Totally terrazzo

Four ways to embrace the timeless coveted kitchen texture trend: Terrazzo.

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There’s a new texture trend that kitchen designers and homeware bloggers still can't get enough of; terrazzo.

Terrazzo is the name for a technique where fragments of precious natural minerals like granite, quartz or marble are fused together in base material to create a one-of-a-kind speckled mosaic effect.

This process means there is an almost limitless number of materials in different shades or fragment sizes that can be combined to create a diverse array of terrazzo looks. This not only allows versatility to match different kitchen styles and colour palettes, it also means no two pieces are ever quite the same, so it’s no surprise that designers have fallen in love with terrazzo’s one of a kind look.

If that wasn’t enough, the composite nature of terrazzo materials means they are hard wearing and highly durable, making them the perfect kitchen worktop choice for the pressures of family life. Likewise, since the base material for terrazzo is poured, this creates a sleek, smooth sealed finish that’s easy to clean and resists staining.

So since terrazzo offers such a brilliant blend of practical benefits and stylish appeal, we’ve highlighted four ways to embrace 2018’s most-coveted texture trend.

Fresh feel

Keep your kitchen feeling airy and open by matching fresh white kitchen cabinets with a terrazzo worktop in a lighter hue, like the sparkling white Antarctica Corian worktop. This look is ideal for smaller kitchens, as the pale shades will help to make the room feel more spacious.

Soothing hues

Combine terrazzo worktops with another of 2018’s biggest kitchen trends; blue kitchen cabinets. Opt for cabinets in a pale blue shade like the subtle Dunham Sky or vibrant Somerton Duck Egg, and match with a worktop in soothing Grey Terrazzo to create a unique yet timeless look.

A hint of glamour

Put a glamorous twist on classic wooden kitchen cabinets by combining with the glittering Copper Fleck worktop to achieve the terrazzo style. This luxurious style features flecks of shimmering copper and pale grey contrasted against a cool white backdrop, creating a sense of contemporary chic.

Make a statement

Dare to be bold by pairing a stand-out terrazzo worktop with an equally bold choice of kitchen cabinets, like the deep dark blue hues of the stunning Newbury Midnight. Finish the look with statement lighting features to bring an extra element of drama that won’t fail to make an impact.

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