Light it Right

Tips for choosing the right lighting for your kitchen


Having strong enough light in the kitchen is fundamental, but there is so much more to it than overhead bulbs. Light can also be used to create a mood and atmosphere, and the right kind of lighting can completely transform a space and highlight key areas. We’ve put together some key tips to help you find the right kind of lighting for your kitchen.

1. Light up the right space

When you are planning your kitchen, the first thing to consider is where you need light. You can illuminate the whole room with rows of pendant lighting, but if you don’t highlight your task areas, you’ll be preparing dinner in the dark. Magnet have a fantastic range of under cabinet lighting which are great for areas where you cook and clean as they cast minimal shadow and light up the surfaces you use every day.

2. Different lights, different purposes

There are a myriad of different solutions to consider when you are illuminating your kitchen. Directional spotlights are great to highlight task areas, whereas a dimmer light with a warm glow is best for the dining area, where you can adjust the mood depending on the time of day. You can also use lighting to pick out a key design feature. For example, Magnet’s illuminated shelf light creates a dramatic feature for your units and lights up any cutlery or accessories on your shelves.

3. Match your lighting to your mood

Forget the colour of the walls; lighting can be the fastest way to achieve the right kind of ambiance in your room. Are you looking for something low, relaxed and calm, or something fresh, awakening and inspiring? Think about what you want from your lights and then dive straight in.

4. If in doubt, just ask

With the vast array of lighting solutions on offer, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Magnet have a range of experts on-hand to help and advise. They know that dark materials can reduce brightness, that lighter colours and materials do the opposite, and that glossy surfaces can lead to unwanted reflections from spotlights, so no matter what kitchen you’ve chosen, they’ll have the perfect solution for you and will help tailor your lighting to your kitchen.