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Four inspiring entrepreneurs who started a business from the kitchen table

We know the kitchen is much more than just a room to cook in.

It’s where family memories are made. From magical moments like spending rainy days with little ones attempting craft projects at the kitchen table, to unwinding with a glass of wine after a busy day at work. And for some people, it’s also the place where dream careers finally become a reality.

Since we’re celebrating all the incredible moments that take place in kitchens across the UK, here are four stories of inspirational entrepreneurs who started a business from their own kitchens.

Paul Lindley, Ella’s Kitchen

Paul Lindley was working for Nickelodeon when his baby daughter’s fussy eating habits helped him spot a gap in the market for a brightly packaged, totally organic and health-conscious baby food brand.

Paul began testing and refining original recipes from his own kitchen, and after just under two years, he got his big break when Sainsbury’s agreed to trial his product. Today, the company sells its organic baby food in more than 40 countries, with an annual turnover of over 50 million pounds.

Julie Deane, Cambridge Satchel Co.

Julie Deane was determined to start a business in order to raise tuition fees to send her daughter to a new school, after finding out she had been targeted by bullies. Her idea to revive retro satchel style bags proved to be a stroke of genius, propelling the company from a solo business run from Julie’s kitchen table to a multi-million-pound enterprise, with celebrity customers including Taylor Swift and Zooey Deschanel.

Levi Roots, Reggae Reggae

Levi Roots shot to fame thanks to an appearance on Dragons’ Den, capturing the nation’s attention with his catchy song, charismatic personality and secret sauce recipe. While Reggae Reggae sauce was initially bottled at Levi’s own kitchen table, today it’s a household name stocked in supermarkets and restaurants across the UK, plus there’s even a Reggae Reggae cookbook!

Stacey Dennis, Love Layla Designs

Being made redundant may not seem like the start of a brilliant career, but for Stacey Dennis losing her job gave her the opportunity to sit down at her kitchen table and turn her graphic design skills into an international greeting card business. In fact, just two years after launching Love Layla Designs, named after Stacey’s daughter, the company had already achieved a turnover of over one million pounds.

Have you experienced your own life-changing inspirational moment in the kitchen? Then share it with us here for the chance to win a brand new Magnet Kitchen worth up to £15,000.

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