Mixed Metallics

Take inspiration from one of this year’s biggest trends; mixed metallics

Alpine Graphite

It’s no longer against the rules to use contrasting shades and textures in your kitchen. The emerging trend of mixing metals helps to bring vibrancy and a visually interesting look to your space.

Mixing metallics is all about layering textures, features and appliances in your kitchen to create a one-of-a-kind finish.

The key to achieving the mixed metallic look is all about balance; you don’t want one shade to be more visually striking than another. Create an attractive flow by blending both warm and cool metallic tones throughout the room.

So, if you want to give your kitchen an on-trend update, see our guide to mixing metallics and achieving this trend in your home.

Bold as Brass

Make a statement in a White Kitchen with stylish brass. Simple finishing touches like chairs, lighting and even smaller appliances will help to add a classic vibe and showcase your personal taste. Pair brass with silver undertones, including taps and fixtures, for a captivating juxtaposition.

A Silver Lining

A metallic shade we can never fall out of love with is silver. From ovens to cooker hoods, and door handles, sliver toned metals have always been a perennial kitchen favourite. Try silver cabinet handles in a blue kitchen and mix-and-match with different copper or gold accessories for a quirky and eclectic look.

The Midas Touch

Gold offers the most powerful impact of all the metals. Allow gold to take pride within a grey kitchen, whilst combining textures such as matte lampshades and a shimmery hammered splashback to create a luxurious atmosphere. Complete the look by layering with silver and rose gold accessories to guide the eye throughout the space.

As Good as Rose Gold

Rose gold has continued to soar in popularity this year as we’re still in love with this soft metallic shade. The Newbury Grey Kitchen is the ideal palette to create an elegant contrast with simple finishes such as cabinet handles and taps. Team rose gold with gold lighting and small appliances for an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Do you want to try the mixed metallic look in your kitchen? Book a design appointment to talk to one of our expert kitchen designers about creating your ideal kitchen.

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