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Kitchen innovations for budding chefs

Cabinet Plus

When you love cooking, it’s easy to get carried away collecting every new recipe book, ingredient and gadget available to try out the latest recipes or revolutionary cooking techniques.

All this can take a toll on your kitchen though, as worktops become cluttered with food processors and appliances, kitchen cabinets get stacked to bursting, and finding the right utensil in a drawer becomes like finding a needle in a haystack.

Thankfully, there is another way.

With these helpful storage solutions, you no longer have to make the choice between a tidy kitchen and indulging your foodie passions.

Secret storage

Fed up of rooting around your kitchen cabinets and having to take every piled-up packet of pasta or jar of jam out to get to that one forgotten ingredient lingering at the back of the cupboard? The Cabinet Plus helps you say goodbye to the inevitable wastage of an over-stocked cupboard, featuring a concealed storage unit at the back of your cabinet that drops down at the press of a button for easy access.

As an extra bonus, it’s fully customisable with different layouts to suit whatever you want to store, from magnetic strips to hang utensils, to sectioned-off shelving for ingredients and even an iPad stand so your favourite recipe app is always within reach.

It’s party time

If you love throwing a dinner party so you can show off your culinary skills to family and friends, then the pocket door larder is your perfect kitchen sidekick. With double doors that open up and slide back into the unit, it makes the ideal location for a cocktail bar stacked with glasses, mixers and exotic liqueurs, ready to get the party started.

Lift it up

Take the hassle out of heavy kitchen appliances with the machine lift. This handy mechanism does the heavy lifting for you through a moving shelf within your kitchen cabinets that can be extended outwards to bring appliances up to worktop level.

Space saving spices

While keeping spices at the back of a cabinet might be suitable for occasional cooks who prefer microwave meals to the hassle of cooking, if you’re a budding gourmet chef who loves whipping up recipes from scratch then you’ll want your spices at hand on a daily basis. The ideal solution is a spice rack built into the end of your kitchen cabinets, so all your seasonings and herbs are within easy reach whenever you’re creating a culinary masterpiece.

Stack it your way

How tidy are your worktops right now? If you’ve run out of cabinet space and started crowding kitchen counters with artisanal cooking oils, spiralisers and scales, then the Shelf Plus is here to help. This stackable shelving unit can either be wall-mounted or placed on worktops and comes with a whole host of customisable accessories to fit everything from sugar jars and kitchen roll holders to knife blocks and herb pots.

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