How to take the ultimate kitchen pic for Instagram

4 simple steps to take your home décor pics to the next level

Dunham Midnight kitchen

Instagram has become the go-to destination for finding a daily dose of décor inspiration, but what does it take to capture beautiful kitchen photos like your favourite homeware bloggers and interior designers?

To help you take your home decor photos to the next level, we’ve collated our top tips for perfecting your Instagram kitchen pics.

Light it up

The wrong lighting can make even the most gorgeous kitchen look dull and dingy, so the time of day you take your photo can have a huge impact on the end result. As a general rule, lighting in the morning tends to give the best result, but this will depend on the direction your kitchen windows face, as west-facing windows may not see much light until the evening. Avoid taking photos directly facing a window too, as the camera may focus too strongly on the light source and cause the rest of the room to look darker.

Beyond natural light, you can also use strategically placed spotlights to enhance the look of the room and add vibrancy to concealed corners. For example, turning on under cabinet lighting or spotlights above a kitchen island is a great way to highlight certain areas of the room.

Know your angles

Have you ever tried to take a photo of your kitchen only to find that it looks much smaller on camera than it is in real life? Clever angles are the key to making rooms look more spacious, as a photo taken head-on can make the room look flat and compact, whereas a slightly diagonal angle adds depth, as Wrights Wood Cottage have shown below. As a quick tip, standing on a chair in the corner of the room and taking the photo from an elevated angle will help to capture the full width of the room and make it appear more palatial.

Mirror mirror

Since kitchens are full of shiny objects like metal kettles and sleek gloss kitchen cabinets, it’s all too easy to accidentally capture unwanted reflections in your kitchen snaps. So if you don’t want to see the mess your toddler has just made of the living room or your own hand holding your phone in shot, take the photo from a diagonal angle and keep a close eye on reflective surfaces.

A personal touch

One you’ve mastered the technical elements, the only thing left to do to bring your kitchen pics to life is to add your own sense of personal style. After all, it’s the little decorative touches that make a new kitchen feel like home. From vases of flowers on kitchen islands or cookery books displayed on open shelving to a feature wall to add a bold pop of colour or pretty prints on the wall, there’s an endless choice of ways to let your own décor style shine in the kitchen.

Ready to put these tips to the test?

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