5 family craft ideas to try this half-term

Fun kitchen table craft activities for all the family

You don’t even have to leave the kitchen to have fun as a family this half-term.

It’s easy to keep the little ones occupied during the school holidays when the weather’s warm, but the challenge is altogether different when it’s too chilly for days out at the park and trips to the beach. Though there are lots of activity clubs, sports centres and other indoor attractions to choose from, the costs can quickly stack up when you need to capture the kids’ attention for a full week.

So to help parents everywhere save their pennies, we’ve compiled a list of five exciting family craft projects you can enjoy from the comfort of your kitchen table this half-term. After all, what could be more fun than spending time making precious new family memories in the kitchen while allowing your little ones to explore their creative side?

Paints and paper plates

Paper plates make the perfect base for creating your own spellbinding masks from scratch. Let the kids get a little messy painting paper plates with funny faces, from fearsome stripy tigers to adorable pandas and cheeky monkeys, then help them cut out eye holes and attach elastic once dry. Now all that’s left to do is to use your new masks to put on a show!

Welcome to the lab

There’s an exciting experiment you can try to teach the kids about chemistry using only items commonly found in the kitchen. All you need to do is boil up a red cabbage then strain out the pieces and fill a clear glass a quarter of the way up with the purple water. Next, let the kids add lemon juice or bicarbonate of soda to the mixture one by one, to see it magically change colour, creating vibrant shades from bright pink to cool turquoise. This fascinating trick occurs because red cabbage is a PH indicator that turns different colours when mixed with an acid or alkali.

Baking up a treat

Raise your hand if one of your fondest childhood memories is learning to bake with a parent or grandparent. Pass on the tradition by letting the kids help to measure out and mix ingredients to create a simple biscuit dough. Biscuits cook quickly in the oven, so they’re perfect for impatient little ones who just can’t wait to decorate their creations with gooey icing and colourful sprinkles. Plus of course you get to eat them afterwards!

Secret spy mission

What could be more exciting than letting little ones unleash their inner spy by writing secret invisible messages to their siblings? All you need to create hours of mysterious fun is a white wax crayon, white paper, a paintbrush and water-based poster paints. Tell the kids to write a secret message on the paper using the crayon, then watch their awe-struck faces as you brush colourful watered-down paint across the paper to reveal the hidden drawings. This clever illusion is possible since wax repels water.

Crazy cress heads

Don’t throw away your old boiled egg shells or yoghurt pots - help the kids feel a true sense of achievement by letting them grow their own crazy cress head plants. Clean out your egg shell or yoghurt pot with boiled water, then when cool, decorate with googly eyes and a felt-tip smile. Next, press cress seeds into a piece of moist cotton wool and place into the bottom & leave on a sunny kitchen windowsill. Cress grows super quickly, so if you plant your egg head at the start of half-term, it should have a full head of green cress hair by the end of the week!

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