Eco-Friendly Habits in the Kitchen

How to reduce your environmental footprint in the kitchen

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While most of us strive to reduce our environmental footprint, achieving this goal can prove tricky.

Two crucial factors for living sustainability in the kitchen are planning ahead to make sure you buy just enough food and avoiding waste wherever possible. However, it often takes a little extra push to ensure you stick to these goals.

Thankfully, there are a few simple features you can include when designing your new kitchen to keep environmental impact in mind and encourage you to make greener decisions.

Out of sight is out of mind

Unfortunately, the old saying ‘out of sight is out of mind’ is sadly true when it comes to the jars and packages of food lurking at the back of your cabinets or fridge nearing their expiration dates. Knowing when food passes its use by date is the best way to ensure you make the most of what you have, keeping in mind that sell by dates are not the same as use by dates to avoid wasting perfectly good food.

To help you keep track of what’s about to go out of date, it’s best to keep items clearly visible within your kitchen. However this doesn’t have to mean ugly, cluttered worktops, as Magnet have developed some ingenious space saving storage solutions to stow away kitchen essentials but still ensure they are right at hand when you need them. Take the Cabinet Plus for example, a descending shelf section which makes the items at the back of your cabinets easier to reach. Or alternatively, consider the Shelf Plus, a stacking shelf system with customisable sections made to perfectly fit everything from tea and coffee jars to herb pots and even kitchen roll holders.

A system for success

Nobody wants their kitchen to be littered with different rubbish bags and recycling storage bins, but equally it’s no fun having to spend time sorting waste into different bins every time you take the rubbish out. The best approach to avoid these less-than-desirable alternatives is to opt for a concealed recycling bin system with different compartments for each type of waste, such as Magnet’s pull out three part recycling bin. That way, it’s easy to categorise rubbish as you throw it away, but your bins still stow neatly away under your kitchen counter. The fact that this three-part system includes a section for compost is particularly crucial, since food scraps account for nearly a quarter of all human waste and are the number one material sent to landfills.

Be energy efficient

Food isn’t the only thing we tend to waste in our kitchens, as inefficient kitchen appliances can also use up a great deal of energy, increasing your carbon footprint and contributing towards global pollution. In fact, the fridge typically accounts for between 9 and 15 per cent of each home’s total electricity usage, so ensuring you choose energy efficient appliances is important for both your bank balance and the planet.

Thankfully, appliance manufacturers are increasingly making their designs more energy efficient, and all appliances within the Magnet collection are labelled with energy efficiency ratings to help you make smarter, more sustainable choices for your household.

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