Stimulate the senses

Incorporating sound into the kitchen

Integra Alpine Oak

It’s hard to imagine a world without sound. From communication and signaling to music and entertainment, sound is an integral part of our everyday lives, but have you ever thought about the role sound plays in the kitchen?

From coffee grinding and bacon sizzling, to organising cupboards accompanied by an upbeat soundtrack, the sounds we experience in the kitchen help to shape our moods and can even make everyday chores that little bit more enjoyable!

So with that in mind, we’ve explored all the ways sound affects our lives in the kitchen and makes the room feel more like home.

Take me back

Our senses are an instant way to take us back to some of our fondest memories, and sound is no exception. We all have one song that reminds us of a special someone or a certain sound that suddenly brings back a memory from childhood. Perhaps every time you hear the sound of whisking you can’t help but remember baking with your mum or dad as a child, or hearing the kettle boil evokes all the cosy comfort of a warming cup of hot cocoa?

Entertaining in the kitchen

Just like childhood memories, there are certain kitchen sounds that most of us love to hear as adults. Who doesn’t enjoy the sound of the cork popping on a bottle of wine during a party or the sound of sizzling food when visiting friends for dinner? The kitchen is a major hub for entertainment in our adult lives and the right sounds are vital for shaping the atmosphere of each social gathering. Which brings us on to the final way sound affects the way we feel in the kitchen...

For the love of music

The right kitchen soundtrack will not only set the scene at your next party, but can even turn the washing up into an impromptu karaoke session or sweeping the kitchen floor into a mini dance workout.

Let’s face it, everyone wishes cooking and cleaning could be a little more fun, so why not opt for an inbuilt Sound Plus speaker system in your kitchen? This ingenious gadget fits into the space that is sometimes forgotten in your kitchen, such as the gaps between cabinets, and links up with your tablet or smartphone so your favourite track is just a click away.

In fact, we’ve even put together the perfect kitchen playlist for Spotify, featuring our favourite food and drink themed songs. From American Pie to Red Red Wine, these tasty tracks won’t fail to spice up your next family dinner, cocktail party or baking session.