8 most wanted kitchen gadgets of 2018

The time-saving technology families want in their kitchens

Long gone are the days when a microwave was seen as cutting edge kitchen technology. There are now a huge variety of innovative gadgets to make every task in the kitchen as quick and easy as possible, from cooking up delicious dinners to keeping little ones entertained.

With so many options out there, which are the gadgets that families are most excited to include in their kitchens in 2018?

1. Smart fridge

Smart fridges like the Family Hub™ 3 from Samsung undoubtedly top the list of most coveted kitchen technology thanks to the sheer number of helpful features and functions they offer for everyday life. Take the internal fridge camera for example, which lets you see what’s in the fridge at home via the Samsung SmartThings app on your mobile phone, so you can check whether you’ve run out of milk while you’re browsing the supermarket shelves. Then there’s the built-in touchscreen tablet complete with recipe inspiration and grocery ordering to plan and purchase dinner ingredients without leaving the kitchen. To top this off, this state-of-the-art fridge from Samsung is even voice activated, so you don’t have to lift a finger to plan your next meal.

Beyond cooking, the Family Hub™ 3 is also equipped with family calendars to keep on track of your schedule and a multimedia hub to stream your favourite radio station, Spotify playlist or TV programme through the fridge screen and inbuilt speakers.

2. Smart oven

Busy parents love the fact they can preheat the Samsung smart oven via their phone before getting home, ready to pop dinner straight in to cook the moment they get in the door. After all, saving twenty minutes in the cooking process can make all the difference between contented little tummies and stroppy hungry monsters!

That’s not the only reason smart ovens make the list though. Timer mode also sends a notification straight to your phone when the cooking’s done, meaning you can relax in front of your favourite TV programme in the next room without worrying about burning dinner.

3. Connected hood & hob

Find yourself forgetting to switch the extractor fan on when cooking, only to have unwanted smells lingering around days later? Samsung’s connected hood and hob work in sync so the fan is automatically triggered to the correct level as soon as you turn on the hob. Not only does this keep your kitchen smelling fresh, it also protects your entire kitchen against damp damage from excess moisture or discolouration from escaping smoke.

4. Smart dishwasher

Most gadgets make this list because of what they do when they are working, but smart dishwashers are truly ingenious because of what they do to stop something going wrong. With built-in sensors to detect a potential blockage or leak, smart dishwashers can alert you to a problem and cut off water flow before a potential issue turns into a full-blown kitchen flood, saving you time and money on costly repairs.

5. Cabinet Plus

If we’re honest, we’ve probably all got jars and packages lurking at the back of our kitchen cupboards that are way past their sell-by date from ill-fated decisions to attempt a new cuisine or over-ambitious recipe. After all, out of sight is out of mind.

Instead of wasting the hard-to-reach spaces in your kitchen on under-used ingredients, the Cabinet Plus offers a mechanised shelf that descends from the back of your cupboards at the touch of a button, so everything is always in easy reach.

6. Multifunctional sink & hot water tap

With property prices ever growing, we’re all looking for clever solutions to make the most of limited space in compact kitchens, so the Food and Drink sink is a real life-saver. As this smart solution is especially designed to fit a number of attachments, from chopping boards and colanders to a drainer and ice bucket fitting, it’s easy to convert from sink, to work space, to party lifesaver! Combined with a hot water tap, which instantly provides hot, cold or boiling water to save the need for a kettle, it’s safe to say these innovations will change the way you think about the kitchen sink.

7. USB Charging tray

Smartphones have changed our lives for the better in so many ways, but with so many gadgets around the house, how many times do you find yourself sifting through tangled wires to find the right charger or adapter? Magnet’s built in USB charging tray helps you regain control over this all-too-common issue, with a sleek wooden tray setting inside your kitchen drawer, complete with built-in charging ports.

8. Machine lift

If you love baking, you probably find yourself hauling heavy food mixers, bread-makers and blenders out of over-stuffed kitchen cabinets several times a week, scattering assorted Tupperware and utensils in your wake. To take the strain out of using your favourite gadgets, the machine lift offers a handy movable shelf mechanism installed within your kitchen cupboards, which smoothly lifts heavy kitchen items up to worktop level ready to use.

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