Be bold

Dare to embrace darker hues in the kitchen

Newbury Midnight

Fresh, light colours have long been a style staple for the kitchen, but recently, things seem to be changing.

Kitchen designs featuring darker shades have been making a comeback, with homeware bloggers and interior design sites alike falling for the striking impact of deeper hues.

So what does it take to pull off this bold look at home?

There are several ways you can incorporate darker tones into your kitchen design, depending on the layout of your room and how intense you want the overall effect to be.

For the most daring approach, why not swap pale whites and creams for kitchen cabinets in powerful midnight blue or chic dark grey? This look suits larger, more spacious kitchens or those that get a good amount of natural light, bringing out the beauty in darker hues without making the room feel gloomy. Likewise, it’s best to match dark kitchen cabinets with lighter walls and worktops to keep the space from feeling too enclosed.

If you prefer the look of lighter kitchen cabinets or the rustic feel of real wood, you can still make a statement by opting for painting walls in darker hues. Or for a more subtle approach, why not choose a dark splashback above your cabinets? Kitchen splashbacks are available in an extensive variety of colours and finishes, from aubergine and cherry red to soothing olive green, giving you the chance to let your personal style shine through.

The trend for dark kitchens can even work for smaller kitchens if you incorporate deeper hues more sparingly. Pair sleek jet black granite worktops with fresh white gloss cabinets for a chic monochrome look, or complement cream cabinets with traditional dark wooden flooring.

Deeper hues are also incredibly versatile, as they suit accessories in a variety of different colours, materials and textures, meaning you can design virtually any look you desire. For instance, adding patterned crockery, fairy lights and fresh flowers will add a pop of colour, while marble worktops, copper cabinet handles and verdant green pot plants will give a modern, sophisticated feel. Or alternatively, add polished wooden furniture, cosy throws and bookshelves for a more traditional feel.

So no matter what your sense of style, now’s the time to be daring and embrace the trend for dark kitchens.