Peter Andre's 60 Minute Makeover

Making the kitchen more accessible

Magnet Kitchens 60 minute makeover - Accessible kitchens

Did you tune in to the new series of Peter Andre’s 60 Minute Makeover on Thursday 1st March?

If you did, you will have spotted the decorating team fitting some appliances and innovations provided by Magnet to create a more accessible kitchen for the episode’s guest, Nicki, who has cerebral palsy.

Nicki's current kitchen was adapted to provide maximum independence, using clever features designed for people with limited mobility and wheelchair users.

Side opening oven

A side opening oven offers easy access into the appliance, especially when checking on food or the temperature of the oven. The side hinge is simple and easy to use without fuss, avoiding the need to navigate the space in order to open the door. This helpful design is available with both a left or right hinge to suit different kitchen layouts.

Induction hob

This option is perfect for an accessible kitchen as it has no naked flames for anyone to have to reach over which could be a fire hazard. It also includes front controls to make turning it on and off simple, and only produces heat when in contact with a pan to prevent accidental burns.


The i-Move is a really practical storage solution to help reach high up items in a wall unit. The innovation works with both standard and extra tall units, with a smooth transition and simple pull-down handle.

Our designers work closely with all our customers to create flexible and cost-effective kitchens to meet your individual needs, without compromise on quality or style.

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