The Ultimate Kitchen Playlist

Your new kitchen soundtrack

Spending time in the kitchen should be a treat for all the senses, but often we downplay the role sound plays in this mix.

It’s understandable that certain senses spring to mind quicker than others when we think of the kitchen. After all, who can resist the scent of freshly baked bread or the taste of a succulent steak straight off the grill?

Even if we don’t always realise it though, sound is equally important in shaping the way we experience our kitchens. If the main soundtrack to time you spend in the kitchen is the stress-inducing sound of blenders whizzing and noisy extractor fans, then naturally cooking can seem like more of a chore than a pleasure.

If however, you’ve turned up the volume on your favourite uplifting anthem or set the tone with soothing classical music, you’re much more likely to find yourself enjoying time spent rustling up freshly cooked meals or baking sweet treats.

With that in mind, Magnet have developed the innovative Sound Bar system to make listening to the music you love even easier whenever you’re in the kitchen. This clever speaker system is seamlessly built into the space between your kitchen cabinets to leave your worktops clutter free. What’s more, it pairs easily with your smartphone or laptop via Bluetooth connectivity, so all you have to do is switch on and press play.

In fact, we’ve even helped to compile the ultimate playlist for your next cooking session, featuring twelve classic food and drink related tunes to accompany your culinary adventures.