4 reasons to choose a kitchen island

The benefits of including an island in your new kitchen design

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It’s no surprise that kitchen islands are one of the most coveted features for homeowners dreaming of renovating their kitchen.

Stand-alone cabinets are packed with practical benefits and create an airy, open-plan layout, making them the perfect combination of style and substance.

So if you’re thinking of including a kitchen island in your new kitchen design, here’s what you need to know.

Storage made simple

You can never have enough storage space in the kitchen, and an island unit is a great way to add a few extra places to hide away all your cooking gadgets and kitchen accessories when not in use. Beyond typical cupboard and drawers, you can also experiment with bespoke storage options like a built-in spice rack at the end of your kitchen island, or open-front shelving for easy access to items you use often.

Worktop wonder

Love cooking? Then you’re bound to appreciate the extra worktop space a kitchen island brings, and you can even opt to incorporate a sink or hob into your island unit to create extra space for preparing meals. Within an open-plan kitchen and living room, this layout also means you’ll be looking out onto the rest of your living space, so you can easily catch up with the family or your favourite TV programme while rustling up dinner or doing the dishes.

Let’s do brunch

Beyond extra storage and workspace, kitchen islands can also be designed to double up as a breakfast bar or eating area, with stylish stools to complete the look. This option is ideal for bringing families together, since parents can keep a close eye on young children in high-chairs while making lunch, or help older children out with homework while doing the washing up.

Pet perfection

If you share your home with a furry friend or two, then a kitchen island can be a brilliant way to give them a space of their own while reducing clutter in the kitchen. Instead of leaving cat bedding or dog toys strewn around the kitchen floor where you might trip over them, consider using end panels to create a cosy cubby hole within your kitchen island where pets can snuggle up, or concealing food bowls on a low shelf in the island.

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