range of appliances to suit any style and any budget you have. View other accessories here.

Dunham Cashmere Sweater Worktop Cameo
Our great range of worktops includes:

1. Corian Worktops
2. Granite Worktops
3. Silestone Worktops
4. Solid & Bespoke Wood Worktops
5. Max-Top
6. Minerva Worktops
7. Compact Worktops
8. Laminate Worktops

Designer's Expert Tip

“ A really important consideration in your kitchen is ‘touch’. Long after you’ve grown used to your new kitchen’s style and colour, you will still be appreciating the touch of your worktop. Corian has a slightly warmer feel, but if you like a cool, hard gloss surface then go for granite. Quartz is the way to go if you’re after some glamorous sparkle. We always recommend you visit our showroom before deciding so you can see, and touch, the surfaces for yourself to see what you prefer.”
Integra Meteor Grey Cameo
Integra Meteor Grey Cameo