4 spring cleaning kitchen hacks

Hassle-free ways to get your kitchen spotless this spring

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Let’s be honest, nobody looks forward to cleaning their kitchen.

It’s one of those jobs that we all tend to put off, but when spring rolls around and the brighter mornings shine a light on areas of your kitchen you’d prefer remained hidden, the time is right for a full deep-clean.

So to save you precious time and energy, we’ve put together a list of handy cleaning hacks that will help you make your kitchen look good as new with minimal time and effort.

Shining bright

You don’t need to resort to harsh, harmful chemicals to tackle the greasy residue that builds up on the cooker hood after months of cooking up tasty dinners. Instead, fill a spray bottle with a mixture of water and distilled vinegar, spritz liberally onto the cooker hood and leave for 5-10 minutes, then wipe away with a damp cloth.

Lemony fresh

Like vinegar, lemon juice is another great natural solution for fighting grease, plus it leaves your kitchen smelling beautifully fragrant and fresh. Heating a cup of lemon juice in the microwave for three minutes, or until the liquid has evaporated, will cut through stubborn burnt-on stains so they can be easily wiped away with a sponge, leaving your microwave spotless.

Cook up a storm

Cleaning the oven is undoubtedly one of the toughest and messiest jobs in your kitchen, so try this handy tip to save yourself hours of heavy-duty scrubbing. Simply mix up a paste using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar and apply to the walls and wire racks of your oven, where the fizzing reaction between these acidic and alkaline ingredients will help to lift burnt-on food. Leave the mixture to work its magic for half an hour, then wipe down with a soapy sponge.

Ready salted

Since wood is a porous material, it can be particularly tough to remove stains and discolouration from a wooden chopping board. Thankfully, there is a simple answer to this age-old problem – salt. Sprinkle coarse sea salt over your chopping board then use half a lemon to scrub the rough granules over the surface, loosening trapped-in dirt.

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