What’s your kitchen style?

How to find the perfect kitchen to suit your style

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The first thing most of us feel when it comes to choosing a new kitchen is excitement. After spending one too many years putting up with a kitchen you don’t love spending time in, it’s a great feeling to know there are so many beautiful styles out there that could soon be yours.

After that initial feeling though, it’s natural to feel slightly overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices available. That’s when you need to stop and take a deep breath. Instead of getting caught up in all the different fixtures and finishes, first off it’s important to take a moment to consider how your new kitchen will fit within the rest of your home. By choosing a style that complements the rest of your house or apartment, you’ll ensure a consistent feel and avoid ending up with a kitchen that doesn’t quite feel like home.

So with that in mind, we’re here to help you take that first big leap towards choosing your new kitchen by narrowing down the selection to three main kitchen styles.

Modern minimalism

The modern kitchen style is minimalistic and chic, with clever design features that are both effortlessly stylish and enviably practical. Cabinets in on-trend hues like soothing grey or splashbacks in vibrant Berry pink, drawers with sleek concealed handles and smooth-opening cupboards are all part of the appeal of a modern kitchen design. To finish off the look, add a statement pendant lamp, Scandi-inspired bar stools or on-trend geometric prints.

Countryside charm

In contrast to the sleek minimalism of modern kitchens, country style shaker kitchens take their inspiration from the rustic charm of rural farmhouses to create a welcoming, homely feel. This category is typically characterised by worktops in warm, rich woodgrain, shaker-style cabinet doors and glass-fronted display shelves that are perfect for showcasing handmade pottery or beautiful glassware.

Timeless traditions

Traditional kitchens are timeless style staples that never go out of fashion. Kitchen units in this style tend to be lovingly crafted in gorgeous hardwoods like regal oak, smooth maple or glossy walnut, creating an air of masterful craftsmanship and elegance. This kitchen style provides the perfect home for ornate mirrors, antique crystal glasses and perhaps even a collection of fine aged whiskys.

We bet that as you read this blog, you instantly recognised which of the three main styles best matches your own personal taste for your dream kitchen. Now, with that first step behind you, you can narrow down our kitchen gallery to one of these categories to make planning your new kitchen oh-so-simple.